Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Colors!

Happy Easter everyone!

Hope you had a great weekend!
It has been a quiet Easter here, family brunch and Easter egg hunt for the kiddies!

Tell you the truth i'm not into cook for a big family reunion these days

Too time consuming for me, too much work -I'm getting lazy - We prefer more and more to meet in restaurants -

They do the cooking and plus they clean!

And with all this free time -
I spent the rest of the afternoon digging for outfits in Easter Neon Colors!
 I love that neon colors are still trendy this summer
Not that it matters - I will wear what i want anyway -

 For this first outfit i'm wearing -

Top - Thrifted at Renaissance
Belt transform into a necklace, oh! and i think you could say it's a DIY!
Skirt - Thrifted in the US
Gold belt - Thrifted  FripMontreal



Izzy and I have a new blog - It will be live late afternoon Monday April 1-

It's called Montreal Street Style-

We took our first pics Saturday - Since I'm not shy at all  I was asking people if they wanted us to take their pic - Izzy was the photographer -

We had only 1 negative response- I was very surprise that most people were at ease to have their pic taken -

Mother and daughter are very proud to work together and you see that we got the eye to find the coolest people in Montreal!


I order to improve my french writing skills and carrer opportunities I decided to enrol in an University program

It's a certificate in french composition and writing -

It's very easy here to enroll into university and change carreer at any age and since i already have one certificate it should be easier to get in the program -

 I'm convince that upon and during completion of the program it will give me more career opportunities

My goal is to eventually work for myself 


This vintage number was very short when i acquired it- I added a the blue piece of fabric so now it can we worn as a dress

The gold belt was a fantastic thrift find $1
I saw it when leaving the store

I always sat keep your eyes wide open while thrifting!


I got this Ganesh ring on Haight and Ashbury in San Francisco


Adorable Kitty shoes purchased at Buffalo Exchange in San Francisco

Going to Izzy's tomorrow to work on the last details of the new blog

Remember to check


Will be live tomorrow late afternoon -April 1!

In the meantime i will at Patti's Visible Monday

Have fun !

Je vous fait la bise

Ariane xxxx

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Another week or 3 Outfits

Hello Ladies!

I did my best commenting your blogs this week - Things will get back to normal next week

Thank you for you lovely comments and continuous friendship and support !
This week i attended workshops on Job Search Techniques at the YWCA in Montreal
It was extremely empowering and informative
The workshops were about Dynamic job search methods- Networking - Cover letters, Thank you Letters, Salary negotiation- References - Planning an information meeting with potential employers - Interview questions and today we were filmed during a practice interview and got rated on our performance- 

It was interesting to see how everybody answered the interview questions

We all did well!

Our counsellor was very pleased and but surprised, not everybody gets ready or prepares for simulated interviews, they take for granted that everything will go well - Most of the participants don't know what to answered or freeze when the interview starts-

These workshops reinforce my desire to find a position tailored to my desires and skills

It boosted my confidence and made me stronger

I have met exceptional Ladies and i wish them the best of luck


This is what i wore this week at the workshops

 I love to mix classic elements  playful and colorful pieces together

In the outfit below the classic elements are the $4 skirt,  the $2 soft suede jacket

The playful element is the $4 thrifted DKNY sequins tee
The cobalt tights and the necklace add color to the outfit
Ankle boots are a gift from my Mom

In this outfit the classic elements are the wonderful Birds of North America skirt that i got on sale last year for $30 and the blue velvet jacket thrifted at FripMontreal for $2

The playful elements are the Hello Kitty tee thrifted at Renaissance for $3, the tight purchased retail at Ardene for $3 and the boots at H&M last year for $15
Another fun piece is the glass dolphin necklace thrifted for $1 at FripMontreal

 This is what i wore for the practice  interview today

This is as straight as you will ever see me!

This dress was thrifted at the Salvation Army for $4


This lovely Miss Leonie - Mr D's grand daughter, she wanted to try my square dancing dress i purchased at Buffalo Exchange in San Francisco.

She said that dress was a dream - She'is taking dancing lessons and was saying that the dress would be perfect for her classes -

This has no relation with the post but it's too cute and  was worth mentioning!


Hope you liked it!

I will be back soon

Take care Ladies

Have a wonderful Easter Weekend!

Je vous fait la bise



Monday, March 25, 2013

Sugar House Pattern Mixing

Hi Ladies!
I decided to do a bit of  pattern mixing today
I have found this amazing  90s sweater in one of my favorite neighborhood thrift shop
One of a kind  for $2
I had the perfect skirt for it, It was that thrifted a while ago
 The skirt is a Katrin Leblond creation
Katrin Leblond is a Quebec designer

I paired the sweater and skirt with this pair of stripe leggings  that  i purchased at Uniqlo in San Francisco
I raided the Uniqlo store in San Francisco


Have you ever seen such a playful sweater!
I know, most folks would just run at the sight, but me, i can't resist!

It has sequins, stripes going all over the place, faux leather, satin, ribbon, the whole kitchen sink is there!
 The color was kind of nicotinish but turned out ok after a good wash - For $2 i was willing to take the risk

This is what i wore at the Sugar House Sunday

The sugar house is a  french Canadian tradition

This is where you go to eat the worst food combinations
2, 000 calories and bloating guaranteed

Think  of eggs, ham, beans, patatoes, meat ball stew, meat pies, bacon, pigs ears covered with maple syrup!

It's very good, believe or not

I was reasonable until the desserts came

I was tempted by the nuns' farts and the sugar pie
 I fell asleep in the car on the way home


 Better watch out for the Sugar House ...You know where all that food goes...


Detail of outfit #1

Sweater- Thrifted - Rambroux et cie- $2
Skirt - Thrifted - Renaissance - $4
Gloves- Retail
Leggings - Retail - Uniqlo

Outfit #2

Tee underneath jacket - Thrifted - Cul de sac - $3
Jacket retail on sale - H&M - $7
Skirt- Thrifted - Renaissance - $4
Leggings - Retail- Ardene
Booties - Retail on sale - Yellow - $9

 I will be at Patti's Visible Monday

I will see you later

Je vous fait la bise


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Welcome to the Haight - Vintage Dresses and Art

Hi Ladies!
Hope you are all doing well!
I didn't chat much about  my trip on my last post, i guess i was a bit tired from the trip. 
Clearly for me what i liked best and looked forward  to see in San Francisco was Haight and Ashbury and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Arts known as SFMOMA
I was not disappointed - They lived up to all my expectations!
I loved Haight and Ashbury bohemian ambiance, though the effects of gentrification are apparent the hood is a joyful mix of throw-backs, fifties lounge scene, organic and spiritual New Age Ambiance of the Sixties, punk-rock politics and computer culture.  
The neighborhood was named after two early San Francisco leaders - Pioneer and exchange banker Henry Haight and Munroe Ashbury, a member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.
 The Dresses -

Those 3 dresses were purchased at Held Over - Oh My God! I almost fainted when i entered the shop!

The selection was incredible, it was a feast for the eyes!

I have never seen so many dresses!

This is what i purchased

70's Hippie Style



70's  - I think, correct me if i'm wrong




I went twice to Haight and Ashbury - First time with Mr D- Thanks to this marvelous man - He 's not a vintage shopper but he patienly waited for me while i was trying a few dresses-
Back to the hotel, i ask him between 2 glasses of red wine - Do you mind if i go back alone?
No problem he said - Enjoy my Dear! -

Well let me tell you - Yes!-  I truly enjoyed it!
I felt relieved that he didn't have to wait for me
I could completely immerse myself in my vintage addiction
I think i must have tried at least 50 dresses!

This square dancing beauty was purchased at Buffalo Exchange


The Art
The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA)
It holds an internationnally recongnized collection of modern and contemporary art and was the first museum on the West Coast devoted solely to 20th century art .
Here're some of my favorite art there

Taken with my I-Pod-



SFMOMA has in its collection works of Frieda Kahlo, Diego Rivera, Andy Warhol, Henri Matisse, Rene Magritte, Jackson Pollock to name a few .   

Welcome to the Haight - Vintage Dresses and Art -
Hope you liked it!
I will be back soon!
Je vous fait la bise
Ariane xxxx

Monday, March 18, 2013

San Francisco Part 1

Hi Ladies!
 I'm back!
We had a great time in San Francisco!

Superb weather!

Our hotel was located downtown, in fact down that hill!
Yes we climbed  a few of those hills
Wasn't all that bad really

We were closed to everything and could walk everywhere, which for us  was a great way to see the city

Here a few pics you guys



 North Beach
 Haight and Ashbury



Fisherman's Wharf 


On top of Lombard Street


 Only in San Francisco!
 I will be back with more pics  and i will have to show you my fabulous vintage dresses i have found in Haight and Ashbury, i tell you, it made me weak in my knees, died and went to heaven!
Hope you liked the pics!

I will get in the swing of blogging and commenting soon!

In the meantime...
Je vous fait la bise 

Ariane x

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Packing For San Francisco

  Hi there Ladies!
Finally figured out what to pack to San Francisco
Not an easy one
You'll think i would make my life easy and  just pack jeans, runners, t-shirts and sweaters?

That would be too boring or too easy, right?
 I believe there are other comfortable stylish alternatives
The only neutral piece is a black Lululemon jacket called the Uba Hoodie

I didn't want to carry a heavy coat
This  jacket is perfect ! It will protect me from the rain, wind and light and if the temperature drops
Plus it goes with all my outfits -

It has thumb holes to keep my wrists and hands warm

I love that detail!
Here are some of the colorful and comfortable outfits i put together to wear in San Francisco



This i will wear on the plane going to SF
I'm still thinking about what color leggings i will wear
Black, pink, or pale mint green...there is a little green in the sweater

The pink was added recently on this vintage dress
I added 5 inches of fabric
I will wear this dress with purple leggings

I chose versatile items for if i want to move them around


 Probably wear this outfit  on the plane coming back

No place for high heels
We'll be walking all day
I chose colorful, comfortable shoes

Ye! It's finally done!

 I Added extra sweaters, leggings, tights ,ect....

I'm all set now, it has to fit in the suitcase, ha,ha,ha!

Oh well, I'll put some in Mr. D's

Snacks for the plane-

The best energy bars i ever had

Full of natural ingredients

I can't eat plane food, totally disgusting and very expensive

We'll probably have breakie at the airport since we have to be there 3 hours before the flight

 Plus we stop over at Vegas- we'll probably get something to eat there for lunch


Got my National Geographic guide!

I will read this on the plane

I had a glance already, it's an excellent guide

Yes and yes i changed the ever changing hair color!

I think pink suits me best

Perfect for SF!
Have fun and I  will be back soon!
Je vous fait la bise
Ariane xxxx