Wednesday, February 27, 2013

It's My Birthday!

Happy Birthday to me!
Fifty three
Cinquante Trois
Cincuenta y tres 


53 doing the latest trend for Spring - Summer

Black and White
Proving again that you can do a trend no matter the age !

Yes! wear the darn mini with high heels!

Mix it all up
Just do it your way Girls !
I don't like the trend, but i thought it would be interesting to do it the cheap way

All  thrifted except for the sweater bought retail for $5


 Do you see spots on the skirt?
Jacket- Thrifted- YWCA - $5
Sweater- Retail - Forever 21 - $5
Spotty skirt- Thrifted- Renaissance - $5
Tights- Ardene - $3
Shoes- Thrifted-  Renaissance- $6

But I prefer colors and mixing my own trend 

I wear what makes me happy

At 53 i have no time to waste with fashion rules for girls of my age

And i don't care frankly!

Jacket - Thrifted - $1
 Vanity Fair top - Retail
Skirt - Thrifted
Shoes - Thrifted - Etienne Aigner - Surprisingly comfortable

 On the agenda today for the birthday girl ....

Yoga with my Izzy

Supper with Mr. D

Lots of birthday wishes!

Drawing courtesy of Leonie- Mr D's grand daughter
I'm a princess today!
I will be back soon
Je vous fait la bise
Ariane xxxx

Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Week of Patterns

Hi there Ladies!
You would think i would have more time blogging since I'm unemployed

 I spent my week phoning Virgin Mobile

My smart phone is defective

It took me a while to talk to someone, forever waiting on line, giving all the info to get it fixed and how to get a replacement phone-

I got 3 different versions at Virgin's

Everybody there was saying something different

Does it happen to you when you call a company about an issue or need info?

It seems everybody has a different story

Well one thing i can say- I'm consistent !

My outfits are colorful and eclectic !

Pissed me off to spent so much time on this

Plus i had to go downtown...

Did a bit of shopping too-

God! life is hard..
No choice hey...!

I needed a phone

Needed to go shopping?

Too many calls can be missed since I'm job hunting
I'm happy that is resolved

Plus got that fab dress...

I was able to  use Eve's ( Mr D 's daughter) old phone I-phone until mine is fixed

Outfit details -
I have been retail shopping a lot these days
It's so cheap
Mustard Tee - H&M -
Debbie Harry Tee - H&M on sale
Skirt - Forever 21 on sale
Belts - Thrifted
Leggings - AA  retail
Booties - Yellow on sale

Shirt Thrifted - Renaissance
Tee underneath- H&M
Skirt - Thrifted- Renaissance
Vintage 90s belt - Charity shop - Anglican church downtown-
Tights- Retail Ardene
Boots- H&M on sale

New dress on sale $20

Regular price $55 before taxes that is about 16% here ...


On Wednesday Izzy and I had a yoga date
There is a free yoga class every Wednesday where she works
I didn't go, there was a snow storm in Montreal yes again! I'm so over the white disturbance!
Class was cancelled - No power!

 Underneath my dress my yoga outfit


 I was a bit disappointed
So i baked a
Gluten free lemon and poppy seed cake


And did some yoga at home
In the great hallway
Our hallway is 7 feet large
 I could actually have a yoga class in the hallway

I saw my employability coach this week
I have been hiding in my comfort zone she said....
She's bombarded me with job offers that were way out of my comfort zone i tell you!
She said i got the skills and you never know!

So i have applied on 2 she sent me

Close captioned Writer and a Creative  and Admin Assistant for a record company

She was very proud of me...

You never know


I'm featured on Claire Justine's blog this weekend

I hope you enjoyed this post

Je vous fait la bise

Have a good weekend!

Ariane xxx

Monday, February 18, 2013

Meet Me At La Parisette

Allo Ladies!
Last week i went to Espace Aird
EspaceAird  is an historical building in my hood which was a children shoe factory in the 40s called

La Parisette

The historical building is now home of several emerging Montreal artists

 So, here i went with  my best colorful frock, tripod and camera to this lovely old place

Enjoy the pics!

 As you come in the building

Art work made with Camembert boxes



<IMG_7133br />

 Roof terrasse  plus i think the original statue on the roof top of  La Parisette




One of the artist's space in the building


Oh! Yes i have purple hair - I don't expect much on the job hunt scene for the coming weeks
So I decided to try purple hair...
I will resume the job hunting upon my return from San Francisco and i'm pretty certain in will do short mandates -
It will give me the flexibility and freedom i crave for now at this stage of my life .
Thank you for all your comments - We pretty think all alike us Ladies over 50ish... Makes me feel good -
I was wearing for this post -
Blythe Tee - Retail
Vintage Cardi - Thrifted Atelier Vio-Li
Skirt- Thrifted - Renaissance
Leggings - H&M
Docs Martens - Gift Mr. D
I will be back soon!
Je vous fait la bise
Ariane xxx

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Time To Make a Decision

Hello Ladies!
Happy Valentine Day!
Do you celebrate Valentine Day?

I know Valentine day is overrated, commercial, tacky..  and ect and ect...you know what i mean, but what the heck!
Mr D and I are having supper tonight at a new bistro in the hood  called
Le Chasseur - ( The Hunter) 
It serves regional tapas which they say are bigger than an appetizer but smaller than a main course
One the of the chef is a finalist from CBC's show Les Chefs
Tonight it's a 5 course meal starting at 6 - Will have ample time to digest this gargantuan feast!

I took my pics outside this week - It was so mild for this time of year -
What a difference it makes to shoot outside

The colors and sharpness are incredible!

Awwwww ! Spring i tell you it won't come soon enough for me!

On the job hunt scene...
I didn't get the job - They took a long time before reaching a decision
The Lady at the employment agency felt bad for me - I was the favorite contender  - They said my profile was excellent -
That's life and as i said before things happened for a  reason
It forces me right now to rethink what i want
  A full time position or short time work?


Short term work would allow me to decide when i want to work

I would never get bored

I would constantly meet new people

I would explore new fields
If you were debt and children free?
Would you choose the flexibility and freedom of short term work?
Wearing for this post
Shirt - Vintage- Thrifted at Renaissance
Jacket - Thrifted - Renaissance
Skirt shortened it was originally a midi - Thrifted at Renaissance
Belt - Thrifted - Renaissance
Tights - Retail
Booties- Retail Forever 21 on sale

Going to San Francisco in March -  Any blogger i know there? and would be interested to meet?

Take care Ladies
I will see you soon
Je vous fait la bise
Ariane xxxx

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Winter in Technicolor

Allo Mesdames!
Hope all is well on your side of the planet!
We babysat the grand kids this weekend
The kids are sweet but i wouldn't go back there i tell you!
You forget quickly how it was but one thing you don't forget is how to handle them and i might add that you are better at it than when we were younger -
Experience it's called - Those kids think you don't know what they are up too, Sorry kids we know all your tricks and then some!

The oldest spent his weekend in front of the PC
 We decided to go sliding at the Olympic park

He wasn't too happy, but was  having fun after a couple of descents he was

The Olympic Park btw, we are still paying for it, is in my hood


Got the Faux Fur and furry beret out for the occasion


 One thing about our weather , we get gorgeous sunny blue sky winter days



Winter in Technicolor!

Winter in Technicolor!



The Olympic park has a skating ring as well

I might go this week!


Technicolor outfits
Tee- Gap- Retail on sale $5
Shirt- Thrifted - Annex Vintage- Mile End -  $15
Skirt- Bill Blass- Thrifted- Renaissance- $5
Tights- Ardene - $3
Booties - Thrifted- Renaissance- $6
Tee- Gap - Retail on sale -$5
Splash Paint Top - Mia Mix - Retail on Sale - $10
Skirt- Ste-Michael - Thrifted Renaissance - $5
Boots- Vestiare St-Barnabée (Charity Shop) -$5

Hope you enjoyed the post
I will be back soon
Je vous fait la bise
Ariane xxxx

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Outfits, Indulgence and Babies

Allo Ladies!
Hope you're all well
The Cold FX Queen is still struggling with the cold
Got a second interview for a good firm downtown Montreal yesterday
I went very well, i was there for 3 hours!
I have met the nicest people  at the end we were discussing yoga, children, buddhism -
Is this a good sign? I hope so!

It's between another candidate and me

It's all about compatibility in this case
Will i fit within the organization?

I hope i get this job but if i don't it means that there is something better for me!




Jacket- Escada- Thrifted at the Salvation Army - $2
Skirt- Thrifted at Renaissance - $5
Tights - Retail - Ardene - $3.50
Boots - Retail - Forever 21


Tee - H&M - Retail
Waistcoat - Atelier Vio-Li - $5
Skirt-  Thrifted- Renaissance - $5
Boots- Retail- Yellow

Vintage Cardi - Gift
Leather Skirt - Thrifted- Renaissance - $4
Boots- Retail - Forever 21
Which of these outfits do you think i wore for  the second interview?
On the way back home a little indulgence went on ....
Stopped at Sephora to spend what was left of my gift certificate
 It's  a little expensive - $39 for Dior and $34 for YSL but i think it 's worth it  
YSL lip gloss/stain definitively has extended wear and will last even when eating and drinking
But i totally aware that we all have our limits when it comes  to how much we will pay for beauty products -

I chose this Dior shade of pink cause i 'm mad about Vix's shade of pink lipstick  
But if you have extra $$$$ to spend after the charity shops,  these products i recommend!

I got those as well - They were on sale -

These are really exceptional i tell you!

I have the Revlon's version since last Tuesday and still looks good

I cleanned the dishes, the cat litter, the toilets, name it! These babies were completely tested!


And to conclude this post ....here a few pics of another kind of babies

My Babies...ChouChou and Leo

Leo's favorite spot - Notice that Leo has tinny whiskers 
Cats on Mr D's  warm  bathroom floor
This is were they hang out these days
If the bathroom door is closed ChouChou hollers to death!




As for what i wore for  second interview,  the answer is

Outfit #2

Wish me luck again

One of those days somebody will hire me!

Je vous fait la bise

Thank you for all your support and nice comments

I will see you soon

Ariane xxxx