Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ariane and the Metallic

Hello Ladies!
How are you?
Wearing the Metallic Trend today
 The skirt is retail from Forever 21

I like the trend - But didn't want spend a lot on it

I got this skirt at Forever 21 for a song -

The sales this time of year are unbelievable

Charity shop prices

I know some of you not to keen on fast fashion but i do especially when it's on sale for $10 or less


I like to mix my fast fashion with my vintage and second hand pieces
The top is vintage and shoes are second hand
Pretty happy about the shoes i tell you
Geox shoes in this condition for $8 is a good deal

Here's more shopping for you Ladies
Retail and Charity Shops

 Skirt suit with rabbit fur- Thrifted

 Retail -
Forever 21

Skirt- Thrifted 

Vintage cape


I'm not a Uggs fan but i liked these one -

Thrifted - $10

 Retail - Versatile

Forever 21
 Retail - H&M

 Retail - H&M

And yes i got those! Izzy said you got those Mom? Yes and i told her try them on they are so comfy and she agreed - She wouldn't buy them, but she said they were comfortable
I love those shoes !
I have been looking for a comfortable pair with a reasonable price tag and these were it -

Forever 21 again!

Lets take a breakie from my shopping expeditions....
 Izzy and I met on Tuesday to go my Mom's for her birthday
We had such a good time, we had french pastries, chatted and went thrift shopping afterwards
What a perfect day !
I'm still waiting for my second interview for a position i would like very much, but sometimes these things take time - Anyhoo, i will keep you posted -
Back to shopping now -

Retail on sale - Simmons 


Retail on sale - Forever 21


Retail on sale - Mia Mix


And last and not leat some vintage brooches

See the nails? these are Revlon nail strips  - It's new

Izzy had them on this week- I bought some and Izzy put min on

They are suppose to last 10 days- I will keep you posted !

I know it was a long post -
I hope you enjoyed it!
See you soon!
Je vous fait la bise
Ariane xxxx

Monday, January 28, 2013

Work and Play and A Special Birthday!

Hello Ladies!
I missed Visible Monday this week - so disappointed !

Maybe i could join still...

And plus i probably didn't reply to all still

Sorry! that job hunting thing is quite something i tell  you!
 Couldn't do my post yesterday, because Mom's BF had a surprise soirée for her birthday last night
Yeap! Mom turned 71!
I wish i could show a pic of this fabulous Lady, i swear to you your jaws would drop to the floor!
But she doesn't want too, camera shy and all

This is what i wore yesterday at the party!

Her BF likes my style but wouldn't go out with me- To eccentric he says...
Good! cause i wouldn't go out with him either -   He knows that BTW kind of an inside joke now !
But i like him- He's perfect for my Mom

Sweater- Thrifted at Renaissance - $4
  Galactic Skirt - Thrifted - Renaissance - $4
Leggings - Retail - Mia Mix - $10
Shoes- Retail - Shellys London
I had a work interview this morning, this is what i wore

I have made a very  good impression according to the employment agency  - And there is a 99.9999 chance i will get  a second interview this week - Will see, nothing is a 100 % sure in this life -
Beret - Thrifted - $2
Suede Jacket - Thrifted - $3
Top - Retail -H&M - $10
Skirt- Thrifted - YWCA- $5
Tights - Retail- Ardene - $5
Boots- Retail - Forever 21 on sale

Scarf and necklace - Thrifted at Renaissance
Tomorrow is officially my Mom's birthday
Izzy and I will go see her after she finishes work  - We'll bring....can't say, she reads my blog!
Love you Mom see you tomorrow!
Yellow top - Gap on sale - $5
Multicolor top - thrifted - $4
Skirt - Thrifted - $4
Tights- Winners - $5
Boots- Thrifted - Church Bazaar - $5
I will see you soon
Je vous fait la bise
Ariane xxxx

Thursday, January 24, 2013

(Just) Keep Calm

Hello Ladies
How are you doing?

I did my best to reply to everyone, I get a lot of traffic and comments

I Love it!


No i didn't get the job - It's OK, It wouldn't have worked anyway
My guts told me it was not a good fit
The employment agency confirmed it - It was not a good fit for that firm
They agency who attempted to place me there told me -

You are an excellent candidate Ariane
We will find you a job
You scored well on the French and English grammar tests
You have tons of experience

Your references are awesome
You 're sweet


I tell you it's quite an experience
I'm learning a lot about  myself
I'm gaining confidence

12 years at the same place you don't know what are worth

Tests, interviews, feedback made me realize I'm pretty damn competent

It's a good thing...


I wore this outfit a my second interview at the translation firm

I realize more and more that i don't want just any job - I want a job that will make me happy
I understand that it's not always the case, sometimes you need that job to pay the bills
I'm lucky i don't - I can choose now
It was not always the case - In the past I accepted any job that came my way because i was a single mother of 2 who had to work  to pay the bills!
As the sweater says
Yes! keep calm everything is under control !
You are the best Ariane!
Next week promises to be busy
Interviews, workshops...I will keep you posted
I was wearing for this post-
Shirt - Thrifted at St-Vincent de Paul - $1
Sweater- Retail - Forever 21
Skirt- Guess- Thrifted- $5
Booties- Thrifted - $9
I will be back soon

Before you leave the web Girls have a look at Rosemary 's It's Story Time
Je vous fait la bise
Ariane xxxx

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Stars and Sparkle

Hello Ladies!
Hope you weekend has been good !
I received a while ago this sweet offset 3 stone diamond pendant  crafted in silver with 3 zircons from Anjolee
I like it - It's classic with a modern twist

 Wearing with the necklace a fabulous thrift find !

A Diane von Furstenberg dress - Vintage Collection -  $6!

I had it shortened- looks a lot better that way - before it looked like a bath robe still does but not as obvious !

In fact, it's a Kimono Dress

Mr D didn't see it yet, you know men, he would probably say something like... it looks like a tablecloth or something...

But heck it's a Diane F dress!

I'm wearing it !

I  like it!
Here a close up of the nice Anjolee pendant
In other news...
I had a fantastic interview for a position of Admin Assistant in a Translation Firm Downtown Montreal -

Good salary, full benefits, pension plan, 3 weeks vacation to start -
It was a last minute interview
The employment agency called me in the morning to see if i was interested
That day i planned to stay indoor it was -30 outside but i didn't brave the elements for nothing!
It went very well, cross our fingers! you never know!
Bleached my hair Sarturday - pink coming up soon, but just a hint..


Today i baked with Mr D grand-daughter

We made double chocolate cookies and this blueberry cake

I modified the recipe to make it healthier, less sugar, no gluten and no lactose -

I promise you it's delicious!

2013-01-20 16.19.23

Here's the recipe with my healthy substitutes

3 cups of blueberry instead of 2 1/2 cups
2 cups flour - i changed it for  1/2 cup of ground almonds, 1/2 cup chickpea flour and 1 cup of sweet white sorghum flour
1/2 cup of sugar the recipe called for 1 1/4 cup too much for me!
3 teaspoons of baking powder
1/2 cup of apple sauce instead of 1/2 cup of margarine
1 teaspoon of vanilla
3/4 cups of almond milk instead of milk
2 eggs

Mix flours, sugar, baking powder and salt in big mixing bowl
Add apple sauce , vanilla, almond milk and eggs

But half of the batter in greased square pan
Add blueberries and the remaining batter

Cook for 1 hour at 325F or  180C


I hope you enjoyed this post

I will be back soon

Come and join us at Patti's Visible Monday and Monday Mingle

Je vous fait la bise


Thursday, January 17, 2013

Another Work Outfit and Being Busy!

Hello Ladies!
I have been so busy this week i can't believe its Thursday already!
On Monday Izzy and I went thrifting

But  before we went thrifting we took pics outside

Izzy wasn't feeling too good this week she lost her cat, kidney problems
I phoned her this week to see how she was doing, she didn't call me back, remind me to give her shout -

I'm in front of a church in my hood where we wanted to have a look at the bazaar

But it was closed

 Wearing my brooches on my winter coats

I have seen someone wearing them this way, I thought it was a good idea


On Tuesday i had an appointment to the Y's Employment Service

I have joined a program called OSE

This is what i wore for the appointment

Again i think i kept it appointment friendly and added my personnality

I refuse to wear a business suit ! A jacket maybe!

Orientation and Services for Employment
OSE offers women who are ready to return to the workforce, a wide range of services which are adapted to their specific needs. Whether through individual orientation sessions or through employment research, the dynamic OSE team which is composed of professional guidance counselors and employment counsellors, effectively supports the participants. This program is offered free of charge* in collaboration with Emploi-Québec. 
* According to Emploi-Québec criteria
Our Services: 
Job search help:
  • Job search technique workshops;
  • Individual sessions to personalize your search;
  • Documentation and Business Centre
    Access to: computers, Internet, telephone, fax, photocopier, documentation about the job market and training.

Career counselling:
  • Individual consultations with guidance counsellors;
  • Career change guidance;
  • Psychometric testing and analysis;
  • Professional and educational information;
  • Documentation and Business Centre
    Access to: computers, Internet, telephone, fax, photocopier, documentation about the job market and training;
  • Mentoring service.

Taken from The YWCA's Web site

I was suppose to start a similar program with another organization in Feb but i preferred this one because it's starting now for 8 weeks plus workshops - And i liked the counsellor -


On Wednesday I met my good friend Danielle
I haven't seen her for a while
We had lunch and chatted away!
I also got on Wednesday a called from a Government Agency for a job interview for a secretarial position i applied on last week
My interview is next Tuesday
They told me the interview would last 1 hour and  would have to do a 45 minutes French grammar test - Again!

Today i slept in a bit, took care of a few things and went to that charity shop that was close on Monday
This is what i have found
 Total - $9

Tweed and mink collar coat - $5
Suede boots - $4
Next week promises to be as busy
I was wearing --
Vintage shirt thrifted at St-Vincent de Paul - $1
Polka dots top - Forever 21
Skirt thrifted - United Color of Benetton - $4
Boots - Forever 21 on sale
I will see you soon
Je vous fait la bise
Ariane xxxxx

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Work and Play - The Job Hunting Story Continues

Hello Ladies!
Hope your weekend was fantastic!
Mine resembled the ones i had when i was working - Funny  isn't!
 Grocery shopping, cooking, baking, errands with Mr. D
This is what i wore to the agency's interview this week



The top is colorful and funky and the bottom is neutral

I think it did the job nicely!

Now the interview....

I wasn't interviewed for an actual job this week even tough there was a position available at an advertisement firm -

Agencies put job offers on the Web to get potential candidates for job orders they'll get - I knew that -

 As expected they give me French and English grammar tests

Believe or not English was way, way easier than French

French is a nightmare when it comes to grammar

But i did ok

Same top but Play version wore after the interview


After that the grammar tests they have a little chat with you, kind of an informal interview

What do you want to do, where do you want to work, and bla, bla, bla you know what i mean

Frankly i don't really know what i want to do- if i stop and think about it...

I kind of shoot to left and and to the right all week - sending CVs all over just because i have in my mind that i have to find a job quickly...


I don't have too - In fact i have to stop this nonsense,  cause i will be in a job again that i will find absolutely boring!

 Stress made me buy those Boots at full retail price!

But aren't nice!

I have decided -
That i will take my time and find this non-boring, stimulating job that  i want so much
By joining a Job Hunting Club recommended by the Volunteer Coordinator at the YWCA
She found her job at the YWCA through this Job Hunting Club

During 3 weeks from 9 to 4 in Feb I think,  I will be actively looking for a job supervised by professionals
I will learn to -
Stand out from the crowd, yes! funny isn't!
Use  my contacts in order to find non- advertised positions

Write, well it's already written, lets say improve my  CV and learning interview techniques
In the meantime Ladies  I will perfect my software skills  and still look, in the relax mode for that job
You never know!


Today i indulged in one of my fav pastime
Cooking and baking
I did -  Clock wise
Osso Bucco
 Molasses Cookies ( Mr. D's favorite)
Butternut squash and home made apple sauce bread
I used for my baking sweet with sorghum flour and chickpea flour
Delicious and gluten free!
See you soon!
Je vous fait la bise

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Kitty Skirt - And Product Review

Hello Ladies!
Welcome new followers and readers
I love it!

Thanks for your lovely comments


 Lets have a real good positive tought for Sarah Of Misfits Vintage

There have been catastrophic bush fires in her area lets pray that she is alright

CV is done, Mr. D reviewed it, i sent it the same night to the agency advertising the position at the advertising firm.
I got a call the next morning, wow! Holly Fardamumza that was fast!

Got the butterflies in the stomach ...

Mr D said -  Well Darling they act fast on the good CVs!

It's true my CV is filled with good stuff!
We  deserve a path on the shoulder...

 A job  well done!

 Kitty dress designed and made my dear daughter Izzy

I'm meeting the agency people tomorrow morning

I know what to expect that is a good thing, tests, french grammar, English grammar, Word, Excel, smile yes smile! be articulate, concise, smart...

But be most importantly be Myself!
I'm a bit nervous - First interview in 13 years!

I will let you know what happened

I will have to go easy on the outfits :)

Give them so time to get use to me ...slowly!
This is was my Christmas gift from my daughter Izzy
She sells the skirt in her Etsy Shop - Yeye Vintage Boutique- The link is on the right end side of my blog
Perfectly  made - it fits like a glove!
Since you like my studio so  much! Here are a few images from the Studio



I decided as well to do a product review, 2 products as a  matter of fact
I don't do it very often only when they are exceptional!
I have a sensitive, allergic, dry skin so when something works i want to share -  
First product  -
Bourjois- Radiance and Anti-fatigue Concealer-
Best thing i used in all my life - I swear
$19 - It lasted 1 year!
Non greasy,  easy to apply, won't smudge, hides to those dark circles very well -
Second Product and it's something else! i couldn't believe it! and i am very skeptical when it comes to beauty products, they sell you lots of air i tell you, but this product is amazing -
Vichy's Pureté Thermale
Purifying Foaming Water
Radiance Revealer and this is true!
After using the product, my skin was glowing!
It's so good that i purchase one for my mother - We tested it on her hand, she was speechless!

I rarely seen a product working so well -
I will be back soon
Je vous fait la bise
Ariane xxxxx

Sunday, January 6, 2013

I Have Been Doing Hard Work!

Hello Ladies
How was your weekend?
Guess what? more snow here- GOD help us! we will buried in the snow till June if it continues that way  and plus  everybody seems to have that flu H1N2!
I have been working on serious stuff today, yes it happens! i get serious once in a while
I acted like an adult today !
I did my CV!
But took a little break and played dress up...
 It's hard work - The last CV i did was 13 years ago!



I'm in my little studio in the basement
What you see on the wall is my inspiration
Kind of junkish down there but i like it
It makes me happy

I spend all day on my cv
It's hard work i tell you...
But i like it -Lots of fun
 I was in mega comfort  zone i tell you
This takes me out of my comfort zone
Nothing better than a challenge to get you out of your comfort zone
Collecting info, templates, work descriptions...ect...
Aiming for a fresh new way to do a  CV and i think i found it
Mr D will review it
Hopefully i will be able to send out CVs  this week

I get work alerts  via Jobboom and Workpolis on my phone every day

I received an interesting offer working for a publicity firm

I might send my CV!

But in the meantime i will join Patti's Visible Monday
I was wearing for this post

Top - Thrifted - $4
Skirt- Thrifted - $4
Belt - Thrifted - $2
Tights- Retail
Booties - Retail on sale

I will be back soon
Je vous fais la bise
Ariane xxxxx