Monday, December 9, 2013

Keep Calm and Wear your Rubber Boots

Hi Ladies!
Showcasing this weekend's outfit
Today's and last week's
This weekend we had to attend Mr. D's office X-mas supper
I'm not a big fan of office X-Mas suppers - I avoid them as much I can but sometimes you have to show up!
This is what I wore
No black dress or sequins for me
Thrifted vintage dress
Thrifted vintage polyester jacket
Platforms - Retail
Thrifted bag
Engagement ring check!
Dress- Retail -Mia Mix
Leggings- Retail
Hat- Thrifted
DocMartens- Retail

I wore those 2 outfits last week at work
When I got to work that morning I noticed that the hem at come down
Don't you hate that? What do you do?
Well I tell you what I did, I stapled the darn thing
Looked a bit weird, I wonder if people noticed that I stapled the hem of the skirt
But you know what - I don't really care!
Skirt thrifted at Renaissance
Vest thrifted at St-Vincent de Paul
Tee thrifted at Renaissance
a3 This is what I wore today got the rubber boots out
We had a bit of wet snow here - The snow often turns into slush around here- Great fun I tell you!
Rubber boots are the best for this type of weather
Warm and dry feet keep the swearing and cursing under control
I hate winter!
The only good thing about winter is that you get to wear faux fur and that you can watch a little more TV and not feel like total looser because you spend more time in front of the tube!
Have you noticed? I'm wearing that cardi again!
I never cease to amaze myself
I'm making a big effort to wear things twice and show you I can wear things more than once on this blog!
I have a new colleague in our department
She sang with Pavarotti!
She's a soprano -She has to most melodious voice!
 She's very nice, she's my age and to my surprise, I get along with her
Seldom if ever I don't get along with Ladies of my age at work
But I admit she nice and leaves me alone
She loves the way I dress and the way I am
So why not like her right?
But I feel I should keep a little distance just in case
How do you feel about your work colleagues?

We are going up north tomorrow to visit one of the rehab centers
That should be interesting
We are leaving at 6h30 AM tomorrow morning
So I should leave you and get some sleep

See you soon



Patti said...

It's great to see that cardigan twice! I always like your individualistic looks, your colorful tights and fab boots. The ring looks good too! Have a safe trip. xo

Val Sparkle said...

Cute, cute and cute! Love the silver bag - that's a great way to dress up an outfit. And you should wear the bunny cardi often - or else send it to me.

I have also stapled hems, or taped them, and I've often used marking pens to cover spots, usually on shoes. We have to make use of any tools at our disposal!

Don't get me started on the women at work!

une femme said...

Love everything, especially your glasses and the bunny sweater!

Paula Ruta said...

Hi Ariane, Love your anti-sequin outfit! (course I love all your outfits....)
I hate winter too and we had that slushy mix here also. Made me a little depressed...not ungrateful just a little melancholy. Its a long winter ahead for both of us. The rubber is sometimes too cold for me--i try and find waterproof leather. xoxo

Connie said...

What a loverly bunch of outfits. Those tights are so cute. Flashing your shapely legs, eh? I'm so happy to know that you staple your hems, too. It gives them a nice bit of extra sparkle don't you think?

Melanie said...

HaHa, love your staple trick. I thrifted some pants once and discovered when I got home that all the hems had been taped up with clear tape! Obviously it worked. It's hard to imagine you in flat black but I can see you in sequins. Glad you found a new friend. And I can't keep calm.

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

Excellent version of Xmas colours! I adore your wonderful printed pieces and so-nice-to-see-it-twice sweater. :)

The Dainty Dolls House said...

Your cardi in the last photos is precious, I love that! Staples, I had never heard of that, but it isn't far from stuff I use, like double sided tape or pins, I will have to remember staples now! Happy Tuesday doll xx

Sandra said...

Love them all! and a specs wearing bunny cardi! fabulous item! please wear it more often! I bust a side zip on a skirt in work and only realised as I was leaving, my reaction was utter indifference hehe!
It's great you have this wonderful woman to work with, and she's a soprano! so, so cool! and women my age at work? it's peculiar, for the first time I have met some brilliant women my age, it's been a revelation! x x x

Vix said...

Duct tape or staples for me, too. I'll resort to anything!
Fab outfits, bursting with colour to counteract the vile weather you're having. xxx

Krista Gassib said...

You sound really happy and that's nice! Cute clothes like that sweater deserve to be wore many times good for you for trying. I like winter for the few reasons you mentioned too otherwise can we please skip it. I think the older we get the harder it is to make friends and girlfriends are important. If I were you I'd see if you cool coworker wants to grab coffee and got for a bit of shopping. I bet you are fun.

wardrobeexperience said...

adorable rubber boots!!!!

Forest City Fashionista said...

Now those are some rockin' rainboots - where did you find them? I can't find any that are comfortable to wear, and we get so much rain here in the winter.

Great Christmas party outfit! We have our Christmas lunch at work this week and I usually wear something fun. I love the smart bunny cardigan - it needs to be seen more often.

I'm glad your new work colleague seems to be sympatico. As you know, office politics can make your work life hell!

Beata B said...

Each outfit is cuter than the next :) I adore your style dear Ariane, you always look simply fabulous!! Have a safe trip, hugs! Beata xxx

Beata B said...

Each outfit is cuter than the next :) I adore your style dear Ariane, you always look simply fabulous!! Have a safe trip, hugs! Beata xxx

Citizen Rosebud said...

How I would delight in working next to your work cubicle. To see that gorgeous mug and colorful garment choices up close and personal. I love how you mix bold colors together- they always seem to work- so cleverly. My fave outfit is the first- bold, young, cool as fuck and hot as fuck too. Pardon my French. You rock.

Sola ante el espejo said...

Fabulous selection dear! Kisses.

seƱora Allnut said...

mwahahah, first, I also hate that stupid office xmas suppers, and avoid them!, and second, I've used adhesive tape sometimes to fix my hems!, but stapling them seems even better!
Your outfits always are cheering up and pretty, love your red jacket, your fabulous martens, and love particularly your cute mustard cardi, it works so nicely with stripes and little prints, and your rubber boots!, gorgeous!
besos & colores

Lenya said...

Hi Ariane, again I am late. I want to say thx so much for your lovely comment. I don't know what it was, I myself had some trouble on other blogs as well. One of my blogger friends had lost her GFC gadget. One day it was there, the other it was gone. Anyway it was a pleasure doing the post and it was fun. OK now to your outfits. Love them all, but the one with the striped top and the yellow cardie are my favorite. Love the biker boots!!
Oh and yes I read your comment at Busola's.
big big hugs

Tamera Wolfe said...

I wish you worked with me!! We could make the other engineers gape in awe at our awesome outfits!!

Love the cardigan--so so CUTE!!

Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

Well if wearing that cardigan again is just too much for you I will gladly take it off your hands! I love it. Love that whole outfit really.

I friggin' hate it when my hem comes down. It think I too have used either tape or staples at some point.

So cool that you have someone working with you that can sing like that. Does she hum while she works? Might be getting some free impromptu performances.

I agree rubber boots can be great in wet snow but be careful not to fall. I always find they can be slippery.

BTW I got my Firmoo glasses! They are great. They fit me better than the pair I got from them before. Thanks again!


Sacramento Amate said...

Every single look is a treat, ahhhhhhhhhh
I hope we can meet one day. I am sure we would have so much fun.
Next Share-in-Style will be Friday 13th and the topic is Christmas.
I will be waiting for youuuuuuuuuuu

The Style Crone said...

Your outfits are festive in every season of the year. The holiday season is of course no exception.

I agree! At least we can wear faux fur in winter!

Mrs. D said...

Looking sharp and colourful, as always!
My favourite pieces are the first dress and the yellow bunny cardigan :) So cute!

Busola Coutts said...

Love your style and you bring colors back to life. You look stunning.