Thursday, February 7, 2013

Outfits, Indulgence and Babies

Allo Ladies!
Hope you're all well
The Cold FX Queen is still struggling with the cold
Got a second interview for a good firm downtown Montreal yesterday
I went very well, i was there for 3 hours!
I have met the nicest people  at the end we were discussing yoga, children, buddhism -
Is this a good sign? I hope so!

It's between another candidate and me

It's all about compatibility in this case
Will i fit within the organization?

I hope i get this job but if i don't it means that there is something better for me!




Jacket- Escada- Thrifted at the Salvation Army - $2
Skirt- Thrifted at Renaissance - $5
Tights - Retail - Ardene - $3.50
Boots - Retail - Forever 21


Tee - H&M - Retail
Waistcoat - Atelier Vio-Li - $5
Skirt-  Thrifted- Renaissance - $5
Boots- Retail- Yellow

Vintage Cardi - Gift
Leather Skirt - Thrifted- Renaissance - $4
Boots- Retail - Forever 21
Which of these outfits do you think i wore for  the second interview?
On the way back home a little indulgence went on ....
Stopped at Sephora to spend what was left of my gift certificate
 It's  a little expensive - $39 for Dior and $34 for YSL but i think it 's worth it  
YSL lip gloss/stain definitively has extended wear and will last even when eating and drinking
But i totally aware that we all have our limits when it comes  to how much we will pay for beauty products -

I chose this Dior shade of pink cause i 'm mad about Vix's shade of pink lipstick  
But if you have extra $$$$ to spend after the charity shops,  these products i recommend!

I got those as well - They were on sale -

These are really exceptional i tell you!

I have the Revlon's version since last Tuesday and still looks good

I cleanned the dishes, the cat litter, the toilets, name it! These babies were completely tested!


And to conclude this post ....here a few pics of another kind of babies

My Babies...ChouChou and Leo

Leo's favorite spot - Notice that Leo has tinny whiskers 
Cats on Mr D's  warm  bathroom floor
This is were they hang out these days
If the bathroom door is closed ChouChou hollers to death!




As for what i wore for  second interview,  the answer is

Outfit #2

Wish me luck again

One of those days somebody will hire me!

Je vous fait la bise

Thank you for all your support and nice comments

I will see you soon

Ariane xxxx


Helen said...

If you walked into my office and I was hiring, all three of those outfits would impress! You have a unique style all your own. Love your hair and the glasses too.

Really, the nail stick-ons don't fall off easily? And the gloss/stain stays on as well? I may have to try both.

gracefully50 said...

I LOVE your outfits!! I would have picked the 1st outfit but you really really look GREAT in all of them!

Patti said...

I picked the pink skirt before I looked at the answer! I love all three looks, and Helen is right, you have a wonderful personal style, Ariane. Such handsome kitties too xoxoxoxo

Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

I thought maybe the first outfit, but they all look fab!

Big hugs to your babies Leo and Chou Chou. Leo sure has a lot of soul. If I saw ChouChou's eyes I'd probably say the same about him too. I don't want one to be jelly of the other.

Thanks for keeping us informed on the job front.

Sue xo

Stephanie B said...

Yay pour l'outfit numero 2! J'aime la jupe rose :) J'aime aussi ta philosophie, si ca marche pas cest que qqc de mieux t'attends. J'essaie de voir ca comme ca aussi!

Lynne DeVenny said...

You definitely have to bs the best dressed of the candidates - sending good hiring vibes your way. Love the baby pics. My cat adores the bathroom and can yank open the door at the most inopportune times :o

Val Sparkle said...

All of your outfits are fabulous - I live the embroidered details. If you were looking for a job as a model you wouldn't be out of work at all!

PinkCheetahVintage said...

I am so wanting to try those nail things!!!! The pink lipstick is daring to me... I can do red, but pink makes me nervous. The Dior one makes me want to try it, though! Both outfits look great and I really love those red boots.
Becky :)

Melanie said...

I agree with all the above - you could waltz into an office in any of these and stun with your style and personality, while maintaining a polished look. Again, your attitude will land you the perfect job.
I liked seeing your babies.
And splurging on makeup is always fun. I still have to try out those nail stickers... Thanks for the review.

sabine said...

Hello Ariane,
It's a very good sign that they are interested in finding out whether there is chemistry between you.
I thought of the first outfit, but probably because I'm blended by this gorgeous emboidered jacket. Nevertheless I like each of it, especially the folklore details.
Your babies are sweethearts. I can understand them so well. We have only a few degrees below zero but I feel so cold. Unfortunately I have to leave the warm bathroom.
Take good care of you and get completly healthy soon.
Lieben Gruß

Vix said...

I guessed right! All three outfits are gorgeous, though, no wonder they loved you...good luck!
I love the look of those nail foils, I've got some to try but I'm so impatient I never end up doing them properly, must try harder!
Those lippies are gorgeous, I'd wear those in a heartbeat (if I had to giftcard to spend!)
Love your kitties! xxxx

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I guessed it was outfit 2... Love the pink and the waistcoat. Good luck with the job. You should've asked Vix to send some over, it costs about £3! I do like Dior and YSL... Always nice to treat yourself to some luxury! X

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oh my that raspberry skirt is simply divoooooooooon - I love every detail you're wearing with it, especially the amazing floral waistcoat. Actually, you look gorgeous in every pic - you are THIS close to snaffling the right job:) xoxoxoxo

diefahrradfrau said...

So nice! I like how you play with colors.

Marla Robinson said...

Good luck on getting that position. I am in love with the first and second outfits you posted. Love those beautiful jackets. Yes, Dior and YSL lipsticks are definitely worth it. I use my Dior everyday. Gorgeous kitties!

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

Outfit #2 is what I would have recommended...very chic and classic styling with a touch of Ariane creativity! I hope the interview went well!

The Dainty Dolls House said...

Lots of good luck to you, I hope you will succeed. If not, you will find something for you, for sure :)) These outfits are just gorgeous, I adore the colours, they are so nice. You are getting me to even look for more colour, haha :) I hope you have a marvellous weekend doll xx

pastcaring said...

Good luck for the job, Ariane, hope you get selected if this is one you would really like. You should be hired on style and colourfulness alone! All three looks are wonderful, love the embroidered waistcoat you wore to your interview with the red skirt and boots. And those mustard tights are brilliant.
How lovely to have a little self-indulgence when you can! xxxx

grunge-queen said...

LOVE the Escada jacket, Ariane, and the floral theme in general. I bet you rocked the interview; how exciting that you have made it this far! Your kitties are soo cute. Have a happy weekend! Xoxo

Mary Lou said...

hey this sounds like a very good sign for me! i keep my fingers crossed for you!
and wow you seriously have the most fabulous cardigans, i love especially the last one!

The Grande Dame said...

A 3 hour interview is hopefully a good sign! I hope they give you the job. I really like the little green skirt and boots in the first outfit! So cute! And your hair looks cute too. Love and hugs to the fur babies xx

Diana Marks said...

I love your bright style. Good luck, hopefully you'll get the job.
And Leo is very cute. Have a beautiful weekend!

LA By Diana Live Magazine

Luna Tiger said...

J'adore toutes ces nuances de couleur et j'essaierai bien ce rouge à levres !
Pour répondre à ta question : le groupe dont j'ai mis la vidéo dans mon avant dernier post est français et s'appelle LESCOP.
Bon week end !!!

Misfits Vintage said...

I picked outfit 2! Hope you get the call back soon! I love the cat with the gigantic mane! I would love to try those nail things - thanks for the recommendation.

Sarah xxx

Forest City Fashionista said...

You will most definitely get hired, and it will be for the right job for you, where they will appreciate your marvelous style! I'm liking your hair cut with longer in front and shorter at the back - very chic!

TarracoStyle said...

espero que hayas tenido suerte con el trabajo, a mi me encanta el primer look, el de la falda verde.

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