Wednesday, February 27, 2013

It's My Birthday!

Happy Birthday to me!
Fifty three
Cinquante Trois
Cincuenta y tres 


53 doing the latest trend for Spring - Summer

Black and White
Proving again that you can do a trend no matter the age !

Yes! wear the darn mini with high heels!

Mix it all up
Just do it your way Girls !
I don't like the trend, but i thought it would be interesting to do it the cheap way

All  thrifted except for the sweater bought retail for $5


 Do you see spots on the skirt?
Jacket- Thrifted- YWCA - $5
Sweater- Retail - Forever 21 - $5
Spotty skirt- Thrifted- Renaissance - $5
Tights- Ardene - $3
Shoes- Thrifted-  Renaissance- $6

But I prefer colors and mixing my own trend 

I wear what makes me happy

At 53 i have no time to waste with fashion rules for girls of my age

And i don't care frankly!

Jacket - Thrifted - $1
 Vanity Fair top - Retail
Skirt - Thrifted
Shoes - Thrifted - Etienne Aigner - Surprisingly comfortable

 On the agenda today for the birthday girl ....

Yoga with my Izzy

Supper with Mr. D

Lots of birthday wishes!

Drawing courtesy of Leonie- Mr D's grand daughter
I'm a princess today!
I will be back soon
Je vous fait la bise
Ariane xxxx


Stephanie B said...

Bonne fete!
J'aime ca les imprimés graphiques :) Je serais pas aussi brave que toi pour les porter tous en meme temps. Bravo!

Patti @ NotDeadYet Style said...

Happy, happy birthday Ariane! You look wonderful, esp in you colors and fab graphic tee. I hope your day is filled with delights. xoxoxoxo

Anne said...

Happy birthday! You always look amazing:)

Joni said...

Happy Birthday Ariane! I sure love that graphic tee on you!

Vix said...

Happy Birthday, you gorgeous and wise woman!!
I love the mod-looking black & white on you, you've certainly got the body for a mini skirt and heels, but I love you in your trademark colour even more!
Have an absolutely wonderful day, I shall raise a glass of wine in your honour later! xxxxxx

Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

Brightest birthday wishes dearest Princess Ariane! xoxo I hope you have a wonderful day.

Yes, black and white is trendy, but we must do colour, and do it our way. You look fabulous in your mod sixties look. Ah, to think we were born in 1960. Oh la la!

{Yup, I can see the spots. Oh well, didn't notice them until you pointed them out.}

Sue xo

Renae at simple sequins said...

Ariane, hi! I wouldn't have seen those spots if you hadn't have said they were there. I would have thought they were on my monitor screen. hahahaha. Great outfit! I love your Vanity Fair shirt! HAND IT OVER AND NO ONE GETS HURT, hahahaha. You have definitely inspired me in the color department. My post tomorrow will have blue tights. I so admire your fashion courage, soooo!

menopauselsupermodel said...

Happy birthday Ariane!! you look FABULOUS!!
We February babies ROCK!!

Zickimicki said...

happy birthday und alles gute:)

sabine said...

Happy Birthday my dear!
You are the most stylish over fifty girl I ever know. Keep on being colorful and extraordinary.
I wish you all the best, a magnificent birthday party and a wonderful trip to San Fransisco.
Sabine xxx

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

Happy Birthday, Ariane!!!!! Hope you have a uber-fabulous day!! This outfit is a great way to bring it forward on your birthday...you look amazing!!

pastcaring said...

Happy Birthday, Princess Ariane!
It's funny, the monochrome outfit is super-stylish and you look great... But you don't look like YOU somehow, the lack of colour seems strange. Loving the t-shirt, mini skirt and velvet jacket, that's the Ariane we know and love!
Have a great day with Izzy and Mr D. xxxx

Connie said...

Happy Birthday! You ARE a princess! Love your Mary Janes. I just had a BD, too. I turned....oh I can't even say the number but it's bigger than yours.

Heather, 29 Skirts said...

Happy birthday!! Looking fabulous :)

PinkCheetahVintage said...

Happy Bday!!! Love the princess drawing!! I am kind of weird and really love little kid art. All your outfits are amazing-- f@ck the rules!
Becky :)

Val Sparkle said...

You're a princess every day, and you look great in minis! I love colors, but I also love that black and white sweater - it looks very hip.

Hope you're having a lovely day - happy birthday!

Reva said...

Yoou are one of my biggest muses!
Haaaapy b-day, rock on you princess!

Silhouette de Femme said...

Happy Birthday fellow Pisces!
I am so happy I found your blog because your style is so fabulous. I love that $5.00 sweater & your colour rich outfits.

grunge-queen said...

Happy Birthday, Ariane! You look wonderful. Here's to an equally wonderful year! The drawing of you does you true justice as it's so youthful and colourful. Xoxo

gracefully50 said...

Happy Birthday!! We're February babies! I also turned 53 on the 18th.
I love your attitude about fashion! You look VIVACIOUS in colors, but I love your b&w outfits, too!

Renae at simple sequins said...

OMyGosh Ariane! I am so rude!!!!


TIMES 52!!!!

Sheila said...

Happy Birthday! You are the 3rd person today with a birthday - 2 of my real life friends/coworkers also had birthdays today!

I love both outfits, but the coloured one the most (of course).

CityScape Skybaby said...

Hope you had a wonderful birthday Ariane. Mr D's grandaugher is a talented little girl and I love you in the black and white but I think you do look happier in colour. I love love those shoes. xx

The Grande Dame said...

Ooh Happy Birthday! I hope you had a perfect day. The colour photos are much better!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

You are a princess everyday and Leonie is a wonderful artist! Happy, happy birthday beautiful woman!!! Despite our dislike of trends, you are killing that black and white outfit and I'm very proud that it's 99% thrifted:). But the real Ariane is in all that wonderful, divine bold colour - my heart is bursting with pride that you just go your own way. Here's to another wonderful year of giving trends the finger!! xoxoxoxoxo

The Style Crone said...

Happy birthday dear Ariane. You look spectacular as always, both in black and white and brilliant colors. I hope that you had a wonderful day with your beloved family.

señora Allnut said...

happy birthday, dear lady!!, love your style in black&white and in technicolor, and your great attitude!, you're fabulous wearing mini skirts and pretty tights with heels!! love it!!
besos & partytime

Sacramento Amate said...

Happy birthday, my dear Ariane.

Melanie said...

Happy birthday Ariane xx

Rosemary the Shopper said...

Well, happy birthday to you, dear girl! You're looking dynamite (as usual). There's no way anyone would guess you are 53. More like 35! Anyway, I hope you were surrounded by love and good wishes, and I will add mine (although a bit late!)

I thought perhaps you were a Pisces (like me). We are so creative and colourful, us fishes!

Much love from England,
Rosemary from www.foreveronthecatwalkoflife.blogspot.com

Debbie Baker Burns said...

I was like...she's in black and white? Total confusion...then I saw the color! Seriously, both looks are great on you. I agree...we're old enough to wear what we want to. Debbie @ ilovemylemonadelife.com

Claire Justine said...

Hope you had a great birthday, loving your outfits, wow I need some of your black and white tights they look fab :)

Marla Robinson said...

Fifty-three? Join the club I'm right there with you. I love your black and white outfit. That is so cool.

Renae at simple sequins said...

Ariane! Oh you are so fun. Thank you for your exhilarating comment! Coming from you, the Color Queen, [oh ah btw if you were wanting to ever change the name of your blog, you could EASILY change it to the COLOR QUEEN] hahahahaha.

Listen to this:
I shopped at Plato's Closet last night and got a Cookie Lee bracelet for $3 and a Forever 21 Top for $5. Yup! The top is way interesting. It is muted colors of Gray, Turquoise, Yellow and Orange in a extra large pattern of an Aztec symbol and it has a 5 inch fraid (sp?) hemline that dangles around the midriff. Ahhhh! I love it! Just had to share that info. Have a super dee dooper weekend!!!

Izzywizz said...

Belated happy birthday greetings :) You are the best looking 53 year old I know!! I wish I look just as fresh and vibrant when I hit the 50s myself. :)

Ann said...

Belated happy Birthday!
I love your fashion sense
and your zest for life.

Cambria said...

Love the way you mixed the houndstooth tights and checked skirt...it's really fun to look at and very creative!

<3 Cambria

Dawn (Sassy) said...

You always look so chic!



Luna Tiger said...

Quelles belles tenues d'anniversaire ! Le jeu graphique en noir et blanc est génial et ça te va très bien aussi !

Renae at simple sequins said...

oh Ariane! I have the best time at your blog. You are strongly influencing me to add more and more color to my wardrobe. That red sweater has been in my closet for around a month. I was going to have it be my Valentine post but decided to use the Velvet BLACK dress instead, but I did wear my red heels and polish. hahahaha.

What is taking you to San Francisco? and do do share the swap clothes as posts. I LOVE SWAPS!!! Our church has them and I go wild!!!!

Frocktasia said...

Femtiotre (Swedish) and looking mighty fine!
Although I love both these outfits and the monochrome pattern mixing is fabulous, I do prefer you in your colourful ensemble.
I hardly ever wear white cause I feel almost transparent and ghost like when I do, it's a shame really cause I do have some splendid broderie anglais cotton frocks in white...another thing about white is that it rarely stays like that for very long in this house...most my hubby's "white" tees have a tinge of another colour, I try to wash them separately, I really do but there's always a sneaky something getting in there with them...och!
I think that "Fashion rules" are made by people that want to spoil other peoples fun and hem in their creativity cause they have none themselves..poop to that I say!
Let them live in their beige world with all their crappin' rules and we can live in our technicolor one with the freedom to explore our personal style to its very limits :)

Krista Gassib said...

Happy belated birthday Ariane! I hope it was fun you only turn 53 once and might I add how beautifully you wear it! Always love your bright clothes!

Lorena said...

The black and white pattern mix is outstanding.
You pulled it off like a master :)
and you are a beautiful and amazing 53 year old -
remember that 50 is the new 40 ;)