Friday, January 4, 2013

To Whom Would You Leave Your Wardrobe?

Hello Ladies!

Warm wishes for the New Year- Heath and Happiness to you all!

 I'm not taking any resolutions - I don't believe in NY resolutions - Resolutions don't need NY - I think NY needs resolutions - NY wouldn't be NY without resolutions for some but not for me.

I prefer to continue what i do best and do what is good for me all through the year -

and adjust and make changes if the need arises


Instead i have a weird question for you
 Have you ever tough of leaving your wardrobe to someone after you passed away?
We sign organ donor cards-
We leave our money, our estates if any - Our pets to trusting hands, if possible- Our nick knacks we collected through the years - Our jewelery - But tell me,   to whom would you leave all your fabulous clothes- Or lets put it another way - Would someone be happy to inherited and wear all your fabulous clothes?

Who wouldn't send all your clothes to charity shops - Salvation Army- St- Vincent de Paul - ect..

 Who would  wear our clothes?

Is this possible?

 I wish i would have kept some of my grandma's clothes

But i wasn't around when she passed away

I was in Europe and i just had my baby boy  - I  couldn't be there

I was very sad

Would you be comfortable wearing clothing from a deceased close relative?
Thank you again for all your warm wishes and all your fabulous comments
I replied to almost all of you but i still didn't reply to some so sorry i will get to it pronto!
It's  a slow week blogging - Mr D is home!
I was wearing for this post --
Sweater thrifted - $4
Skirt- Thrifted - $4
Leggings - Retail-
Shoes H&M purchased last year on sale
Kitty hat - H&M on sale
I will be back soon
Je vous fais la bise


Sabine said...

hello Ariane,
you are asking difficult questions. When i was young I like to wear a dress of my aunt Agnes, after she is gone. Some day I did not get it back from the cleaning, otherwise I would still wear it. I would wear clothes from my mother of course, she has nice self sewed dresses. But only later, long time later.
what will happen with my clothes? I hope they will bring it to my favorite charity shops. Maybe my daughter will take some pieces, maybe a daughter-in-law too; perhaps a grandchild, if i live long enough. But I do not really care about it, because for me clothes are not important, they are only fun and they are replacable. More than my clothes I hope my thoughts will find an echo.
Kitty hat makes me smile and your whole vibrant outfit is an eye candy.
Enjoy your weekend my dear!

Krista said...

You look extra cuddly and warm in this bright outfit! I think about this a lot!!!!! It's strange but I want all my closet girls family and friends to have a good old rummage and take whatever they like. No one in particular just people who love me and can appreciate my style.

Joni said...

These are such great photos, so creative!! Are those your paintings with you there??

I'd definitely wear a deceased loved one's clothing. I wore my dad's old 60's patterned shirts until they disintegrated in my washing machine. Now that was sad!!

I think our blogs make great legacies in a way. I'd love for someone to make use of my old clothes AND enjoy my blog way after I'm gone.

Marla Robinson said...

A huge part of my wardrobe is from my deceased mil and I love every piece. I am constantly wearing items of either her clothing or jewelry. She has such amazing taste and chose only the best fabrics. It reminds me of her when I wear her things and that is nice.

Psycho Cat said...

I know only one thing - that this outfit is so cute. Hat, look a like creepers shoes, sweater... adorable.

PinkCheetahVintage said...

Love that sweater and whatever room that is that you're in with all the pics propped up around...
I love wearing my dad's old clothes, his pants, cut off shorts, and amazing leather belts. It just makes me think of him more. Right now, I would let my girls have my clothes. But, if they didn't like my style then I'd hope they go to a charity shop I like, like hospice.


My it is very simple, I will take good care of your clothing ;)

I love love love this sweater! Is is 70s? Great pics by the way, nice lighting ;)

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Wow I read the post title and dashed in here pronto! I'm sitting here having my morning coffee and I'll be spending some time having a heavenly walk through your posts:). As to your query, there is absolutely NO DOUBT who will get EVERYTHING - The Stylist of course! I tell her little stories behind the history of garments I own and why they were made in a certain style, especially all my WWII clothing, which was such an incredibly significant time for fashion and how men and woman had to "make do and mend", laws on fabric usage, embellishments etc. Fascinating stuff and she laps it up - so she deserves to benefit from my rants. Oh and my appearances in public looking like I-don't-know-what! I've actually put it in my will and my lawyer phrased it as "all clothing, items of embellishment and accoutrements". Doesn't that sound so glamourous? She'll be much taller than me but she'll have my big feet and similar body shape, so hopefully she'll benefit - but hopefully it won't be for another 50 years:). I had to scroll up and down at your amazing pics repeatedly, I LOVE your sweater and skirt with your EVERYTHING!!! Happy New Year darling! xoxoxoxo

Val Sparkle said...

I don't think I have much that anyone would want! But there are a lot of females in my family, so they could take what they want. I've specified some of my jewelry to go to certain people, but I need to update that as more granddaughters have been born!

I love that skirt - it's so beautifully made!

Melanie said...

I love how these photos came out. The setting is perfect and your socks and shoes POP!! And the hat is fantastic.
Is that your studio? I love the art action going on.
Hm, good question about the clothes. I'm sure many of my thrifted clothes have come from estate castoffs (such a sad word).

pastcaring said...

You look cute and colourful and cosy, Ariane!
My eldest is already picking out items from my wardrobe which she wants, and I'm not dead yet! The girls can take what they like, when the time comes, and what ever is left over can be sold or go to a charity shop, so hopefully someone will continue to enjoy my clothes when I no longer can! xxxx

Jean at www.drossintogold.com said...

I think wearing clothes from loved ones who have passed on is a beautiful way of honoring them and remembering them. I have one piece that belonged to my grandmother and I treasure it. I think most of my things would go to my daughter-in-law who would actually wear them, and the rest to my son/daughter/sisters etc.

Happy New Year!!

Madeline Quaint said...

Happy New year! :) Great colours, as usual, and fun shoes!

I've decided a while ago that once I don't need my stuff, I will give it away to people who will love them more. I will be old and I won't need so much... After all, I can't carry anything with me to the other side. :) So they don't have to wait until I die and can cherish the objects-clothes without the weird thought of having it from someone who's dead... :)

Forest City Fashionista said...

I'm used to wearing clothing that belonged to other people, some of them deceased, but I haven't worn anything that belonged to a relative except for some jewellery. These photos of you, and the outfit, are wonderful (especially that sweater!). I hope that when I die that anyone who would like to wear something of mine will look through my closet and take what they want.

thorne garnet said...

That is sometime I haven't thought about. Hmm, I don't have a daughter, so probably my bff. Makes e wonder who'd want the rest of my junk.

Helga! said...

Excellent question! I would have LOVED to inherit clothing from any relative, if I'd known any of them! I do have a coat that belonged to G's Nana, and I treasure it.I really haven't thought about what to do with mine....
Looking lovely and bright,darling! just the way to bring in the NY!
I agree re the resolution thing.It seems obligatory, but I never do.I'd just rather make the changes when and if necessary too.

Claire Justine said...

My little girl love to dress up in my clothes and tells me "mummy this dress looks better on me than you " haha with it drapping along the floor. I would like to think they were loved as much as I love them :) you look great love the colours ,great jumper :)

Latest Fashion And Style said...

its very simple and so nice


CityScape Skybaby said...

I only have one daughter and three sons so my daughter will have the pick of it all I guess, unless the boys want a few keepsakes. I love your outfit in these pics, you look cosy and colourful and stylish as anything. xx

Luna Tiger said...

OMG ! You've got the science to mix prints and colors ! It inspires me so much !
Have a beautiful and colorfull 2013 !

grunge-queen said...

Love the look, Ariane, very funky apr├Ęs ski!

I've already distributed a fair amount of clothing to good friends and my twin sis. If I weren't here, I'd want my sisters, Mom and best friend to have the special pieces, or the pieces they want, and donate the rest to some cat-or animal-rescue place, if there is a thrift shop attached to the organisation. I have no problem wearing clothing that has belonged to people who are no longer here - I see it as sort of a mystery legacy thing, that I am helping to keep something alive and perhaps even honouring that person a wee bit. I wish I had something - even a teacup - from my Grandma.

I did respond to your comment on my last post, but in case you didn't see it, thank you for your very sweet Words! Xoxo

Dressing Up For Me said...

Ariane, this color outfit is a aperfect 10! ;)

As for wearing the wardrobe of a deceased family member, why not if it fits and if it´s good shape? ;)

I usually send my unused clothes to my sister and to the children of my cousins or to charity. I don´t believe in throwing away used clothes unless they are torn.

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I love your jumper, especially those little faces on it. Love the brothel creepers too! I haven't thought about who to leave my clothes too!

Cambria said...

That is a very difficult question...I don't know who I would leave my clothes to? Probably my two cousins...I think it would mean something to them and they would also like the style. Thanks for giving me something great to think about!

<3 Cambria

Flow Disruption said...

This outfit is awesome! The blues and greys look great together. :) My grandmother recently gave me some clothes and I'm fortunate they fit very well. I love wearing them and it's nice for her to know that someone she loves is putting her nice clothes to good use, instead of a total stranger.

Anonymous said...

Ariane, I've often wondered these things as well! To give as a lump-clothing-sum to one like-minded soul, or donate individual pieces to friends and family who'd admired them in the past? It's quite difficult! I guess these individuals would have to love clothing as we do in order for it to be meaningful.

And I would absolutely wear a loved one's clothing as well! Judging by old photos, some of my female relatives had fabulous style, and alas, not even one piece made it's way into my hands! *sob* The thrift and vintage shops will just have to suffice, I suppose...