Thursday, January 17, 2013

Another Work Outfit and Being Busy!

Hello Ladies!
I have been so busy this week i can't believe its Thursday already!
On Monday Izzy and I went thrifting

But  before we went thrifting we took pics outside

Izzy wasn't feeling too good this week she lost her cat, kidney problems
I phoned her this week to see how she was doing, she didn't call me back, remind me to give her shout -

I'm in front of a church in my hood where we wanted to have a look at the bazaar

But it was closed

 Wearing my brooches on my winter coats

I have seen someone wearing them this way, I thought it was a good idea


On Tuesday i had an appointment to the Y's Employment Service

I have joined a program called OSE

This is what i wore for the appointment

Again i think i kept it appointment friendly and added my personnality

I refuse to wear a business suit ! A jacket maybe!

Orientation and Services for Employment
OSE offers women who are ready to return to the workforce, a wide range of services which are adapted to their specific needs. Whether through individual orientation sessions or through employment research, the dynamic OSE team which is composed of professional guidance counselors and employment counsellors, effectively supports the participants. This program is offered free of charge* in collaboration with Emploi-Québec. 
* According to Emploi-Québec criteria
Our Services: 
Job search help:
  • Job search technique workshops;
  • Individual sessions to personalize your search;
  • Documentation and Business Centre
    Access to: computers, Internet, telephone, fax, photocopier, documentation about the job market and training.

Career counselling:
  • Individual consultations with guidance counsellors;
  • Career change guidance;
  • Psychometric testing and analysis;
  • Professional and educational information;
  • Documentation and Business Centre
    Access to: computers, Internet, telephone, fax, photocopier, documentation about the job market and training;
  • Mentoring service.

Taken from The YWCA's Web site

I was suppose to start a similar program with another organization in Feb but i preferred this one because it's starting now for 8 weeks plus workshops - And i liked the counsellor -


On Wednesday I met my good friend Danielle
I haven't seen her for a while
We had lunch and chatted away!
I also got on Wednesday a called from a Government Agency for a job interview for a secretarial position i applied on last week
My interview is next Tuesday
They told me the interview would last 1 hour and  would have to do a 45 minutes French grammar test - Again!

Today i slept in a bit, took care of a few things and went to that charity shop that was close on Monday
This is what i have found
 Total - $9

Tweed and mink collar coat - $5
Suede boots - $4
Next week promises to be as busy
I was wearing --
Vintage shirt thrifted at St-Vincent de Paul - $1
Polka dots top - Forever 21
Skirt thrifted - United Color of Benetton - $4
Boots - Forever 21 on sale
I will see you soon
Je vous fait la bise
Ariane xxxxx


Heather said...

Good luck with your interview you look sunny and cute in the middle of winter! Love it :D ~xx Heather

Mrs. D said...

Fingers crossed for your job interview, I sure hope you get it!
I like the way you wore several brooches, it looks really good, I like doing that too sometimes!
Hugs xx

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

Oh Ariane, I do wish you well with your search...you are so cute and fun and I just have to believe that someone is going to recognize your talents and give you an opportunity to shine. Hang in there...sounds like you are approaching this with healthy thinking!

sabine said...

Hello Ariane,
The OSE organisation sounds very helpful and interesting. I don't think we have similar in Germany free of charge. If I want mentoring I have to pay for it. Good that you have the chance to start immediately.
Your outfit is perfect for an interview again. I can not imagine to go for an interview wearing something I do not feel fine in. Someday I wore my black leather pants and I got the job. I think it is always important to be yourself.
I'm so sorry for your daughters cat, she lost a little friend.
I wish you good luck for the next interview (provided you want the job).
Have a great weekend my dear!
Sabine xxx

grunge-queen said...

You look amazing, Ariane, and congrats for enrolling in a course! ( I started a French class today, something I have been putting off, so I am feeling proud of myself). I love the coat and boots you found, and I am so sorry to hear about Izzy's kitty, I sure know how hard that is. It was nice that you helped to get her out of the house - I thank some good friends here for doing the same thing for me. It helped. Xoxo

Connie said...

Of course Canada has something like the OSE. Here in the states it's sink or swim. Love your mustard tights. Cute as always. Poor Izzy. When we lost our cat my daughter lost about 5lbs from sadness. :(

PinkCheetahVintage said...

Nice Benetton skirt!! I love when people where a whole group of brooches together on a lapel or vest-- they look great! Great boots, too! You must have smaller feet to always be finding such good shoes :) It seems to me all the good ones are always smaller than my size 9s.

pastcaring said...

Lots of luck with the course and the job interview, Ariane. Love that cute little red skirt with the ankle boots, and the coat and boots you found at the thrift store look great.
Poor Izzy, she'll be feeling so sad about her kitty.
You sound busier than when you worked full time! Have a great weekend! xxxx

Stephanie B said...

J'aime la broche de curling!

Patti said...

You look so terrific and sunny, Ariane. Sorry to Izzy on the loss of her cat, I know that is a sad event! Best thoughts to you for your upcoming interview, ahhh the French grammar is a beast.

The Grande Dame said...

Your appointment outfit is so cute! It's much better to be comfortable than to wear what you think will impress someone else - you would feel awkward and not at all yourself in a business suit! Lots of luck for your interview - I hope it works out for you :) xx

The Grande Dame said...

Your appointment outfit is so cute! It's much better to be comfortable than to wear what you think will impress someone else - you would feel awkward and not at all yourself in a business suit! Lots of luck for your interview - I hope it works out for you :) xx

Joni said...

That's a heck of a rich coat you found. I bet you'll get a ton of use out of that beauty. It's amazing how busy you can get without a job, isn't it?

Ms. Dainty Doll said...

You look lovely doll, I wish you all good luck for the appointments, I hope they go well!! You look radiant!! Have a great weekend xx

Megan said...

I refuse to wear a business suit too. And why should we when there are so many other awesome sartorial choices! We need to convince more women to abandon their comfort zone of the suit.

Krista Gassib said...

Why I would hire you based on how stylish you are alone! I love the first picture of you those mustard tights really make the outfit for me! You look warm and cute!! Good luck on the job hunt sweetie. Sorry to hear about poor Izzy's kitty cat, that makes me sad for her. Call her and go and have lunch too.

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I agree with Krista,you look so stylish. Fab coat and tights. You look great. Fingers crossed for the other jobs

Forest City Fashionista said...

I know you are going to find a job that suits you, where they appreciate your joyful style! I wish I could thrift shop in some of the places you do - you can't find anything for $5 in any of the secondhand places around here. I'm very sorry about the loss of Izzy's cat.

Sacramento Amate said...

Good of you my dear Ariane.
I love all your outfits and inspiration.
Je vous fait la bise

Miss Z said...

Hello dear!
Nice blog you have!
I think we should follow each other!
What do you say ? Kisses . Muuuuah

CityScape Skybaby said...

Good luck with your interview Ariane, you look so sunny and stylish and have such a positive attitude that I know you will find something soon. Your second hand finds were great too, I can imagine you getting loads of wear out of them both. So sorry to hear about Izzy's cat, hope you can get hold of her and cheer her up again, it's always so sad to lose a beloved pet. xx

Lynn Dylan said...

Beautiful!! Love the pins in the skirt!


Nery Hdez said...

Nice photos!


Mary Lou said...

ooooh that red skirt is so fabulous with the yellow shirt and grey sweater and what an adorable hat you are wearing!;)