Monday, December 31, 2012

Looking Forward to 2013 -

Hello Ladies!

Another colorful year just went by and looking forward to another one -

2012 was a good year - even tough i lost my job

Because i take it has and i said before an opportunity to work towards what i really want  and it is 

More freedom in terms of what do i really want to do, when and how...

It has  been on my mind for a long time but more so since i hit the big 50!

So 2013 will be the year!

The  last colorful outfit of the year!

Vintage polyester top - Thrifted at Renaissance for $3
Skirt - Forever 21 - On sale $10
Wearing on my fav tee underneath - The fluorescent Zebra Tee!
Boots- Thrifted - $2


Here's a retrospective of my colorful style

Roll of the drum please...

My fav looks for 2012






There could a lot more but it has to stop somewhere!

Some of you Boys and Girls are almost on the other side depending where you are on the planet

It will be a quiet one for us- Supper out and some end of the year shows on TV which i think should be interesting and funny since a lot happened in our fair province and country  !

What will you be doing?

Thank you for all your comments, friendship, support, and kindness
Looking forward to another fabulous year of blogging!
Cheers!  and je vous fais la bise for the New Year!
I will be back in 2013 and hopefully i will see all of you dear Ladies
Ariane xxxxxx

Thursday, December 27, 2012

This is French Faux Fur

Hi Ladies!
I have seen you girls with your magnificent Faux Furs and wanting to showcase my fabulous french Faux Fur  in a different way
I found my inspiration while flipping through one of Mr. D old magazine - I found it in 1997 Vogue

 Here is my version...

Faux Fur In

I think it will get me some comments, oui?



 Faux Fur Out


Mr. D got me that coat about 2 years ago - I think he purchased it for $5

It was in mint condition -The owner probably wore it for special occasions  -

I wear it often funky style



Mr D is off until January  3 - A well deserve vacation for him and nice to have the time with my man

Yesterday we have been to the movies and being  unconditional fans of Tarrantino we had to see his latest master work Django Unchained !

I was not disappointed - cool, funny, clever and very bloody!

I recommend it !


About comments sorry if i didn't - but you will understand with the Holidays madness and all
I will do my best to check all your fab blogs - Promise! 


Tomorrow Mom and I hit Fast Fashion Land

I received for Christmas a lot of gift certificates 

On the program - H&M and Sephora



I was wearing for this post

90s shirt - St-Vincent de Paul - $1
Belt - Gift from Mr. D
Jeans - Thrifted at Renaissance- $5

Boots - Retail - Forever 21
I will be back soon
Je vous fais la bise
Ariane xxxxx


Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Cheers All!

Hello Ladies!

How was your Christmas?
Christmas was good here
The kids were so spoiled, too spoiled i think!
The adults were too
Mr D was over generous again - He spoiled his inner circle as he likes to  call it - He said Ariane it was a good year for me and wanted to share it - May not be the same next year so enjoy it!
Word of wisdom i say --
But what i liked best was having all our loved ones with us
and serving breakfast to the homeless this morning at 6 am
It made me feel that i was giving back to the less fortunate

It also makes you realize how lucky we  all are

Have your self a very Merry Christmas!
I will be back soon
Je vous fais la bise
Ariane xxxxxx

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Every Outfits Has Its Reason -

Hello Ladies!
First, thank you for your warm comments about me loosing my job - I 'm very happy still, can't talk to much about it, i have to make a few decisions and you don't know who is reading blogs  -

All i can say is  that  all that free time is  well deserve  -  I tell you

It was time to make major decisions in my life it's really a blessing for me -
 That said everything is going extremely well -  I got into a routine - I want to stay focus and positive
Call me weird but i still wake up at 6 am but i like to kiss goodbye to my Mr. D in the morning  - After that i have my lemon and warm water drink,  I have a couple of coffees - Check the Internet  and work out every morning for 40  minutes -  Treadmill and yoga
I eat a very healthy  breakfast - Usually chia  seeds with maple syrup, red grapes and sometimes raw almonds and pumpkin seeds-
Lunch is usually vegetarian
Supper is another story ....a little wine is involved but still healthy but copious -

Exercising and eating well and getting into a routine makes me feel good  -
Now the outfits and  i have a few for you ----
 This the outfit i wore today to cook the turkey - Ha! Ha! Ha! i know I'm completely crazy !



This is the outfit i wore this week for physio

This is the outfit i wore to do the X-mas cooking this week 
I did 10 french Canadian  meat pies
Beef, pork  and veal plus spices
I put cinnamon, steak spice - garlic - thyme - tarragon - The recipe calls for ground cloves as well but didn't put any since Mr D hates cloves
I  added vegetable stock and let it simmered for a while until the stock is almost gone
I then put the meat in pie crusts

 I deserved a bit of wine after all that work

 I also made nun's farts

Left over pie crust - butter, brown sugar on pie crust, roll and cut

 This i wore for the cleaning Lady


This is when i hit the charity shops and found.....

These Gucci boots for $10


I nearly pipied in my pants!

And they fit!

Couldn't believe it !


Tomorrow more cooking - i will be making turkey pies

Leo the cat is going for a shave as well - the reason why Leo is shaved so often is because he throws up a lot of hair balls - He 's throws up a lot less when he gets the shave!

Talking of cats - Here 's ChouChou - he is doing well - His thyroid is under control - he gained back weight and he's back to his old self -

He lives under the X-mas tree these days !


I hope you enjoyed this post
I will have a couple of blogger features in the next while
and do not miss next week  Faux Fur my way !

In the meantime i will be joining Ta- Dah Tuesday!
Oh! Izzy is featured on cultmontreal -   check it out - and she just told me they put in my blog link  in the article, very cool!
Take care Ladies
I will see you soon
Ariane xxxxx

Monday, December 17, 2012

December is Pink and Yellow

Hi Ladies!
I am back! It has been a while!
So much happened in the last 2 weeks
But first please check out Vogoff December's issue featuring your favorite bloggers including moi of course !

Check it out it's on Melanie's blog
I was  Miss Muffie Cupcake - Demented Chef Extraordinaire !

  It was so much fun to do

Sometimes it just great not to take yourself seriously !

Don't you agree?
These fabulous Ladies contributed to the online magazine


Now my news  -

I lost my job last week and to celebrate i dyed my hair pink!

Would you say it's the right attitude?

I figure i have a little time to myself so lets just have fun for a while!

I might keep the pink to make sure i'm not hired by a bank - Ha! Ha! Ha!

Can't be sad or angry - We have no control over those things

I see it as an opportunity

It was a bit rough i  had a wicked cold, lost my voice and all
The Union and HR told me on Wednesday and i left on Friday
My level of stress went up a bit !
I have to make a decision  as far as the severance package goes- but i have  bit of time to make the decision -
I have been working for this company for 12 years so if choose the severance package i will not be penny less  
This week i will cook a storm since i have the time  and so happy cause i love cooking and baking!
I tell you it beats working in front of a PC all day!
I will be making  -
French Canadian Meat Pies or as we call them Tourtières
 and Turkey Pies all made from scratch -
I have a few gifts as well to buy
So everybody should be under control for X-Mas

I will be at Patti's Visible Monday and Monday Mingle
I will be back soon
Je vous fais la bise
Ariane xxxxx

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Meet Chrissi and A Cool News!

Hi Ladies!

Time to give back again!

You know i love to feature stylish and talented bloggers

Meet Chrissi

I was drawn to her  because of her amazing eyes and her fabulous style!

Her blog is fiery finish

Check her out!

chrissie 002

chrissie 007

Here 're 10 facts about lovely Chrissi -

I've lived in Cincinnati, Brooklyn, and Los Angeles. I'm glad I didn't let the fear of the unknown hold me back from any of those moves.

I worked as a library assistant, customer service manager, and syndication agent in fashion photography before opening my own online vintage clothing shop earlier this year.

I've been a vegetarian for almost 6 years and have no desire to go back to eating meat.

I love to travel, especially in Europe. Most recently I visited Berlin and Prague.

I like to stand out in a crowd. This is strange because I spent most of my childhood wanting to blend in with the wall and disappear.

I drink A LOT of water!

I was the producer and assistant director on five of my husband's short films while he was attending School of Visual Arts in NYC. It was challenging, but fun!

I don't like jigsaw puzzles. I just don't see the point.

I legitimately enjoy exercising. It makes me feel good both physically and mentally...there's no better stress reliever!

I'm afraid of heights, but it's not that simple. If I'm enclosed I'm okay (like on the London Eye), but if I'm out in the open (like on a regular Ferris wheel) I freak out. Conversely, I love roller coasters. The higher the better.

chrissie 010

chrissie 001

I hope you  have enjoyed her fabulous style!

Now for the cool news !

I have won again this year the Streets and People Contest

This is year  is special - Izzy and I  have won

I took her winning pic as well!

Well-   I took both pics really!

Check out  the 2 stylish Montreal girls!

I am ArianeL and Izzy is lebonbonmulticolore

streets and people winners dec 2012

I hope you enjoyed this post

I will be back soon

Je vous fais la bise

Ariane xxxx

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Colors - Thrift Finds- Graphic Top and People we Love -

Hi Ladies!
How was your weekend?
It was -13C on Saturday and snowing  and 6C today and raining !
I spent my Saturday with my Mom
I went to my massage therapist in the morning and then i met my Mom at St-Vincent de Paul for their half price sale -
Mom scored!
My mom likes shinny, sparkly and leopard print
She found them all

She was very happy -  It was her  first time at st-Vincent de Paul

She spend $ 27

She got - pants- leather jacket - sparkly jacket - 5 or 6 tops -

I found this among other things!  

 A Fred Flintstones Sweater!



 And this 80s or 90s yellow jacket $2

I love it !

And this Blue hounds tooth skirt $1


This cardi at $1 was also  thrifted a while ago at St-Vncent de Paul

Pants on sale  at H&M - $10

Top underneath the cardi Forever 21 $8

Penny Loafers thrifted at Renaissance $5


More thrift finds  -

Military jacket - $5

Leather bag - $4


70s dress  $5


Top - $4

Forever 21 sells poor imitations for $25

I have the real thing baby!


 Sparkly cardi $4



And now words of wisdom from the girl who wears a Fred Flintstones sweater !

Mom and I went to Sara my hairdresser on Saturday

Got my hair cut again, i wanted to get an 90s inspired haircut after going through all these magazines last week 
Mom got her haircut as well -

She liked Sara a lot  but who would not like Sara anyway!

Now on with the story!

There was that sweet old Lady in her 80s at Sara's

She gets her hair done every week -

She told Sara that she was the only person she talks to during the week

Her daughter never calls she said

Those situations makes me so sad

This mother has probably  unresolved issues with her daughter

Whatever the issue, this sweet old Lady his affected by the whole thing

I am so grateful that i resolved my issues with my Mom

I can't see myself now not having any contact with my Mom, but you never know- things happened sometimes-    but i hope i remember this poor old sweet Lady sadness if  any situations  with people close and dear to me get to the point of no return   -

This should not happened to sweet old Ladies -

Give love a chance !

I will be back soon

Je vous fais la bise

Ariane xxxx

I will be at Patti's Visible Monday -