Thursday, November 29, 2012

Graphic Tops

Hi Ladies!

How is week so far?

I 'm almost at the end of mine and so happy!

Give me Friday every day!

We got the white disturbance going on here

The snow!

Yes! it descended upon us !

Just like that!

5 months before spring- Give me strenght!



I cut my bangs and washed away the pink

You never know what i will do next!

Buddhists say - Everything around us is in constant movement

So is my hair !

Got a couple of Graphic Tops to show you today

Have you noticed it's Blythe!

I know completely immature!

But you know by now i don't care!

Izzy found it for me while we were at T-Shirt place on Mont Royal Street 

I can't remember the name of the shop - i think it might be Studio- I will have to check

Anyway - they have a vast selection of bootleg tees for around $20


This top was purchased at Renaissance  -$4

I scored , it's from a Quebec Designer

I would gladly tell you who but i am at work right doing my post during lunch time and have no way to check the label out!

I loaded the pics last night

I am writing while eating my big fat asian soup !


I have seen a some Ladies showcasing their favorite brooches

Here are mine

My favorite is the curling pin- that is a unique piece!  
 The most i paid  for a brooch  is $5


I found those slippers last night at one my favorite vintage shop

La Gaillarde on Notre Dame Street

They look good enough to be worn outside my home

What do you think?

Will i dare? Yes of course!

Nobody will notice anyway


Saturday Mom- Izzy and me are hitting St-Vincent de Paul first Saturday of the month half price sale!


Have yourself a wonderful weekend Ladies

I will see you soon

Je vous fais la bise

Ariane xxxx

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Deutsch Vogue 1997

Hi Ladies!
Hope you are well!
How was your weekend?
Thank you so much for all your warm comments concerning my shoulder
It is fine this weekend,  I must be allergic to work or something...
I did not get my results back but surely i will get them this week as i am going to see the occupational therapist and before recommending any changes she or he will ask for the results -
But i am sick to my bones to talk about my aches and pain ....
Lets talk about this week's inspiration
In his makeup artist days Mr. D used to buy  magazines to keep inform of all the new makeup trends

And travelled a lot for work  - He purchased this Deutsch Vogue while travelling in Europe he told me  
I have been going through tthe magazines for fun and some inspiration

I have a few more treasure magazines to look at still -


Deutsch Vogue 1997
My fun version -

Ariane 2012

Fashion didn't change much ...
These boots are my latest thrift find
Got them at Salvation Army for $7
It was a 2 for 1 day
Classic - I could not find a second pair i liked...but this was a pretty fabulous find -
I was happy
I spent the whole weekend with my sweetheart
We saw the new James Bond - Ate out - laugh, smiled, chatted
 The James Bond is excellent! - I am a big fan it is the best one i have seen in a long time
I will be at Patti's Visible Monday and later at Monday Mingle
I will be back soon
Je vous fais la bise
Ariane xxxxx

Friday, November 23, 2012

Patato Masher in Old Montreal And What i Wore This Week

Hi Ladies!

Busy week for me

I had to go for X -rays this week

My shoulder is starting to  hurt me again

The doc asked for a chest X-ray and a shoulder X-ray

A bit worried about the chest X-ray -
Plus i made an appointment with an occupational therapist - I must be doing something wrong at work, posture wise  ect... I will find out - Hopefully it will help me -


Izzy and I went to Old Montreal last weekend

The pic was taken in the Old Port - What you see is Habitat 67

These were futuristic homes built in conjunction with Expo 67 


This pic was taken by Izzy on St-Jacques Street

I was shooting St-James Hotel

St- James hotel is where the big stars stay when they come to Montreal

St-Jacques street was home of  all the banks'  Head Office way back when  -


One of the Bank's magnificient entrance


My look at me outfit that day

Over the top - i know - but it is me - I would not have it any other way -  and frankly i don't care

It is all about having fun!


Now  -some outfits i wore this week ....



Street Art in Old Montreal


Potato  masher with our previous Prime Minister's face

This is not not a tribute to our previous Prime Minister

He lost his seat in September 2012

He was not liked at the end of his mandate

He was held responsible for the student crisis we had this year


Have a fabulous weekend Ladies

I will be back soon

Je vous fais la bise Ariane


Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Tip or the Top

Hi Ladies!
How was your weekend?
Mr D. is still busy with his house stuff but he said that next weekend he is taking off -

I miss my Mr. D -
I spent my Saturday with my girl
We went  for lunch in Old Montreal at a place called Olive and Gourmando -
Very tasty but the staff sorry to say was the Shats yes with a big S you know what i mean!
Montreal is a nice place but too often the service in restaurants and shops is the Shats not saying the real word here a bit of decorum...but you know what i mean!
I do know why - They say were are  friendly  probably all for the tourists, they don't give a Shats when it comes to the locals -
Here's my outfit

I am wearing Mr D's jacket

A minute ago Mr. D was looking at my pics - He said nice pics but are you wearing my coat?

I replied yes! 

Cheeky he said!

Oh well!
We didn't leave a tip at  Olive and Gourmando

I hate it when the service is bad it ruins the whole experience

A few years ago i would have leave a tip no matter the service but  not anymore

I was the type that obied by the rules  - not anymore!

Rules are made to be broken -

Who makes the rules?

Annoyed by something, speak out and act!


Pompom on top requires no tip - Go figure, i had to justified my title

I will joining Patti's Visible Monday and Monday Mingle

I will be back soon

Je vous fais la bise

Ariane xxxx

Thursday, November 15, 2012

More Office Wear and A Bit of Shopping

Hi Ladies!

Today i am sharing with you more office wear - Ariane's way -

and some thrifted  and retail items i acquired lately

Yes! you read well the devil of all devil Retail -

I not hiding it - I love shopping at charity shops and  also retail -

 Retail will update or compliment a piece of clothing from another era - Well It is my opinion! - I am not there to convince you of what is right or wrong -
 I just like to show you!
And you make your own choices -


 Work wear #1

This first outfit is all thrift finds

Sweater - St-Vincent de Paul - $1
Dress - St-Vincent de Paul - $2
Belt , gift from Mr. D - Top Secret Charity Shop - $0.50


Work Wear # 2

This outfit is a mix of retail and thrift finds
The 80s or 90s necklace is one of my favorite finds

Sweater- St Vincent de Paul  $1

I know -  St-Vincent de Paul is dirt cheap because they hold every month a half price sale and this is when i go !

Skirt - Renaissance - $4
Boots - Retail -
Necklace - Vintage 80s or 90s

 Now some thrift and retail items i purchased lately

Dress Vintage $10


Retail -


Thrift find Fringues & Cie - YWCA Montreal




Thrifted -


Thrifted - $5


Office wear #3

Cardi - St-Vincent de Paul - $2
Sweater underneath the cardi - Retail -
Skirt thrifted at Renaissance - $4
Necklace - Vintage - $2


This is not work wear but i could be

Call it fun wear

Non seriously i love this jacket!

I found it while thrifting with my mom  last week


Mint condition!  i think it wasn't worn at all


I am flying off to my forever happy destination

I will be back soon!


Word of wisdom - Get respect Ladies!

Mom  is an ongoing source of inspiration  for me -

 Some of you know that she conducts a choir
She had a bit a trouble with a Lady attending the choir - 

The Lady was telling her how to do conduct the choir  and was interupting the class constantly!

Mom didn't know how to handle this Lady -

At last she did something ! - I am proud of you Mom!

Mom said - You are welcome to take over if you think i'm not doing a good job conducting this choir  -

Get Respect!

Je vous fais la bise

Ariane xxxx

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Dude Is A Lady

Hi Ladies!
Nothing happened this weekend - Am I so glad!

Mr D. is real busy with the sales of the flats so Missy here had a lot of time to herself

Thrift shopping, cooking, did a bit of translation I tried a translation engine - It works pretty well, i want to get back into translation slowly -  I feel that i have the energy now -

In the meantime -

This is my inspiration -

The dude is my inspiration today

Love to do  an androgynous look

Here's my version -

 The booties are one my latest great thrift finds

My mom saw them before me - We have a saying when one of us sees something fabulous

How come i didn't see that first ?

Lucky for me they were too small for her and she said it was more my style!
I just love my mom

Mom and I are getting along famously these days

We had are fights, disagreements but a Mom is a Mom and i need my Mom

She is my anchor, she is what i am from - what i became and what i will be -

Better and better every day


Second great find is this hat i picked up last winter for $1

 Dude is a Lady -
I will be back soon
Je vous fais la bise
Ariane xxxx

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Meet Monica

Hi Ladies!
Meet Monica a 37 year old blogger from Norway

Her blog is Colour Makes People
Monica caught my eye because of all her crazy novelty pattern skirts and he vibrant colors and her daring styling -

I love featuring other bloggers

In this vast sea of bloggers i think we have to give back a little when we get a bit following -

Introducing talented stylish bloggers is my way of giving back and thanking you to stick around

monica 2
monica 6
I ask Monica to tell me a few facts about herself here what she said -  I added my comments in bold italic
Ouch! 10 funny, quirky facts about myself, that's a hard one cause I'm
quite an ordinary person. :) Well here we go:

I think you are extraordinary Monica not ordinary at all ! 
I"m a dedicated gamer ( online games like WoW and such) and a style
blogger, makes perfect sense, right? ;)

 I dont wear make up  -  You don't need to you are a natural beauty!

I live on a farm-

My hubby thinks I dress like a clown - He just doesn't understand style this man!

 Im the proud mother of a French bulldog girl - I saw her she is so cute!

 I"m in my freshman year as a style blogger - You are doing pretty good girl!
 I"m a huge lover of costume/period drama, I'm collecting every movie and
TV-series made. :)

 I'm a total abstainer, I don't drink or smoke

As soon as I get home from work, I change into jogging/tracksuits pants
and sweaters, so much for style eh? Hehehhe- Oh God! i  love my PJs too!

I'm an observer and prefer to stay in the background, not always so easy
when I dress the way I do, a bit contradicting. :)
monica 5

So do you like Monica ?
monica 4
Have a great weekend Ladies
Love you all
Je vous fais la bise
Ariane xxxxx

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Seventies Show

Hi Ladies!
Well for this post i 'm doing the inspiration thing again

I'm a mega magazinivore -  I mean i buy a lot of magazines - I just made the word up !
A bit of terminology after all i am certified translator

 Here is the inspiration from one magazine

Mr. D says i have a shop full of magazines
Plus a whole lot of frocks
Mom says how many charity shops do you know and go every week?
What shall i do with myself?
Go to rehab?
I do not think so
I recycled all my magazines and donate when i do a major purge a lot of my frocks to diverse charities
Here we go! I am saved from rehab and i will continue shopping and buying magazines

Here my version


How much did my version cost?

Jacket - $2
Turtleneck - $4
Skirt - $4
Boots - $6
Hat -  $3 - This is a gorgeous hat by the way

Total cost - $19


Tomorrow Izzy and I are going to Birds of North America. Flash Sale at Quartier Mode
We will see the lovely designer Hayley and maybe i will find something fab at 70% off!

Tonight going to my mom to give her a bit of a cut -

She needs to have some bits of hair here and there cut
She said it would cost her $20- Can you believe it?  - I said i will do it for you - More money for you mom to go to the thrift shop

She is as bad as me!

I will bring her as well some pink hair gel -

My mom is a 70 year old gorgeous rebel , one of those days i will have her on my blog!


Hat's off to you Ladies

I will see you soon

Je vous fais la bise

Ariane xxxx

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Some MJ Inspiration

Hi Ladies!
Hope you all had a fabulous weekend
Welcome new readers and followers
I got my inspiration this time from Marc Jacobs

I love to go through magazine and pick my favorite look and recreate them with my thrift finds
My version cost not including the Doc Martens of course but lets say it's in investment - I will probably wear them for 10 years !
Here 's the breakdown -
Beret - $6
Sweater - $4
Skirt - $4
Docs  - $20 a year over 10 years
Total cost  -
 This week this weekend i hit a few charity shop sales
St-Vincent de Paul had their monthly half price sale
My absolutely top secret church bazaar sale was on this week
Got to see the so charming nuns!
They are so cute the nuns, they greet you with a smile  and they tell you take your time Ladies have a good look around we are certain you will find something for you
My words of wisdom for this post
Do not let anybody tell you what you should be or how you should act
You got this far you must be doing something right!
Be true to yourself
Have yourself a fabulous week Girls!
I will be back soon
Je vous fais la bise
Ariane xxxxx