Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fall's First Outfits - My Week In Outfits

Hi Ladies!
Hope everybody is doing well
First and foremost welcome new readers and followers
When i started this blog way back in 2010 i did not know where this blog would get me
But so far i can say that i am happy to have met some wonderful Ladies -
Several outfits from yours truly for you special Ladies
I love Fall , ya, ya  I said it before -  i know some of you girls hate Fall
The summer here is  hot and humid most of the time  i prefer a bit cooler, but it is my preference -   Plus Fall means that i switch clothes, plus  I  can layer and layer and mix and mix  and remix...and SHOP some more!

 Too bad it is too short of a season and winter soon follows with all its inconveniences

That I Hate with a Passion !

If somebody tells you that Canadians loved or are used to winter - Not True! We hate every second of it !

  Give me  a beach anytime!


 Mr. D told me that this dress looked like a tablecloth - Men have a problem with dresses looking like tablecloths -
I don't, so i am wearing it!

I think the colors are SUPERBES!

 Got the Doc Martens out
They don't hurt as much as last year

I recently talked to a Doc Martens sales clerk in the new shop downtown

She said you have to wear them non stop for a week even if you foot hurt and are covered with blisters -

She said  -with that so sincere look in her eyes -

 I said OK! that is the way to do it!

Are you mad or something i thought!

Of course i will not do what she said !

That is a bit extreme don't you think?


I love this outfit
Called it , recycling a summer dress


The hand you see above is my neighbor's
I was taking pics in the back alley and i saw that hand stroking the cat
I thought it was priceless
My neighbor is thinking about adopting this abandoned cat along with her sister
They live and the back alley and are fed by several people

Poor cats - it brakes my heart every time


I am wearing an 70s or 80s polyester skirt from Paris Star

The company does not exist anymore

I find Paris Star stuff once in  a while

The 80s leather jacket is a recent find at charity shop in my hood

I have found those 2 purses this week as well


To conclude i have a story for you
Mr. D said i should tell you - I did not want to but what the hell -
A Montreal company  who sells a line of high end clothes contacted me last week
 The line is called Saint James
They ask me if i wanted to adverstise their samples sale in October
In exchange i would get a few samples
Sounded interesting and the clothes were pretty and right up my alley
The guy i dealt with was not
It was my first time negociating
It was difficult
I asked him what he wanted exactly in term of publicity
and bla, bla, bla to make a story short,  when it came to what i wanted in exchange it was bit difficult- He offered a scarf and hat or a basic Tee i asked for a shirt with the Saint-James logo- I have to verify how much it would cost me, Come on! how much is a page of advertising in a newspaper? A bit more than the cost of a shirt don't  you think? - He agreed at the end  -
I asked him to send me the sample before i did any kind of advertising on my blog - I said you could mail it or send it to me by courrier - He offered to meet me and  give me the samples - I didn't want to - did not see why i should meet him  - He replied well sorry but i am not getting out of this office to go to the post office to mail  samples for a blog like .....I did not understand his logic tell you the truth - he was willing to meet me but could not go to a post office?
And  what did he mean by a blog like....anyway, i said sorry not interested - I am doing this blog for fun and i do not need this shit in my life buddy! I do not need your attitude or your stupid samples à la con  
I did not have a chance to finish my sentence the B.... hang up on me
Here goes good manners in the wonderful world of fashion!
Next time you want to do business with me be kind, considerate and courteous -
I hope you enjoyed this post
I will see you soon
Have a good weekend
Je vous fais la bise
Ariane xxxx

Monday, September 24, 2012

A New Season - A New Week -

Hi Ladies!
A new season begins
For some it is fall and for others summer

I love fall - I love cocooning - I love watching all the new TV shows -  I love cooking in the fall - I love to see the light change - I love all the fall colors  -

What do you like about fall?

This outfit was inspired from Izzy's Etsy Shop Look book

I love to mix patterns and always looking or thinking of new ways to mix clothing -


Izzy decided to style and remix items in her Etsy Shop

It makes it easier for her clientele to choose items in her shop - They can visualize better what can be worn with the item they wish to purchase -


I had this top for a while it is from Forever XX1
The skirt was thrifted this spring and was shortened
The label is good old Marks and Spencer's Saint-Michael
I wore it a while ago this way
I wore it long several times
I think it works better this way and there are more styling options -


The jean jacket is Wrangler - I had for the longest time, it was a gift from my daughter Izzy


The shoes are new and i love them - They are from Shellys London  and we purchased  last week at the Mochico's store opening  -


Now the good stuff  !

This is what we did with all the apples we picked last week!
Nine apple pies and 4 jars of apple compote!

And i still have apple - I bake some more this coming weekend

I tried my apple compote with plain Greek yogurt, so delicious!


I hope you enjoyed this post

I will be at Patti's Visible Monday and Monday Mingle

Je vous fais la bise

Ariane xxxxx

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Orange trends, Proportions and Vintage

Hi Ladies!

I started this post last night  after supper figuring i could finish it, but i didn't - I had too many things to do before bedtime which is around 10 pm - i wake up at 5h30 am-

I have a week routine - you  need one when you work

My kids are all grown up and flew the nest but it seems i am as busy as ever but it is all good, most of my activities are  or my well being, peace of mind  and my interests
What about your week routine?


I am wearing the sweater i wore for apple picking with a pencil skirt

This fall winter trend is all about proportions

Long, bulky, short, high, low all in the same outfit

I admit i check trends , but i do not embrace all of them and i like to think that you do not have to choose retail to follow trends  - Thrift shops have it all-  Patience is required sometimes

I am a mix of - I follow  trends , i don't  follow  trends and i don't care  what i wear i just want to wear what makes me happy

What about you?
 I paired the outfit with those orange sandals that i love so much and you love so much!  I pretty well figured out how to deal with the black dye running - I will wear them with black tights or black socks if these beauties are needed  to venture out -

But  you must admit it looks damm good with those orange socks!


I was reunited with this skirt - It was left  in a bag in the basement- i found it
  as i was looking for clothing that was put away due to lack of interest or weight gain!

But i lost 10 pounds lately and it fits me perfectly!


Second outfit

No trends there! Pure vintage and put it in the category - I wear it because it makes me happy!

I must admit i did care what people tought when i was younger but now at 52 i do not care really  what people think - It such a nice feeling not to care what people think - That is freedom for you!

 Back to the pants....80s i think, correct me if i am wrong, I found them at La Gaillarde- They were a bit big at the hips - i had them taking in a bit by my  fabulous seamstress- If you are  Montreal reader and need a good seamstress let me know! -

I could not leave the pants behind at La Gaillarde, they were so unique !


I just love those details !

I didn't know what to wear with the pants,  some of you girls would think that there would be a lot of styling options - I say not really , to get the right look and impact you need that special piece .The choice happened in a split second - i stopped thinking about it and  it all came to me!

I paired  the pants with that fabulous 70s top I bought in Portland Maine last summer


Sorry girls no history bit about my hood or town this time

I know you like it!

Izzy and I are going to 2 stores opening this week - Doc Martens and  Mochico a store in the hipster area of Mtl - Le Plateau   -

They will be my next 2 posts i guess -


I hope you enjoyed this post

I will be back soon

Je vous fais la bise

Ariane xxxx

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday Apple Picking

Hi Ladies!
Mr. D, Mr D's grand children and yours truly went apple picking this Sunday
Kind of the thing to do in September in Quebec
Apple picking!

We went to apple country -  East off the Island of Montreal towards the Eastern Townships
I have many childhood memories as to apple picking
We use to go every fall when i was a little girl

A view from the Orchard and Mount Rougemont

We decided to go early in the morning to avoid the crowds and we chose to go to a smaller orchard

 Some apple products such as
Apple caramel, Apple jelly, Apple sauce, Apple butter, Apple chocolate spread
My favorite was Apple caramel
Apparently it is made with apple juice and corn syrup


Youngest grand child - Leonie was an excellent apple picker




We all went on tractor ride in the Orchard


See no jeans!
I do not have a pair of jeans believe it or not!
It is not something i buy
I find them boring to tell you the truth
I prefer to be more creative even for apple picking!


I was wearing  for this fabulous day
Sweater - Thrifted at Renaissance - $4
Short that look like a skirt - H&M on sale - $5
Leggings - AP
Boots - Thrifted at Renaissance - $9.99


 We picked 3 bags of apples - Each bag weighing 15 pounds

What will i do with all those apples?

Pies, apple sauce,  and strudel !

This is next weekend project
Time to go home!

This highly visible apple picking outfit will make its way to Patti's Visible Monday and Monday Mingle
I hoped you enjoyed this post
I will be back at the end of the week i think - Glamour Girls  Izzy and I have 2 events this week-

We will be reporting the goodies we will see at those events!
Je vous fais la bise
Ariane xxxxx

Thursday, September 13, 2012

My September Colors

Hi Ladies
I trust that this virtual world is all doing fine!
Montreal is still enjoying summery warm temperatures
This is what i was wearing last Sunday when Mr D and I went fruit and veggies shopping at Maisonneuve Market


Behind me is the old Maisonneuve Market
This magnificient building dates back from  1912   and was built by the Dufresne Brothers

 We shop at the new Maisonneuve market which opened its doors in 1995
 You will find at the new Maisonneuve Market - Fish, Flowers,Cheeses, Fruits, Veggies, Meats, Breads, Pastries  and more

 Quebec makes delicious cheeses
I make it a point to buy from local producers, farmers, ect..
I feel it is important to support our local businesses -

On Sunday as well i did my usual photo shoot and this what i wore

I bought the top this winter at the Y's Fringues & Cie
A blogger friend ask me if it was 80s- I have no idea!
I bought it because I liked that it was a cropped jacket
I adored the sleeves and of course i am a devotee to anything stripish and plus this top was unsual and original
One of a kind !
 Pics from Maisonneuve Market
 This is another outfit i put togother lately
The dress was a maxi i got it shortened
The dress is homemade
Is it vintage....ummmm, i do not know the fabric is definitively not vintage
The style, yes - looks 70s

 I am wearing last year Doc Martens

Izzy and I are going next week to the official  opening of the Doc Martens shop located on Ste-Catherine West

 I will conclude this post with this beautiful set of stairs
This is a trademark in Montreal
Some ask you - why so many steps in such a snowy winter
Good question- I have no idea
When you think about it with all the snow we have it would have been logical to have internal stairs, right?
There must be an explanation - It is probably a building code or something way back when!

Have a fabulous weekend Ladies
I will be back soon!
I am going apple picking this weekend
Je vous fais la bise
Ariane xxxxxx

Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Bit of History- A Fashion Show And A Chicken in Griffintown

Hi Ladies !
Last week Izzy and I went to Griffintown for Betina Lou's Fashion Show
Izzy was invited by the designer and ask me to go with her



Griffintown is the popular name given to the former southwestern downtown part of Montreal which existed from the 1820s until the 1960s and was mainly populated by Irish immigrants and their descendants.
Many buildings and factories were destroyed to make way for an Express way and parking lots
Several buildings are being renovated as condos




This a view on the Lachine Canal
Irish workers in Griffintown worked on the Canal and in the industries surrounding the canal

The Canal opened in 1825 and helped Montreal to turn into a major port attracting to its banks major industries
It was replaced in 1959 by the St-Lawrence Seaway

 At these highly fashionable affairs we meet the most interesting crowd
This trendy creature was kind enough to pose with me
We exchanged business cards
You never know!
I will be joining Patti's Visible Monday and Monday Mingle

I hope you enjoyed this post
I will be back soon
Je vous fais la bise
Ariane xxxx

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

For A Few Dollars...

Hi Ladies!
First let me thank you all lovely Ladies for sticking with me
I enjoy so much all your comments and virtual friendship


This lovely dress is from Ste-Michael it was $5 at Renaissance - It is in mint condition, it came with the original belt which is rare, it seems the belts never make it through the decades

 I never wear the original belt - i think this belt updates the look of the dress
It adds an unexpected element of fun to the dress
Vintage experts what year is that dress?

I love the upper detail of the dress
This is why i bought it  otherwise it would have been just a plain blue dress
Have you noticed?
 I am wearing a red vintage frame

There is a problem, there is no lenses
The uncooperative optometrist does not want to put lenses in my fabulous vintage frame
He said the frame might broke if lenses are put in - The not so nice optometrist, i nearly lost my patience i tell you  said that  they heat the frame in order to put in the lenses- the plastic is old and looses oil as it ages this is why it might brake
I think it is a scam to get you to buy new frames
Have you ever encountered that problem?
Now the second outfit

I love to do multiple outfit post by the way!

This is what i wore on Sunday
The top is a french label Naf Naf - i paid $0.50 

 The skirt is from Banana Republic, i think i paid $1

Who said that a few dollars won't get you much these days?

Us thrift lovers know that it isn't true!

The necklace in a former life was a  ring - The ring fell apart i so i  decided to make it a necklace

 The booties were more, well, sometimes you know we spend a little more- especially on shoes!

They were on sale at H&M - $30 -  they were originally $80!

My family is coming this weekend for a BBQ
I am looking forward to it!
My mother and I had our problems  but since Izzy's wedding things got better between her and me
My mother is very important to me and i am very happy that we can put aside our differences
She is the coolest Lady around let me tell you - She will try anything once -  well almost anything!
I hope you enjoyed this post
I will be back soon
Je vous fais la bise
Ariane xxxx