Thursday, December 27, 2012

This is French Faux Fur

Hi Ladies!
I have seen you girls with your magnificent Faux Furs and wanting to showcase my fabulous french Faux Fur  in a different way
I found my inspiration while flipping through one of Mr. D old magazine - I found it in 1997 Vogue

 Here is my version...

Faux Fur In

I think it will get me some comments, oui?



 Faux Fur Out


Mr. D got me that coat about 2 years ago - I think he purchased it for $5

It was in mint condition -The owner probably wore it for special occasions  -

I wear it often funky style



Mr D is off until January  3 - A well deserve vacation for him and nice to have the time with my man

Yesterday we have been to the movies and being  unconditional fans of Tarrantino we had to see his latest master work Django Unchained !

I was not disappointed - cool, funny, clever and very bloody!

I recommend it !


About comments sorry if i didn't - but you will understand with the Holidays madness and all
I will do my best to check all your fab blogs - Promise! 


Tomorrow Mom and I hit Fast Fashion Land

I received for Christmas a lot of gift certificates 

On the program - H&M and Sephora



I was wearing for this post

90s shirt - St-Vincent de Paul - $1
Belt - Gift from Mr. D
Jeans - Thrifted at Renaissance- $5

Boots - Retail - Forever 21
I will be back soon
Je vous fais la bise
Ariane xxxxx



The Style Crone said...

Faux fur in or out! This multi-purpose Paris piece looks fabulous both ways and I love the green gloves. Happy holidays Ariane, to you and your family.

Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

Brilliant Ariane!! You always elevate your inspiration to a higher level. I love both the looks.

Sue xo

Patti @ NotDeadYet Style said...

Gorgeous! I like the way you make a classic coat so funky and cool.

Ofelia said...

Hi, I'm Ofelia and I just find your blog from Vix Blog roll and I'm in love with your style and funkiness!!!
Will be stopping by often...

Val Sparkle said...

That coat is a really eye-catcher, and I love the boots, too. I'm going to have a look at men's shirts next time I go thrifting - that looks so cool!

sabine said...

hello ariane,
in both options i like your interpretion best. the coat is marvellous per se but with the gaudy gloves and the dandy style outfit it is fantastic and very unique yours. even if you usually are not a jeans-lady you look fabulous!
have a good time with mr. d and of course while shopping with your mom.

Melanie said...

Gulp! That coat...wow!! Such drama. You can SWEEP around corners like a proper diva in that coat, especially with green gloves. Your first photo is magnificent!! What a way to send off 2012, in faux fur, darhling. Hugs, hugs. Have fun shopping. Am writing today...

Ms. Dainty Doll said...

You look stunning...love all the pictures!! I hope you continue to enjoy your holidays...and bring in the New Year will a bang ;) Enjoy yourself!! xx

Marla Robinson said...

Love that fur with that whole outfit. That striped shirt and gold belt look so good with it.

Misfits Vintage said...

Love that beautiful coat! Sarah xxx

grunge-queen said...

Omg the coat is gorgeous, Ariane, as is your sexy pose sans vetements! I just love that Mr B bought it for you and knew it would be perfect for you. That's a man to hang onto! Xoxo

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

What an amazing coat, Ariane!! I love,love,love it with the denim!! Have a wonderful New Year's weekend!

Vix said...

Woah! That photo of you naked under that divine coat has me all hot and bothered, you look stunning! Loving it all dressed up and ready to rock out, too!
Enjoy your time with the mister! xxxx

Lorena said...

Made in Paris for 5$ !
That is unheard of :)
What a nice garment.... and I love Tarantino too, he is a genius.

Bella Q said...

Indoors or out, you in your fabulous faux fur look amazing! I love the pink hair, the funky way you style this oh so serious fun fur! Happy New Year you Canadian beauty you!

Katrina Blanchalle said...

Love the Vogue pose! Is that fur blue? It is the most lush and gorgeous thing! You (and Mr. D, apparently) have the most outstanding talent for finding treasures!
Have fun shopping, I can hardly wait to see what's next!

pastcaring said...

Put that coat on before you freeze, love! Hahaha! It's a wonderful coat, just don't get the in and out look mixed up and go out naked by mistake! xxx

Mrs. D said...

Ooh lala!
what a lavish coat! It seems very warm and comfy and it looks perfect on you!

chrissi said...

Great coat! I have two vintage faux fur coats that I absolutely love. They're sooo warm!

Forest City Fashionista said...

Love both photos - you sexy minx! A gorgeous coat and you wear it with the flair it deserves. Enjoy your time with Mr. D. I am thinking of seeing Django Unchained before I have to go back to work next week.

Sacramento Amate said...

FABULOUS, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

CityScape Skybaby said...

You look fantastic both ways Ariane. That is such a dramatic beautiful coat and you've taken your inspirations and ran with them to great effect. I love how you make everything wearable day to day as well, I only have one faux fur coat, that my mum gave me a long time ago, I've not worn it for ages but you make me want to get it out again. Enjoy your time with Mr B and I hope you have a fantastic New Year. xx

Claire Justine said...

Great coat, and such great buys,Happy New Year :):)

Krista said...

I want to live in that coat. It's incredible. I would have never though to pair it with jeans, wow, nice work. Have a Happy New Year dear!!!

Diana Marks said...

Your faux fur coat is amazing!

Happy New Year!

LA By Diana Live Magazine

Cambria said...

I love that you made your own versions of the fashion photos! You have a great fur coat!

<3 Cambria

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Mary Lou said...

wow what a fabulous faux fur coat, it looks gorgeous, and i love the way you presented it to us, very sexy lady;)
darling wish you all the best for 2013!
love and kiss,mary

Crazy Ravens Studio said...

Love the pin-up shot, you brave thing. I really like this whole article. Who would have thought of biker boots with a fur. I may have to go excavate my fur coat from the basement now!