Thursday, November 8, 2012

Meet Monica

Hi Ladies!
Meet Monica a 37 year old blogger from Norway

Her blog is Colour Makes People
Monica caught my eye because of all her crazy novelty pattern skirts and he vibrant colors and her daring styling -

I love featuring other bloggers

In this vast sea of bloggers i think we have to give back a little when we get a bit following -

Introducing talented stylish bloggers is my way of giving back and thanking you to stick around

monica 2
monica 6
I ask Monica to tell me a few facts about herself here what she said -  I added my comments in bold italic
Ouch! 10 funny, quirky facts about myself, that's a hard one cause I'm
quite an ordinary person. :) Well here we go:

I think you are extraordinary Monica not ordinary at all ! 
I"m a dedicated gamer ( online games like WoW and such) and a style
blogger, makes perfect sense, right? ;)

 I dont wear make up  -  You don't need to you are a natural beauty!

I live on a farm-

My hubby thinks I dress like a clown - He just doesn't understand style this man!

 Im the proud mother of a French bulldog girl - I saw her she is so cute!

 I"m in my freshman year as a style blogger - You are doing pretty good girl!
 I"m a huge lover of costume/period drama, I'm collecting every movie and
TV-series made. :)

 I'm a total abstainer, I don't drink or smoke

As soon as I get home from work, I change into jogging/tracksuits pants
and sweaters, so much for style eh? Hehehhe- Oh God! i  love my PJs too!

I'm an observer and prefer to stay in the background, not always so easy
when I dress the way I do, a bit contradicting. :)
monica 5

So do you like Monica ?
monica 4
Have a great weekend Ladies
Love you all
Je vous fais la bise
Ariane xxxxx


Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

Oh yes, I like Monica! Thank you for sharing. I can't decide if I like the blue polka dot dress with the awesome leggings, or the denim jumper with the red polka dot sweater better. I'll take them both! Off to visit your blog Monica!


Melanie said...

Thanks, Ariane. I love Monica's style. She's always got some crazy awesome pattern mixing and colour combinations going on. I enjoyed getting to know more about her. Norway or next door - I love how great style brings the world together.

Connie said...

I've been following her for awhile. She is really cute and colorful just like YOU!

sabine said...

i love monica's creative and colorful style. sometimes i visited her blog and was always amazed by her outfits. she's so unique.

Izzywizz said...

Aaaw Ariane, youre the best!!! Thank you so much for the shout out, Im really touched. xxx

Izzywizz said...

Aaaaw Ariane, youre the best!! Thank you so much for the shout out, Im really touched. :) xxx

Marla said...

Those outfits are like works of art. I can't stop looking at them. So amazing!

The Dainty Dolls House said...

She's precious, love her style and use of colour :) x

Patti @ NotDeadYet Style said...

I love her style, and appreciate getting to know her better. Thanks, Ariane - great feature!

Psycho Cat said...

She is really cute, so many lovely colors and prints and she looks like a really happy person :D

Krista said...

She's is adorable thanks for sharing!

Forest City Fashionista said...

Totally digging her bright and bold style! Thanks for introducing Monica to us.

kaffesoester said...

I've followed Monica for a while now, and I love her style! It's also great to find a blogger living so close, and frequently visiting my country. We can "compare notes" on shopping, weather and culture.

I hope it won't be long before we get a chance to meet, face to face!

Thank you for promoting her Ariane, she's such an inspiration!

Lynne DeVenny said...

I've been following Monica for a while, and adore her! She so does NOT dress like a clown :P

Vix said...

She looks fantastic, no wonder you love her! I love Monica's confidence with colour (just like you). The purple and mustard combo at the top just explodes from my screen, I love those colours together!
have a fab weekend. xxxxxx

The Style Crone said...

Thank you for the introduction to Monica! Her colorful style and beauty reminds me of you! I'm swooning over the blue and black laced boots.

pastcaring said...

Monica has a fabulous way with colours and prints, I follow her blog and enjoy her style. And she has the figure of a 16 year old supermodel! xxx

Lucy Nation said...

Yes I like Monica! Her style is amazing. Those brown lace up boots are making me seriously jealous. Thank you so much for introducing.

Btw, I love your colourful blog header xxx

Sacramento Amate said...

I love Monica and her gorgeous and colourful style.
Thank you for letting us know more about her.

PinkCheetahVintage said...

She's awesome--thanks for sharing!!

Claire Justine said...

Arr i like Monica, Im sure i know her from Avenue57 ? she has great style :) thanks for linking up with us at welcome to the weekend hop,hope your having a lovely weekend ...

Heather said...

she is too cute!! love her style I can see how she caught your eye she loves bright colors just like you!! Too Cute! Thanks for sharing Love Heather

Jean at www.drossintogold.com said...

She's AWESOME!! Thank you for the introduction. I'll be bookmarking her site. xxoo