Thursday, November 29, 2012

Graphic Tops

Hi Ladies!

How is week so far?

I 'm almost at the end of mine and so happy!

Give me Friday every day!

We got the white disturbance going on here

The snow!

Yes! it descended upon us !

Just like that!

5 months before spring- Give me strenght!



I cut my bangs and washed away the pink

You never know what i will do next!

Buddhists say - Everything around us is in constant movement

So is my hair !

Got a couple of Graphic Tops to show you today

Have you noticed it's Blythe!

I know completely immature!

But you know by now i don't care!

Izzy found it for me while we were at T-Shirt place on Mont Royal Street 

I can't remember the name of the shop - i think it might be Studio- I will have to check

Anyway - they have a vast selection of bootleg tees for around $20


This top was purchased at Renaissance  -$4

I scored , it's from a Quebec Designer

I would gladly tell you who but i am at work right doing my post during lunch time and have no way to check the label out!

I loaded the pics last night

I am writing while eating my big fat asian soup !


I have seen a some Ladies showcasing their favorite brooches

Here are mine

My favorite is the curling pin- that is a unique piece!  
 The most i paid  for a brooch  is $5


I found those slippers last night at one my favorite vintage shop

La Gaillarde on Notre Dame Street

They look good enough to be worn outside my home

What do you think?

Will i dare? Yes of course!

Nobody will notice anyway


Saturday Mom- Izzy and me are hitting St-Vincent de Paul first Saturday of the month half price sale!


Have yourself a wonderful weekend Ladies

I will see you soon

Je vous fais la bise

Ariane xxxx


Marla said...

Those tops are works of art. I love them!

thecriminallyexpensive said...

Everything you got is so cute!! Especially the Blythe shirt...I am obsessed with Blythe dolls I don't even care if that's immature. They are so cool way better than barbie!

Really cute style!


The Criminally Expensive

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

I love it that you cut your bangs and that you are unpredictable...makes life fun, doesn't it! The polka dot top is so, so fun...I love it!

Anne said...

I always love your new hairstyles! Wish I could be more adventurous with mine!! Lovely photos:)

Joni said...

Can't wait to see your sale finds. And your hair always looks cute. I especially LOVE the graphic tunic top.
I'm off to get my hair colored today. It's getting far too "normal" looking. ;)

Meghan Edge said...

I came on to tell you I loved your Blythe shirt (because I'm obsessed with those dolls) but got sidetracked by your to-die-for docs!! THOSE GREEN BOOTS ARE AMAZING!!

I wish they would make fun colors in the 14-eye style. I missed out on the purple ones a few years back and have been kicking myself ever since.

sabine said...

hi ariane,
your tees make me smile, i love each of it.
snow we got this night too, i'm not amused of it. particularly it is wet, wet, wet. but i imagine that spring will start in february, at least end of february, that means the whole misery will be gone in a few weeks :-)
i'm curious what will happen with your hair next!
have a cheery friday and a great weekend!

Asta said...

those brooches are amazing..i love your new hair..awesome tees.

take care

Helga! said...

Most excellent colour combinations,rocks my socks.
St Vinnies half price sale?! EEEK!
Love those 3 brooches......X

grunge-queen said...

You look darling, Ariane, like you`ve popped out of the pages of some glamourous comic book! Have a great shop at St Vincent de Paul - oh how I miss that shop!

P.S. I haven`t responded to your comment on my blog yet, but I hope your kitty is doing better. :) xoxo

Psycho Cat said...

These shirt are so, so cute <3

pastcaring said...

It's suddenly turned very cold here too, I wonder if we will get snow?
You look great in those print tops, and the green skirt/tights/DMs are fabulous. Can't beat quirky vintage brooches, it's still fairly easy to pick them up cheaply here in charity shops. Good luck with St Vincent de Paul, hope you find some bargains! xxx

Connie said...

If everything is in constant movement, then you are constantly moving towards looking younger all the time!!

Forest City Fashionista said...

We've had a bit of snow here, but it hasn't stayed for very long. I adore the Blythe t-shirt and it looks so cool paired with all the bright green. You do look younger all the time - let us in on your secret!

Patti said...

Yes, what Connie said! I love a graphic top, it's so playful.

Misfits Vintage said...

Ooh the green Docs are fab and I love the polka dot red/black/white outfit! Good luck at Vinnies! Sarah xxx

CityScape Skybaby said...

Love your new fringe Ariane, I've always wanted a fringe like that but I don't have the hair or face for it, whereas you look very cute. Lovely outfits too, you really suit brights and I love your DMs.
Now you've made me want to photograph my brooch collection, like Curtise says, brooches are quite easy to find cheap here, I think because not a lot of people wear them. Yours are beautiful, I love a bit of jewellery.
It's as frosty as anything here, Pat's been up and out to work at 5am every morning gritting the roads and I think snow is on its way here too. xx

Vix said...

If anyone could convert me to a graphic top it would be you! You find such cute things and wear them with perfection.
Snow already? God, I HATE it! Stay warm and fabulous. xxx

Heather said...

Love your graphic tees so cute!! and love the boots in the other post the tall brown ones Oh they are adorable!!! Hope you are enjoying your holiday season so far and I hope that shoulder feels better Love Heather

SarahMummy said...

I love these tops! And I love that you are a slightly older lady and still wearing them and looking amazing :) Found you on Clairejustine's weekend blog hop.

Melanie said...

You're the best at scoring fantastic graphic tops! Outstanding pieces. Your writing is so wonderful, Ariane, particularly the reference to the white disturbance... LOL. I like your new haircut and your look gorgeous in both these outfits.

thorne garnet said...

Love the brooches. Awe a half price sale, lucky you. The half price sale at Goodwill is on Mondays. Mondays? I can only go when I have the day off as it's from Noon to 5pm. Snow? For the next week it will be in the mid 70's here. Fall lasted 2 days.

Cambria said...

Those brooches are really fantastic...you need to do another giveaway. You find the best brooches!

<3 Cambria

Check out my GIVEAWAY!!!!!!

Krista said...

Love all the fun tees and your brooches too! Short hair looks fun because you can change things up so easily.

Claire Justine said...

Love your tops they are amazing :) I need to go shopping,I never find wonderful things like these.Thanks for sharing with us at the weekend hop...

fashionoverfifty said...

Hi Ariane~ I love the shorter bangs; I've done it before too. Sort of a difficult look to pull of but you look great--and ditto for the tee's. Not many of us could pull off this look but you do it wonderfully!

Sacramento Amate said...

How did I miss this wonderful post, ahhhhhhhhhhh

unitedcolorsofaggie said...

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