Sunday, November 11, 2012

Dude Is A Lady

Hi Ladies!
Nothing happened this weekend - Am I so glad!

Mr D. is real busy with the sales of the flats so Missy here had a lot of time to herself

Thrift shopping, cooking, did a bit of translation I tried a translation engine - It works pretty well, i want to get back into translation slowly -  I feel that i have the energy now -

In the meantime -

This is my inspiration -

The dude is my inspiration today

Love to do  an androgynous look

Here's my version -

 The booties are one my latest great thrift finds

My mom saw them before me - We have a saying when one of us sees something fabulous

How come i didn't see that first ?

Lucky for me they were too small for her and she said it was more my style!
I just love my mom

Mom and I are getting along famously these days

We had are fights, disagreements but a Mom is a Mom and i need my Mom

She is my anchor, she is what i am from - what i became and what i will be -

Better and better every day


Second great find is this hat i picked up last winter for $1

 Dude is a Lady -
I will be back soon
Je vous fais la bise
Ariane xxxx


fashionoverfifty said...

Love the nails.

When I saw these on Instagram I had no idea of the heels--like them so much better now!

Love the pants rolled up too! Great ensemble!

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

Cute...cute...cute...I love the shoes! It has been so warm here, but I am waiting on a cold front to hit tonight...we might have one night in the 30s. I am sooo ready for cold...have a great week, Ariane!

Patti @ NotDeadYet Style said...

Oh, the new boots are incredible - how sweet you and your mother are to "take turns" with the goods! I also wore rolled up jeans, a blazer and masculine boots out to dinner tonight - it felt great! Thanks for sharing your look with Visible Monday, Ariane. xoxox

Penny-Rose said...

I love this outfit - the boots are amazing and so is the hat. The splash of pink is a great contrast.

Connie said...

Yeah the boys do get some of the best stuff. you look TUFF!!!!!

gracefully50.com said...

LOVE LOVE this look! You did a fabulous job with your inspiration. SO cool!

Joni said...

You do the Dude as a Lady quite well. Who could not be inspired by the hat and shoes, awesome gear! I love both!
Going to check out the Yves St Laurent lipstick one of these days now.

Heather said...

You look Gorgreous and Sassy!! Love it ~Heather

Danisha said...

j'adore ce look et je suis jalouse de ta trovaille héhé

Jean at www.drossintogold.com said...

Ariane, you are a true gem!! I love your attitude in these shots. I love your style and your heart. Maybe someday we'll see your mom? She must be wonderful as well. Multi-generational style icons!!!

Marla said...

Omg, the ankle boots and the Stetson hat. Wow, so cool!

Ms. Dainty Doll said...

You look super, I like to wear this kind of look sometimes, it looks better on women than it does on boys, haha! Love the hat :)) It's wonderful what you said about your mother, it's beautiful. I hope my daughters will feel the same for me as they grow older too :) Have a gorgeous week xx

Vix said...

Love the inspiration and your execution! Those boots would have had the hipsters looking at my stall crying in envy, your Mum's got a great eye.
Love the Stetson hat, it looks in perfect condition and looks adorable on you! xxx

Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

You rock the androgynous look, and I especially love the little touches of femininity. The socks, the top. Also love that nail polish. What colour is it?

Sue xo

Fashion Confessions of a Mommy said...

Loving the casual chic outfit with menswear inspiration.

Visiting from Monday Mingle.

sabine said...

hey ariane!
dude definitely is a stylish lady. i love how you are intepreting the picture with your own unique style.

my mom, if i would take her to a second hand shop would shake her head and tell me that she would buy me a dress if i could not afford to buy a new one. i love my mom nevertheless, she's a very unique lady too.

have a great week, my dear!

Forest City Fashionista said...

Can't believe you got that awesome Stetson hat for $1!! I love the booties too. I like how you worked in a very nice tribute to your Mom. Can I ask what brand are the jeans you're wearing - they have a great fit and are slim without being too skinny.

pastcaring said...

You are rocking the androgynous look, Ariane!
Great boots and that Stetson hat is a beauty. No danger of thinking that lady is a dude, you look hot! xxx

Rosemary the Shopper said...

What a lovely tribute to your mom! She will be so happy to hear it. Hope you can drop over to my blog, as I have been in France and you might like the photos.

Much love from England,
Rosemary from www.foreveronthecatwalkoflife.blogspot.com

The Style Crone said...

I love a Stetson and you wear it well. And the shoes are such a find. It's wonderful to hear that you and your Mother are having fun together. I also love your nail polish, which is a great accessory for this outfit!

Megan, TfDiaries.com said...

I am loving this look on you, not many can pull it off but you nailed it
Xo Megan

Melanie said...

A real Stetson - for a buck? I really must move to Montreal... You are an awesome dude! I like the fingernail polish colour. And you look great in those form-fitting trousers. I like how you've cuffed them with those divine booties.

playingwithscarves said...

Bonjour Ariane,
New on your blog :-) I love your style and your life pholosophy (may I suggest have a dig asap. They bring so much fun and joy!)
Enjoy your Mom. A mom is precious...
A bientôt sûrement,
Anne (Playing with Scarves)

JaninJabitt said...

As the hipster said to the fashionable lady ... "Dude!" You wear it so well. The thing about menswear on women is that it reveals the feminine. Looking metro-adorable.

Helga! said...

Those boots are rather fabulous!

Milex said...

everything works so well!

Barbrah said...

I love the outfit, and the hat just completes the look. Fabulous :) x

TinaS said...

Hey, darling, I took a look at your blog and I must admit it is lovely :)
I have a blog too, so maybe I can inspire you a bit, like you inspired me! If you want to we can follow each other.
Just let me know when you have followed me so that I can follow you back! :)
Have a nice day! xo/Tina, Style Sinners

Twitter - @TinaStefanovic
Instagram - tina_stefanovic

kaffesoester said...

I love your shoes too! I'm so glad that you turned up the jeans and allowing all the focus to be on these gems! The hat is awesome too.

You've really managed to create a fantastic androgynous look - in lovely colours and great silhouette!

French Girl in Seattle said...

Hello Ariane. Thank you for stopping by chez French Girl in Seattle today. I am glad I paid you a visit. Ma chere, you pulled off the androgynous look quite successfully. I do love these shoes. What a find (merci maman!) Looking forward to catching up on some of your previous posts. Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

Debbi@SheAccessorizesWell said...

If you and I were shopping together you would have had to arm wrestle those shoes away from me. I love them! Your whole outfit is so cool and I would go for it in an instant.

Claire Justine said...

Great look,love the pop of pink :) thanks for joining us at Creative Mondays,you have gave me an idea for an outfit...have a lovely weekend :)

Crazy Ravens Studio said...

This is a great badass little outfit. The boots are worth a tussle. Love the shots of hot pink. Daughters are such cool people I had to have two!

Anonymous said...

Goodness, Ariane, you really can embody any style! Love this androgynous look!