Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Bit Of Pink

Hi Ladies !

Did i tell you i was putting a little pink in my hair?
Some of you Ladies who have been following me for a while know that i change my hair constantly
I am pretty happy with the bleach beach blond, i just made that up bleach beach blond, I am aloud  I'm French !... kidding!

I'm currently obsess with pink, blue, violet, red hair colors!

 I swear to you if i was not working in a office i would have green, red or violet hair!

But for now, i say for now! i put a little pink in my hair   

 It is actually darker than what you see

Sarah my sweet neighborhood hairdresser did it

It was her first time working with colors

She was a bit worried it would not stick

She was so happy with the results that she said -  Ariane you know what? -  lets layer colors next time!

 Go, go, Sarah  ! what do you think i should get besides pink?



The skirt  i found in a thrift shop

It is from Quebec Designer Katrin Leblond

This is what thrift shopping is all about , finding treasures, one of a kind

The black boots i bought retail last year - i wear them often - perfect for walking in the city



Those pics were taken by Izzy last Sunday, we were on our way to the Exchange and Vintage Sale
I did not get much - A couple of dresses that is it and i got my nail done
by lovely Laura Boo of Drop Dead Manicure


The jean coat with the faux fur is another fabulous thrift shop find

E is doing very well, her eyes is very puffy, she can't open her eye but she is in good spririt

She had 2 check ups at the hospital since the surgery and the doctor said that it is healing very well

Thank God for that!

Good health is important - Take care of yourself
We take our good health for granted sometimes

You never know what will happen next- 

Enjoy your life and be crazy Ladies!

I hope you enjoyed this post!

I will be back soon

Je vous fais la bise

Ariane xxxx



kendra kay said...

the color in your hair looks really great!

Terri said...

I think I got a peak at the pink hair on my twitter feed a few days ago. It truly is a lovely pale pink...and I'm eager to see what a rainbow of color will look like once you do it!

Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

Well, if you could, I would say some blue like in your skirt! Not a lot of it, but some with the cute pink. Fun nails!

Helga! said...

Love the pink! It's the perfect shade! A bit of lime green would go very well!
Glad to hear E is on the mend.It'll take time,but she's getting the right care.

Connie said...

Love love love the pink!!!!

contrary kiwi said...

The pink looks great Ariane! I love how you don't worry about what you "should" and "shouldn't" do and just go for whatever you want. You always look amazing, too.

Melanie said...

I love your advice, Ariane - be crazy ladies. Your styling shows how you enjoy life, so much colour and fun. And now your hair! Pink? Wow. It's great. You mentioned I should try it. I think I'd start with the mascara-type you mentioned. You're so cool.

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

I love the pink, Ariane! It is you! Fits your fun, joyful life! And that skirt is also so much fun!!!

Patti said...

Love the pink, Ariane! You could add a touch of blue or violet if you like - it's so much fun to play with your hair. Fab new skirt too, indeed a great find. Have a wonderful day.

Sacramento Amate said...

Love that pink shade in your hair so much, my dear Ariane.
You are so right: we take health for granted. I always make a point of stopping during the day and be aware of the feeling of NOTHING HURTING.


Joni said...

Your hair looks so cool! I can see some blue in there too when you're ready to add another color. I've been wanted to add some purple. I may need a new stylist though. Mine always plays it safe.

sabine said...

hello arianne,
it is great your pink wisp of hair, i would add purple or violet or a darker pink. when i was 28 i had a green wisp, made with a kind of hair mascara, but that was in the 80s, today i would prefer blue or turquois.
i like your outfit, the fabulous blue color, but especially the pink socks flashing out of your boots.
lieben gruß von sabine

Heather said...

You look lovely ...You have great style and I am so glad you blog about it so I get to see it!! Love the pink you hip chick ~Love Heather


Looking hot maman! I love the pink! More pink! :)

Lynne DeVenny said...

Your hair dresser did a great job first time out. I work in an office but am still dying to get a deep eggplant streak in my hair.

I love your whole outfit, so relaxed yet sophisticated.

I'm so glad to hear E is doing well; keeping you guys in my thoughts and prayers.

Forest City Fashionista said...

I think you would look great with pink and purple! Love the cool skirt. Having been sick with a terrible cold for the last week reminds me how important it is to be grateful for our health - glad to hear that E is doing well.

kaffesoester said...

It's so good to hear E is doing well! Sounds like you've found the right doctor.

Many years ago I had pink and dark purple streaks in my hair. Mine weren't layered, just mixed, but lots of fun. Prior to that I had strong green on both side of my head!

The skirt is lovely, and the fantastic coat looks warm enough to make it perfect for the Canadian autumn!

Claire Justine said...

Love the pink,I noticed straight away when I just stopped by :) bless glad she is doing well ...

Nikki said...

I LOVE the pink in your hair AND those nails! Super rad! Found you via the Blonde Episodes linkup!
Nikki at www.bedazzlesafterdark.com