Thursday, September 13, 2012

My September Colors

Hi Ladies
I trust that this virtual world is all doing fine!
Montreal is still enjoying summery warm temperatures
This is what i was wearing last Sunday when Mr D and I went fruit and veggies shopping at Maisonneuve Market


Behind me is the old Maisonneuve Market
This magnificient building dates back from  1912   and was built by the Dufresne Brothers

 We shop at the new Maisonneuve market which opened its doors in 1995
 You will find at the new Maisonneuve Market - Fish, Flowers,Cheeses, Fruits, Veggies, Meats, Breads, Pastries  and more

 Quebec makes delicious cheeses
I make it a point to buy from local producers, farmers, ect..
I feel it is important to support our local businesses -

On Sunday as well i did my usual photo shoot and this what i wore

I bought the top this winter at the Y's Fringues & Cie
A blogger friend ask me if it was 80s- I have no idea!
I bought it because I liked that it was a cropped jacket
I adored the sleeves and of course i am a devotee to anything stripish and plus this top was unsual and original
One of a kind !
 Pics from Maisonneuve Market
 This is another outfit i put togother lately
The dress was a maxi i got it shortened
The dress is homemade
Is it vintage....ummmm, i do not know the fabric is definitively not vintage
The style, yes - looks 70s

 I am wearing last year Doc Martens

Izzy and I are going next week to the official  opening of the Doc Martens shop located on Ste-Catherine West

 I will conclude this post with this beautiful set of stairs
This is a trademark in Montreal
Some ask you - why so many steps in such a snowy winter
Good question- I have no idea
When you think about it with all the snow we have it would have been logical to have internal stairs, right?
There must be an explanation - It is probably a building code or something way back when!

Have a fabulous weekend Ladies
I will be back soon!
I am going apple picking this weekend
Je vous fais la bise
Ariane xxxxxx


Une Femme said...

Your market looks fabulous! I'd be face first in the "huitres," yom yom! And your purple Docs...just wonderful. I'm also a sucker for striped tops.

Patti @ NotDeadYet Style said...

The shots of the market make me so hungry! Loving your striped jacket and you look so smooth and fabulous in it. And of course the Docs - they are eternally cool : >

Psycho Cat said...

Gorgeous pictures, that market looks really nice :) And I love your combination with yellow skirt!

Heather said...

Wow the market looks wonderful as do all your outfits you look so cute as you always do!! Love your purple Docs I got a pair at the Dr. Marten store in New York City I got the brown ones with the pink flowers I don't wear them nearly enough and I just ordered another pair off the internet but they were to big I had to send them back :( I have been looking for a pair of camel or carmel that kind of light brown boot....Okay I am rambling now hehehe ~Have a great weekend Ariane ~Love Heather

Terri said...

What a selection of cheeses and breads you have--I would be in heaven.

Both of these outfits are dynamite. Love the cropped jacket in the first and the Doc Martens are a great match with the dress.

Take photos of the apple picking.

Penny-Rose said...

The dress and Docs look fabulous. I love the colours. The photos of the market and the cakes made me feel very hungry!

sabine said...

to stroll through the market even in fall is one of my favorite activities on saturday. i like the colours of veggies, fruits and flowers and the smell of cheese and bread. it is a pleasure to have a look at your beautiful market, thank you. i think it is important to buy at the farmers living near by because it is the only chance to know where our food is coming from.
from your outfits shown my favourite is the yellow skirt with this extraordinary blouse. but you look pretty in all! lieben gruß von sabine

josep-maria badia said...

The purple dress is gorgeous and the boots makes a great outfit. A brave outfit.


pastcaring said...

Your pictures of the market are wonderful, I love places like that. Always so much to look at, and to eat! And in such a marvellous building too.
I love that stripy jacket, it does look kind of 80s to me. Brilliant with the yellow skirt. And I am really liking the cute ladylike purple dress finished off with Docs, that's a great touch.
Have fun apple picking! xxx

Melanie said...

When I scrolled down I saw your Docs with that dress and was delighted! Very cool choice. I love your other outfits too, but especially the striped jacket and yellow skirt, and those neon yellow socks in the first shot. Wow!! Now I'm hungry too. I must try hair mascara.

The Dainty Dolls House said...

Amazing, I love markets :)) And you look marvellous in all the pictures..very beautiful. Am pleased you had a fun time. I hope your weekend will be grand too xx

grunge-queen said...

The market looks lovely and the colours in the pics (especially of the pies and goodies) are wonderful. I love your first two outfits and especially the yellow skirt, striped top (it does look 80s to me) and the matching striped shoes - wonderful! Happy weekend! xoxo

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

Such a cool market...the building is gorgeous! Also gorgeous is that B & W jacket with the gold skirt...LOVE IT! I wish I could find a jacket like that one...enjoyed the post Ariane. Have a great weekend!


Thank you for inviting me into your wold and let me have a look.
Loving both outfits to bits.
The jacket with the yellow is so fantastic, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
Enjoy the weekend Ariane.
I will be thinking of you in Milan.

Cambria said...

You've been in the mood for stripes and yellow lately...and it looks so FABULOUS together, just love it. Your market looks like oodles of fun, so many delicious cheeses appeal to me!

<3 Cambria

Debbi@SheAccessorizesWell said...

Love the blue and white stripe top. It is just frosty cool.
This post made my mouth water at seeing such delicious looking food. I love cheese, bread, and desserts!

Joni said...

Food shopping is one of my least favorite activities and somehow you make it look sooooo good!


Ti seguo e spero ricambierai...

CityScape Skybaby said...

Love all your outfits Ariane, but especially the purple one, it's gorgeous on you. That market looks great, I'd definitely be buying one of those fruit tarts as I have a real sweet tooth. The outdoor staircase is a beauty even if it is a bit impractical in the snow. Apple picking sounds great, have fun! xx

Helga! said...

Hey gorgeous!
That market is just the sort of place I would looooove to spend a lot of time and money in!!! G especially adores cheese, it would be hard to drag him a way form the sheese stall!
Love all your outfits, but most of all the vintage looking frock with the matching Doc's!!! Swoon!
I did miss your coconut milk chocolate mousse! I can't find it though....XXXXXXXXXXX

Beauty Follower said...

Nice pictures
like the esecond outfit!

kaffesoester said...

Your market looks fantastic, and very French too! The cakes are mouth watering delicious to look at!

Although all your outfits are gorgeous, the purple one with the Docs is my favorite! I've tried tons of Docs over the years - hoping every time that they've made them wider. But, no, they haven't - and I still can't squeeze my feet into them! I feel like Cindarella's Evil sister!

Vix said...

That cheese display is making my mouth water! Loving the purple frock and the patent Docs look great with it although my Doc wearing days will stay in the 1980s!
Have fun apple picking, I must go and see if my Dad's orchard is ready to be scrumped, it's a shame to let his crop go to waste! xxx

carrievintage said...

love your striped pumps <3

Mrs. D said...

Omg all that cheese and the forest fruits gâteaux... nom nom nom. Two of my favourite things!
I love the stripy crop top, it's uber cute!

Crazy Ravens Studio said...

Fantastic stair way shot. I must get a pair of Doc martens! Your purple boots have whetted my apetite!