Wednesday, September 5, 2012

For A Few Dollars...

Hi Ladies!
First let me thank you all lovely Ladies for sticking with me
I enjoy so much all your comments and virtual friendship


This lovely dress is from Ste-Michael it was $5 at Renaissance - It is in mint condition, it came with the original belt which is rare, it seems the belts never make it through the decades

 I never wear the original belt - i think this belt updates the look of the dress
It adds an unexpected element of fun to the dress
Vintage experts what year is that dress?

I love the upper detail of the dress
This is why i bought it  otherwise it would have been just a plain blue dress
Have you noticed?
 I am wearing a red vintage frame

There is a problem, there is no lenses
The uncooperative optometrist does not want to put lenses in my fabulous vintage frame
He said the frame might broke if lenses are put in - The not so nice optometrist, i nearly lost my patience i tell you  said that  they heat the frame in order to put in the lenses- the plastic is old and looses oil as it ages this is why it might brake
I think it is a scam to get you to buy new frames
Have you ever encountered that problem?
Now the second outfit

I love to do multiple outfit post by the way!

This is what i wore on Sunday
The top is a french label Naf Naf - i paid $0.50 

 The skirt is from Banana Republic, i think i paid $1

Who said that a few dollars won't get you much these days?

Us thrift lovers know that it isn't true!

The necklace in a former life was a  ring - The ring fell apart i so i  decided to make it a necklace

 The booties were more, well, sometimes you know we spend a little more- especially on shoes!

They were on sale at H&M - $30 -  they were originally $80!

My family is coming this weekend for a BBQ
I am looking forward to it!
My mother and I had our problems  but since Izzy's wedding things got better between her and me
My mother is very important to me and i am very happy that we can put aside our differences
She is the coolest Lady around let me tell you - She will try anything once -  well almost anything!
I hope you enjoyed this post
I will be back soon
Je vous fais la bise
Ariane xxxx


Thrifted Shift said...

Your second look is especially cool! Too bad about your weird optometrist- can you get a second opinion? And yay for Moms and getting along with them! Sometimes mine makes me crazy, but she's such an amazing person. The good far outweighs the things that annoy me! Hope the bbq goes well!

Patti said...

Beautiful dresses, Ariane. I love the necklace you made from a ring, so creative. I hope your family visit is fabulous in every way.

Connie said...

Blue is definitely your color. As for those evil optometrists, my husband ran into the same thing, they refused to put new lenses into his vintage frames. He finally gave up and bought new vintagey looking ones because he needed to SEE! I still think there must be a way to do it.

Joni said...

I'd have to agree with you on the glasses. A person should be able to bring in any frame they like as long as they look stable. But I can see how they wouldn't want to guarantee the lenses though.

I just have to say how youthful you're looking these days Ariane. Beautiful!

Melanie said...

Both great looks! I love the blue of that dress. I never noticed the missing lenses - that's terrible that they won't put new ones in. Call another shop! My friend knows a shop here that will put lenses in frames, but I don't know about old frames. It would make sense that they get more brittle with age...like I do!

Beauty Follower said...

I like th efirst dress, lovely color!

Frocktasia said...

That blue frock is gorgeous, I love how you've teamed it with red.

Melanie said...

You look beautiful in these pictures, I love that blue dress.
I have had the same thing said to me about vintage frames, opticians are reluctant to touch them as they fear that the age of the plastic would not fare well being heated, it would cause them to become brittle and break. They will do it, but they say it's with a high risk and you should be prepared for them to be ruined. It's a shame really.

contrary kiwi said...

Gorgeous Ariane! I love both outfits, and the glasses.

Unfortunately, the optometrist is telling the truth. I've had my glasses adjusted many times and they do actually heat them up to adjust them. One pair of my glasses are too loose for me because they couldn't risk adjusting them enough to fit my face - and they were brand new. You can only do so much with them without wrecking them, unfortunately!

CityScape Skybaby said...

Very cute in both outfits Ariane, I love the new belt with the blue dress, it does stop it being too plain and I like blue and red together anyway. It's a shame about your vintage frames because they look so nice.
Hope you have fun with your family, me and my mum have a rocky relationship too, I love her to bits but she drives me insane and she probably feels the same about me, though she has five children and I think every one of us annoy her in some way. xx

kaffesoester said...

Great blue dress! It looks 50's to me with the length and the amount of fabric in the skirt. You look so lovely in it! Wearing it with red shoes and belt is perfect.

Like Contrary Kiwi says, your Optometrist is telling the truth. During the 90's I worked at an optometrist's. I saw several times the result, when people brought in old frames and had new lenses put in. No matter how carefully it's done, most old frames break. So, he's not an evil optometrist, just an honest one!

Megan said...

The second outfit looks like a dress. I love all the blocks of colour and pattern.

I took some frames to an optician and they had no problem putting new lenses in them. Try a different place!

Misfits Vintage said...

My experience has been that my optometrist gave me excellent advice about which of my vintage frames he believed would survive the process and which wouldn't... and he was right! I understand that old plastics are more brittle than current plastics - and if they make the lenses to fit the frames and then the frames break while putting the lenses in, you will still have to pay for the lenses, even though you cannot use them. So I would trust the advice of your optometrist - and find a pair that can be successfully fitted with new lenses.

I LOOOVE the colour of the beautiful blue dress!

Sarah xxx

Cambria said...

That second outfit with the red skirt kinda reminds me of the 1920s...something about the lower waist, looser fit, stripes...it's really darling on you!

<3 Cambria

sabine said...

i'm not an expert but i think the blue dress is a finding from the 60s. i remember my mother wore similar dresses with such a neckline and wide swinging skirts, made by herself, when i was a child. i love the combi with the red shoes and the red-striped belt. it turns the mannery style of the dress to it's opposite and makes it interesting.
what i also like is your red skirt with this petite neck-tie pattern. of course you look great in both! lieben gruß von sabine

Heather said...

That dress is gorgeous looks great on you and I love how you paired up the skirt and top that looks really cute as well!! You look great! Keep asking around about the glasses you may find someone who has used vintage frames before and is not afraid to try...Enjoy your BBQ ~Love Heather

Forest City Fashionista said...

I also have to agree that your optometrist is telling the truth. I took my vintage frames to my optometrist to get lenses, and he warned me that if the plastic broke when they heated it that I would have to pay for the new lenses anyway because they had been cut for the frame. Fortunately, my frames were still in good enough condition and not extremely dry that they were fine, but that's not the case for all vintage plastic frames. Sorry, they are such a cool shape and colour.

pastcaring said...

Love the baby blue dress. It's a 1950s shape but I think it's later, maybe late 70s-early 80s. There was quite a 50s revival around then and you find a lot of 1980s-does-50s dresses. Just a guess though! It's very pretty, especially with the addition of the bright belt.
The second outfit is so stylish, great colours on you.
Others have given you better advice than I could about your vintage frames. Hope you can get something sorted.
Enjoy your weekend. It's not always plain sailing with families, I know, but it's such a unique relationship, it's worth the effort to make it work! xxxx

Helga! said...

O,I loooove that frock! It looks 50's to me, but I am no expert!!
You'll be pleased to hear that my G's special birthday request is General Tao's chicken!!! Only he call it Chairman Mao's chicken to be a pain!
Hope the BBQ goes well and you have a ownderful time!

Debbi@SheAccessorizesWell said...

I love the blue dress! It is so chic and I think it would look good styled many different ways.
As to the glasses. Plastic does get brittle with age and they don't want to take the risk of breaking them. There are getting to be a lot of retro type frames around again. I am thinking of going to one. My current frames which were very expensive and I thought would last ended up with a weak spot due to an adjustment the optical place made. I am afraid they are going to break soon and I am blind without glasses!

Mrs. D said...

That blue dress is so pretty! I would never have thought it was vintage!

I also like the second outfit. the colour combo is always a winner with me!


Absolutely stunning blue dress, and ALWAYS stunning GOOD FRIEND YOU.
Don´t you remember I won the prize for Milan Fashion week???
I am flying on the 19th of this month.

grunge-queen said...

I love both outfits Ariane, and the belt on the first is fab. The style of that one looks 1950s. I love the second outfit and the fact that you made a necklace of a ring! I used to buy vintage frames from a dealer and have actually heard that about old plastics, wah. You could try someone else but the risk would be yours I guess. Or you could wear them sans glass and who would know?? xoxo

Vix said...

I'd say that the blue dress is definitely 1980s, I remember a couple of my school friends wearing almost identical ones for the school disco back then. It looks cute on you.
The optician is telling the truth, plastic becomes brittle with age. xxx

Rachel The Hat said...

oh that dress and the belt are absolutely amazing! what a find! lucky you, and it looks just perfect on you too!xx

wardrobeexperience said...

i hope you spent a good time with your family.

oh, as you might know ... i love this luight blue coloured 80s does 50s (?) dress so much...

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