Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fall's First Outfits - My Week In Outfits

Hi Ladies!
Hope everybody is doing well
First and foremost welcome new readers and followers
When i started this blog way back in 2010 i did not know where this blog would get me
But so far i can say that i am happy to have met some wonderful Ladies -
Several outfits from yours truly for you special Ladies
I love Fall , ya, ya  I said it before -  i know some of you girls hate Fall
The summer here is  hot and humid most of the time  i prefer a bit cooler, but it is my preference -   Plus Fall means that i switch clothes, plus  I  can layer and layer and mix and mix  and remix...and SHOP some more!

 Too bad it is too short of a season and winter soon follows with all its inconveniences

That I Hate with a Passion !

If somebody tells you that Canadians loved or are used to winter - Not True! We hate every second of it !

  Give me  a beach anytime!


 Mr. D told me that this dress looked like a tablecloth - Men have a problem with dresses looking like tablecloths -
I don't, so i am wearing it!

I think the colors are SUPERBES!

 Got the Doc Martens out
They don't hurt as much as last year

I recently talked to a Doc Martens sales clerk in the new shop downtown

She said you have to wear them non stop for a week even if you foot hurt and are covered with blisters -

She said  -with that so sincere look in her eyes -

 I said OK! that is the way to do it!

Are you mad or something i thought!

Of course i will not do what she said !

That is a bit extreme don't you think?


I love this outfit
Called it , recycling a summer dress


The hand you see above is my neighbor's
I was taking pics in the back alley and i saw that hand stroking the cat
I thought it was priceless
My neighbor is thinking about adopting this abandoned cat along with her sister
They live and the back alley and are fed by several people

Poor cats - it brakes my heart every time


I am wearing an 70s or 80s polyester skirt from Paris Star

The company does not exist anymore

I find Paris Star stuff once in  a while

The 80s leather jacket is a recent find at charity shop in my hood

I have found those 2 purses this week as well


To conclude i have a story for you
Mr. D said i should tell you - I did not want to but what the hell -
A Montreal company  who sells a line of high end clothes contacted me last week
 The line is called Saint James
They ask me if i wanted to adverstise their samples sale in October
In exchange i would get a few samples
Sounded interesting and the clothes were pretty and right up my alley
The guy i dealt with was not
It was my first time negociating
It was difficult
I asked him what he wanted exactly in term of publicity
and bla, bla, bla to make a story short,  when it came to what i wanted in exchange it was bit difficult- He offered a scarf and hat or a basic Tee i asked for a shirt with the Saint-James logo- I have to verify how much it would cost me, Come on! how much is a page of advertising in a newspaper? A bit more than the cost of a shirt don't  you think? - He agreed at the end  -
I asked him to send me the sample before i did any kind of advertising on my blog - I said you could mail it or send it to me by courrier - He offered to meet me and  give me the samples - I didn't want to - did not see why i should meet him  - He replied well sorry but i am not getting out of this office to go to the post office to mail  samples for a blog like .....I did not understand his logic tell you the truth - he was willing to meet me but could not go to a post office?
And  what did he mean by a blog like....anyway, i said sorry not interested - I am doing this blog for fun and i do not need this shit in my life buddy! I do not need your attitude or your stupid samples à la con  
I did not have a chance to finish my sentence the B.... hang up on me
Here goes good manners in the wonderful world of fashion!
Next time you want to do business with me be kind, considerate and courteous -
I hope you enjoyed this post
I will see you soon
Have a good weekend
Je vous fais la bise
Ariane xxxx


Connie said...

What a lot of adventures you are having...and looking adorable the entire time. You do NOT look like a table cloth! Men!

Melanie said...

I have to say I am in love with your first and last outfits in particular - but all are amazing. I can't believe that guy!!! You would be doing him a favour by doing a review - doesn't he realize how popular you are, how many committed fans you have? What an idiot!! Now I will remember that brand for its rudeness. Not a good way to do PR. Your requests were not unreasonable at all.

sabine said...

for a start, congratulations for your cool reaction to an unprofessional rude guy!
as before i love your style, today expecially your red dress, and of the dress especially the ethno-pattern, i have some tablecloth in ethno-pattern and if necessary i can use them as a wrap-around skirt.
call me crazy but with some summer shoes i do it nearly like the shop clerk tells you. i wear them not a whole week but some days with plastered feet and as soon as the wounds are healed the shoes fit perfectly. and no, i'm not a masochist i use special blister plaster.
as always when i'm reading your post with a great smile on my face! lieben gruß von sabine

The Dainty Dolls House said...

The first outfit is amazing, love the design and colour and yes, wear it cause you love it!! And what a rude guy on the phone, some companies think they can just think they can treat others how they like, but they forget that bloggers are their customers just as much as those that don't blog and we should be treated with respect!! So rude to hang up too! Forget them. Hope you have a great weekend xx

grunge-queen said...

Such a juicy post Ariane!

First, I love the dress - so NOT like a tablecloth!!

Second, I hope you break the DMs in without much pain!

Third, I hope your neighbour adopts those cats! That one is so adorable, and winter is coming!

Lastly, well, ads in papers cost A LOT - you pay for the ink/colour and presumably pay more as newspapers reach a lot of eyeballs. But as to whether those ads have has much INFLUENCE as a blog these days is definitely to be debated!

But that guy who called you sounded very unprofessional - he should be trained in blogger outreach as he's made the big mistake of acting like a twit, which now casts the company he represents in an unfavourable light on your blog. So he accomplished the exact opposite of what he intended! You should call the PR dept. there and tell them they need a lesson in blogger outreach, bigtime!

Not that it's about getting stuff, I agree - I pretty much ignore outreach that involves my reviewing products etc in exchange for something. The only stuff I've done in the past was working with Value Village and Goodwill in DC - I did not get anything and was not expecting anything, and as you say, I did it for the fun of it!

Have a great wkend!

Kelly xoxo

pastcaring said...

Love all your outfits, especially the tablecloth dress (tell Mr D he is crazy not to love it!) The burgundy pleat skirt is fab with the yellow tights and Docs, and wearing the floaty red dress with the chunky sweater is wonderful.

That story is hilarious, the bloke sounds a total arse! The company is not worthy of you, Ariane, if that's how they conduct themselves. Keep your independence and your integrity, I say!
Have a lovely weekend, my friend. xxxx


Way to go mom! I am happy you ranted about that Saint-James guy, what a douche bag!

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

Love the first dress, love the purses, love the hand stroking the cat....hate it that you were disrespected and treated that way. I think it is important for bloggers to share these experiences with other bloggers...we need to stick together and a rude retailer needs to know that when he treats one poorly, he treats all of us poorly!

Clairejustine said...

Hi I'm a new follower to your blog, found your from The Citizen rosebud :)Love your outfits the red dress is so lovely...your have great style ...

Patti said...

I cannot do better than what your lovely daughter said about the rude clothing marketer!

Love all these looks, and the Docs are super-cool - but I agree, there would be no bleeding, blistered feet at my house either -- easy does it, I say.

Love your blog, too, and your fresh, honest writing; you are a morning treat!

Forest City Fashionista said...

I love the red print dress and it does not look like a tablecloth! Men don't know anything about women's clothing except how to take it off ;)

Yay for you telling off the St-James guy; what a jackass! I get emails occasionally from companies asking if I will promote a product or giveaway on my blog, but whenever I reply to ask for more information, I never hear back from them - so unprofessional!

Lynn Dylan said...

Ariane, I love fall as well! One of my favorite times of year. That and springtime. It is so very humid and hot here in summertime in North Carolina, just almost too hot to enjoy clothes! Love all of these outfits. Too bad about the attitude of the fashion man. Someone nice will come along and offer!!


Vix said...

I love that first dress on you, Arianne! It's a very attractive tablecloth, Mr D must go to some extremely fancy dinners! Loving those pink suede boots, too!
I hope that gorgeous cat get's adopted, I love him!
What a stupid man he sounds (the PR man, not Mr D). I must admit that I turn down all the stuff I get offered, I blog for me not to sell stuff to my friends (unless it was something I used already like Barry M products or a charity shop).

Sissly said...

Great blog and beautiful photos!
Following you on Bloglovin and GFC :)


M.S. said...

Hi, I'm a new follower from the blog hop:) Love the dress on the first picture. It's amazing:)

Danisha said...

Coucou Ariane! J'adore ta première robe et ton legging noir et blanc ! Wahh!! Bisouxx bon week-end

Jaana Kim said...

Hi found today your blog and it was really nice...I´m your new follower! Great job dear!
Would be nice if you come visit me too=) And follow if you like :-)! Have a great weekend!


Debbi@SheAccessorizesWell said...

Ariane, first, I love all your outfits but especially the one with the leather jacket. That is one cool outfit.
I have decided to not take sponsored posts and your experience confirms why I don't want to do it. What the heck was he thinking. He contacted you and he should've been professional in his dealings. That is one shop I would bypass.

Caramella said...

What a rude guy! You look great in that outfit. I also like to recycle clothes. I am now following you.

Dressing Up For Me said...


As usual you outfits are `delicious´. You´ll always be my color inspiration!

As for that PR guy,oh well, it´s his loss and not yours. Your more worth it than he can ever imagine.

Enjoy the weekend!

Bohemian vanity said...

Men haha - you look fabby in that dress !!! I really like how youre matching your clothes ! And i deffo felt in love with that b/w pants ! Have a nice weekend ! XX Tani


Loving all your outfits, but above all the 80s jacket and the crazy gorgeous bagas, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.
I am an autumn person too, but do not mind the mild winters in the south of Spain. Thankgod the heat is over, ahhhhhhhhhhhh.
I am so glad to have met you, dear Ariane.

Cambria said...

Huge fan of the wine coloured skirt and black/white leggings! Such fun.

<3 Cambria

CityScape Skybaby said...

The "tablecloth" dress is stunning Ariane, and I love your second outfit too, it's so cute on you, the boots are a beautiful colour so I hope you can break them in. All the outfits look good, I love big jumpers too.

That man sounds so rude, I'm glad you didn't let him away with it. I didn't realise your daughter followed you here, that's so sweet, my daughter won't even add me on Facebook. :(

Mrs. D said...

I love the second outfit the most. As for wearing the boots with blisters for a week, screw that. I've had Dr Martens boots for longer than half of my life and had never heard anything like that!
As for the guy wanting to sponsor- I don't understand people. If he holds your blog in such disregard why was he contacting you in the first place? The logic surpasses me...

Misfits Vintage said...

The first dress is fabulous! And as for that dude, well, people suck. There's no rhyme nor reason, no logic to it - people are often just douchebags. Sarah xxx

The Pugnacious Vegetarian said...

Hi! Here's some answers to your comment on my blog: I have six cats, but one of them escaped and we have been in the process of trying to catch him for a month. Quorn is made out of fungus, but it mimics chicken well. Kale is a very hearty green that sometimes is used at a salad bar garnish, but is oh so tasty!

I really like that first dress! The pattern is gorgeous! I think you look wonderful in the pink and burgundy and yellow. I am in the market for a new pair of Docs. My 8 holes are 20 years old and my oxfords are 6 years old. Where is the Doc Marten shop in Montreal? I might just have to make a trip up. I am due for a Lush run anyway :)

I hope you neighbor can take those kitties!

Thrifted Shift said...

Good for you for refusing! Your time is valuable and your blog deserves respect. People who waste your time and don't respect your blog don't deserve your time or energy. Also, I love your "tablecloth" dress, the horse top from the last post, and the yellow sweater from two posts ago!! Have a great rest of your weekend!

Ribambelle said...

Love the Black/White Leggings :)

Maybe we can follow each other?
Just let me know :)

Krista said...

I love the table cloth dress :) You look amazing! The one below it with your docs is sweet too! I just ordered some new docs and I will try that mine are pale pink with white lace so I can wear them with a bunch.

Screw that dude! I'm so glad you gave him a big ole FU!

kaffesoester said...

Sorry I'm behind with my comment! You have so many fantastic outfits, but the tablecloth dress is my top favorite! It's just so incredibly beautiful!

Living in Scandinavia I (and nearly everyone else here) feel exactly the same way about winter! It's too long, too cold, and above all: Too dark! Every year when we reach autumn I want to emigrate to warmer places - like Spain!

I'm glad to hear that you told that Saint James person off!

Lorena said...

What an asshole !!!
Arghhhh i would have been SO VERY UPSET !
I think he probably had a crush on you and wanted to see you in real life.