Monday, August 13, 2012

The Rock Star wore Red Boots

Hello Gorgeous Crowd!

Blogging has been slow on my planet- I know!

But i am back now, ready to blow your mind with my fabulous sense of style!

Like Sarah of Misfits  said and i would like to believe i belong in the same crowd as her because i love her blog so much!

I am a frigging rock Star!

But don't take me seriously

I forgot to take me ego pill today !

A question for you Ladies - I have been having problems with my pics' dimensions - they are all the same but it  seems i am having problems - They too big  but are not suppose to be?

Do you encounter problems with Blogger sometimes with your pics?


I cut my hair- I needed it -  a bit of damaged
To much coloring - I went blond crazy - Well it will teach me and hair grows anyway!


This weekend was Mr.D and I 2nd anniversary - 2 wonderful years with Mr D. I hope to have many, many more with this wonderful man

We went for sushi at a place near our house

Panda Sushi 

We drank a special wine for the occasion - Chateau Margaux 2001 


I bought the dress this winter on sale
 I Remember spotting this dress, but $50 was a bit much for what it was
I finally purchased for half the price



Le bolero ( that's the sleeveless vest can not remember the word in english!)
was purchased this winter  $5
The boots are new - Purchased at Yellow - This is a store that has the best value for your money - It is between Aldo and Payless but lots better than Payless!
I think i will get a lot of wear for the money i spent which is reasonable  $50

ChouChou News

He has thyroid problem
Poor cat he lost a lot of weight, his sight is not so good
He is on medication beginning today
Hopefully he will get better
Going for a blood test in a month to check if he gets the right dosage


Hope you enjoyed this post

I will be over at Patti's Visible Monday and Monday Mingle

Je vous fais la bise




Lynne DeVenny said...

Your hair looks great, and I love the glasses. Awesome red boots. I wore my thrifted red pumps today - as close as I can get to rocker chic for the boring ol' office :P

Helga! said...

O,darling ChouChou! Thank goodness you got him to the vet! My friend had a cat with thyroid problems,and with medication she lived a long life!
Looking very rock star indeed,sweetie! Let that ego soar!!! XXXXXXX

Jean at www.drossintogold.com said...

What do you mean, your hair will grow?!!! You look outrageously beautiful! The cut and color are so pretty!

Congratulations on your anniversary. Your outfit shouts with joy and happiness. Red is an auspicious color, I believe, and the boots really are a steal.

I hope your kitty feels better. Have a wonderful week!

Connie said...

Pretty spinning dress. Pretty flower. Give the kitty a big hug. I'm sure the vet will fix him up.
Happy anniversary!

Thrifted Shift said...

What a fun outfit! I hope ChouChou feels better soon! It's so hard when a pet is sick!

The Style Crone said...

This is a very special outfit and looks spectacular with your hair. How you caught the 'twirl' I'll never know.

Happy Anniversary to you and Mr. D - and many more!

Patti said...

Happy anniversary to you! You look ready for celebrating, I love your new dress and boots and your sassy hair. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

CityScape Skybaby said...

Poor Kitty, hope she improves with the medication. Happy Anniversary too! Your short hair looks really cute, lucky you, if I had to get my hair chopped it wouldn't be such a pretty sight. And that's a great dress and boots, I love it when you lust after something then get it in the sales. xx

Melanie said...

You ARE a frocking rock star! Incroyable style. That first photo is so wonderful - the colours are vivid, the focus is excellent, and you look mysterious and very rock-starrish. Congratulations on your second anniversary with Mr. D! I'm glad you found out the problem with ChouChou. His medication should help a lot.

Misfits Vintage said...

The word in English is bolero! You look so gorgeous - yay for red boots and rock stars. Hope your kitty responds well to the medication. And happy anniversary! Sarah xxx

Megan said...

In those red boots you are totally a star! Love them.

Happy anniversary!

Clara Turbay said...

Unmistakable style, classy and sophistication with a cool and youthful touch.

Heather said...

Happy Anniversary may you be blessed with many more how about more than you can count :) ~ You look gorgeous Rock ON!! and poor kitty so glad you know why now hopefully that med will kick in and Kitty will be feeling better soon!! ~Enjoy your week Oh and i almost forgot your hair looks cute!! Love Heather

Boheme.Fille said...

Beautiful outfit! Love the bright colors!
I really hope ChouChou gets better!

wardrobeexperience said...

you look so great in red! pretty cool red booties ...


Lorena said...

Your pictures look great and you look beautiful as always :)
The only picture that seems a little oversized is the one of Chou CHou.

pastcaring said...

Hurray for Rock Star Ariane!
Love your gamine hair cut, it does suit you so well short, very Mia Farrow.
And you look amazing in red.
Happy anniversary, and give darling ChouChou a cuddle from me. xxxx

Psycho Cat said...

Those red boots are just amazing :)

Krista said...

Happy Anniversary to you guys! You look gorgeous and that is some twirl you captured:)

Vix said...

Sending you lots of anniversary love and best wishes for poor ChouChou and his thyroid problems. I'm beside myself with worry if one of our cats is ill, I can't bear it.
Love that sweet bolero, it's darling on you! xxx

just me said...

you look beautiful with your blonde hair :) and the red dress is stunning.

The Jones said...

Cute haircut...and AMAZING red dress! I love red dresses more than anything :)

<3 Cambria

Forest City Fashionista said...

Love the sassy short hair cut - looks great on you! Congratulations on your two year anniversary; hope there are many more. That is such a cool outfit; I love the bold red, and the swingy, swirly, shape of the dress.

kaffesoester said...

I too love your new hair cut! I think you look even younger now. The bolero is incredibly beautiful, it could be Mexican or Norwegian. It's very odd that both cultures have these colourful traditional embroideries.

Mrs. D said...

Love love love this look, particularly the red boots (I have a thing for read shoes, I may have mentioned this many times before hehe)

As for Blogger, it is crap sometimes. It also seems that it will depend on the browser. I normally use Chrome at home and IE at work. Despite blogger now being part of the google empire and Chrome its official browser it seems like certain things don't translate as well on it (for isntance, I can't see my followers on Chrome, only on IE, I can't put pics side by side on Chrome, only on IE and there's a whole lot of other stupid things that annoyingly don't work properly!) So yea, sometimes it may be an issue with the browser as well, as I learned myself after many times of feeling like throwing my laptop agaisnt the wall out of sheer frustration!

Chouchou <3