Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Thrift Finds and Guest Stars!

Hi  lovely Ladies

Hope you are having a pleasant week!

It has been a while since i shared my purchases and thrift finds with you Girls!

Last week i went to another of my favorite places

Atelier Vio-Li  which is located in my neighborhood

The shop carries second hand clothing and Eco friendly Fashion

There was a sale! yep again!

This is what i purchased -well... one of the items,  there were several pieces, but who can resist, right?

I found this 60s inspired  dress made with recycled fabrics for $10


Again  a dress  i  purchased made with recycled fabrics - $10

Skirt made with vintage fabric - $10


This is Atelier Vio-Li


More fabulous thrift finds at Atelier Vio-Li




I think it is an interesting way to display earrings


We have guest stars today ....members of my family- the ones who are not camera shy

JM my son

Sunnies - Ray Ban
Tee- Retail

Gorgeous like his Mom!



 And Clement -  Mr. D's grandson posing for me for the first time

He always shows me his latest fashion finds and he is pleased when i agree with his fashion statements

It was back to school shopping for him

He purchased -

Tee and Hat - Urban Outfitters
Jeans - H&M - BTW, I love the color
Belt - Made with safety belts -

 The kid is a natural


Close up of Clement's belt
Purchased at a street fair in my neighborhood




I hope you enjoyed this post
Sorry Patti i missed Visible Monday this week
I will be back soon!
Je vous fais la bise
Ariane xxxx


Terri said...

Ariane--Vio Li looks like a cool shop. I really like the bright paneled skirt. And how cool to meet other family members.

Joni said...

I love the word Atelier and by the looks of the shop I'd be going there myself if you didn't live so far away. YOu always find cute stuff...but really, I think you look good in anything! You have fantastic style and a handsome son! ;)

just me said...

wow once again you show amazing pieces and finds :)

The Dainty Dolls House said...

You look super!! What a fab shop, love the cream looking dress with the flowers on it, so pretty! Your son is very handsome and so is the boy below, they pose so well :)) I hope the rest of your week is grand :) x

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

I NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED to visit that shop with you at closing time. We can dress as mannequins and "hide" in the shop window until the shop people go home, then play dress ups for hours and hours and hours!!!!! When they reopen in the morning, some of the frocks will look even a wee bit more re-fashioned and we will run away with all the feather earrings hooked into our knickers. xoxoxooxoxoxoxo

grunge-queen said...

Love the dress; the print reminds me of a beloved dress I had in the 90s. Lovely to see your guests and their style! :)

Vix said...

That shop looks so cool, it's given me loads of inspiration for my next project. That dress you bought is gorgeous and worn to your usual faultless perfection. xxx

Patti said...

What a great looking shop - I can see all kinds of treats there that would look fabulous on you, Ariane! Your son is just gorgeous too (like his mum!) and Mr. D's grandson is a natural model. xoxoxoxo

Misfits Vintage said...

The shops looks fantastic! Your dresses are GORGEOUS and your boys are BEAUTIFUL! Little man's seat belt belt is awesome - I had one in the 80s!

Sarah xxx

Megan said...

Love the dress you are wearing and the dress you bought. Very funky!

Lisa D. said...

so fashionable you are! and great looking guys!

The Jones said...

Vio Li looks like such a funky and snazzy place to shop! No wonder you always have so many great prints and colours :) Handsome men in your photos too this post...great idea to wear seatbelt belt.

<3 Cambria

sabine said...

can't tell you which of your beautiful findings i like best! they are perfectly wonderful. i think you look cute in each of it! never thought that you have an adult son, although i know your daughter has just married.

pastcaring said...

That shop looks great. I must admit, I am often less keen on the reworked vintage stuff I have seen, but the pieces you have posted are lovely, especially the green print dress, very cute!
Your son and Mr. D's grandson are very handsome boys! xxxxxx

Boheme.Fille said...

Love all the colorful items you bought!

Cool guys you have there! :D

Helga! said...

Such a fabulous shop! I love your little 60's frock,soooo pretty!That Indian skirt is amazing,I'm sure you need it! XXX

Melanie said...

You are awesomely pretty in these photos, so summery and fresh in that dress. My heart beats wildly for that maxi Oriental-style dress. All great finds. The boys are so handsome. Love that seatbelt belt!

kaffesoester said...

That shop looks like heaven to me! All the colours and patterns, and the clothes that looks like nothing you can get anywhere else! Your sandals are very cute and the bright green is great with your colours.

I don't suppose they sell online and ship to Europe?


What a handsome bunch you all are.
You have to take me to that atelien, my dear Ariane, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh