Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Vintage Find - Or i Died and went to Heaven

Hi Ladies

Last week i went to one of my favorite vintage spot  La Gaillarde -  and realized that there was a sale going on!

Vintage sale oh my! I died and went to Heaven!

Some items had a 50% reduction tag

Like this beauty i spotted this spring but found a bit to expensive for my taste


I do not know what the fabric is, it feels like satin - all soft and not tick like some vintage fabric
The photo shoot was quite comfortable -

The sandals! that was a great find to but there is a problem - the reverse side of the straps are black, the color ran over my feet - result- disgusting black feet - took a brush to get it off - do you know what to do to prevent the dye from running ?

What i shall i do? - need one of your clever solutions ladies!


I got those fabulous shades as a gift


Mr. D and I are going to a soccer game this weekend - Our local team is called L'impact - L'impact is a member of the MLS League

I hate hockey too much violence -but i love a soccer game and plus it will be at the New Saputo Stadium

This soccer game is a special humanitarian event for us -  - I might have some interesting pics maybe...will see... maybe with the drop dead gorgeous players!


ChouChou News
That is my cat for those who do not know who is Chouchou

He is doing fine, taking is medication twice a day- being very docile and cooperative


Hope you enjoyed this post

I will be back soon

Je vous fais la bise

Ariane xxxx


Forest City Fashionista said...

Love the colours in the dress! Not sure what to suggest about the shoe issue, that's too bad, they are very cute.

Mary Lou said...

woooow oh my god it seems you really went to heaven! that dress is an fabulousness overdose! absolutely gorgous!

pastcaring said...

Oh I would have fought you for that dress, especially at half price! The colours, the sheen, the print, the ruffle - I love it!
You look SO cool with your new haircut and those shades.
Haven't got a clever solution to your shoe issue, apart from giving the straps a really good clean. Which is obvious!
Glad to hear ChouChou is doing well. xxxxxx

Psycho Cat said...

This is one amazing dress :D

Lorena said...

I am glad to hear that Chou Chou is better, and you my dear look like an angel in that dress :)

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

You look so fabulous in this, Ariane, that I do not know how you passed it up the first time...but you were wise to wait. It looks like it was made just for you! Beautiful!

Connie said...

Massively wonderful dress! Too bad about the shoes because they are pretty nice! Insoles???? Glad Chou Chou is doing better ^-^

Patti @ NotDeadYet Style said...

You are stunning, mon amie! I don't have advice for the shoes, sorry - except maybe wipe down the inside with a soapy cloth?

Hooray for ChouChou, good boy : >

Katrina Blanchalle said...

That dress really suits you! I don't know what to do about the sandals though. I remember having some dye leakage from suede boots many years ago, stained my socks AND feet, but I didn't come up with any particular solution. I think my feet were blue for a while.
Glad ChouChou is taking the medicine, and I sure hope you will have good news for us at the next visit to the vet. Lucky ChouChou to have you taking care of him!

Melanie said...

I'm so glad you could get this for 50% off! It looks soft and light, and the colours are incredible. I wish I had a cure for your black dye problem - those shoes are perfect with this and your pink toes.

Jean at www.drossintogold.com said...

Too bad about the shoes! I think they're worth it though, because they look great. Just don't remove them in public.

Your dress is gorgeous!!!! I love the vintage-y feel, yet it's perfectly contemporary. Lovely. XXOO

Heather said...

Wow Ariane!! You look absolutely beautiful I think that dress was made just for you it is stunning!! I wish I had a suggestion about the shoes I have no idea??? I hope you figure it out ~Great Dress!! Love Heather

josep-maria badia said...

A lovely dress, with orange shoes make a great outfit.

kaffesoester said...

You look like you've lost weight in this outfit - or maybe you have? The colours are great, and I love the shoes. I don't have any advice to offer about the colour problem, but I do hope you solve it. The sunglasses are fantastic!

kaffesoester said...

You look like you've lost weight in this outfit - or maybe you actually have? The shoes are so great, I hope you find a solution to the colour problem. I love the sunglasses!

Mrs. D said...

SALE! the magic word! Great find indeed, so colourful!
Maybe wear the shoes with tights? I love me some socks and sandals :)

I will wait for the soccer eye candy, sounds interesting!

Good to know about Chouchou, hope he gets better quick!

Happy Friday!

Boheme.Fille said...

Beautiful dress! Too bad about the shoes! Glad ChouChou is getting better!

CityScape Skybaby said...

you're doing well in the sales! Wish I had a useful suggestion for the shoes, maybe the staining will get less with time, so you should wear them lots to get all the dye out quickly? It's a good excuse to wear them anyway. Glad to hear ChouChou is doing well. xx

The Jones said...

Soooooo glad ChouChou is ok! And great sale find...love the silky fabric and bright colours, it's so you!

<3 Cambria

... said...

Found your blog through Odyssey Home, and I'm so glad that I did! Perhaps try Marker Fixative for the black straps.


Nora Fab said...

You look like a movie star with this dress and shades.



Terri said...

This dress is simply gorgeous and it must have had your name on it to still be there when the sale happened! I have no suggestion for the shoes...

Kate Frenkel said...

Beautiful dress!!! I also like your hair style!!! Blond is definitely your colour.
Thanks for nice comment on my blog!!!
Have a nice weekend!

Joni James said...

That is some of the most luscious fabric I've ever seen! The dress fits you fabulously too. I would have snatched that up immediately without a doubt if I'd seen it in a shop.
Is that a new haircut? I love it short like that.

Joni James said...

Oh, and about the shoe problem. I would suggest maybe either gluing some soft felt fabric inside with E6000, a very strong glue. Or, putting duct tape on the inside trying to keep it as smooth as possible, or some sticky backed thin fabric from the fabric store. Sticky on one side and soft on the other but don't cover the entire area of the inside. Just up close to the edge would be good I think.

grunge-queen said...

The dress ROCKS. As to the shoes, not sure, I always used to wash new dresses in slat to help the dye from running. :)

Glad to hear ChouChou is better in his meds - glad it's not diabetes either.


Thrifted Shift said...

You look so GREAT! Wow! This is one of my all time favorite looks on you! I have no idea how to get the black off your feet, though, sorry. Last week, I thrifted a black bracelet and later discovered that every time I wash my hands (often) black dye came off on my skin. Ugh. I just threw that bracelet away. Not that I'm telling you to throw away your shoes, I'm just saying I can relate!!

triggermyfashion said...

the colors are lush

Krista said...

I love all the crazy sparkle and patterns in this dress. SCORE! The shoes are super crazy orange, love those as well.

Dawn said...

Sorry about the shoes, I have no advice other than to wear them with black socks or tights when it gets cooler. Great sale, good for you. Loving your shorter hair, looks fabulous on you. How beautiful are cats? My most favorite furry creature. Have a great day! dawn suitcase vignettes xo