Saturday, December 31, 2011

My Festive Outfit for New Year And A Bit Of Snow

Happy New Year!

Any New Year's resolutions?

But the question is do you believe in New Year's resolutions?

Mine if any will be to have a bit more patience, yes Ladies and Gents this gentle face is sometimes not patient and fierce!

What is your New Year's resolution?


Mr. D and I are having New Year's supper at a homeless home called La Maison du Père  and then we will all watch a TV show called Bye Bye 2011 - It is typical Quebec tradition - Everybody in Quebec watches Bye Bye 2011


I got this fabulous vintage maxi velvet skirt for $7 at a shop called La Gaillarde
The shirt I already wore - The hat $5 was thrifted at Renaissance


A first for me - I took a little video of the snow storm we had this week - I was waiting for the bus at the subway station - What you can not see because of the snow is the Olympic Tower and Stadium

Untitled from ariane lasalle on Vimeo.

Hope you had or will have a Happy New Year and i will be back in 2012

Bonne Année!

Je vous fais la bise

Ariane xxxxxx

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Christmas Story

Bonjour and Merry Holidays to all!
How was your Christmas?
Did you have lots of fun, did you eat too much?
Was Santa good to you this year?
I am really interested in how you celebrate Christmas - so tell me!

I am not overly excited by Christmas and New Year but it is nice when family gathers together in a joyful and peaceful manner - It is not easy it seems- but i think everybody should make the effort and if possible for a moment  put aside all family issues . There are so many people that are not as fortunate as a lot of us - We should take a minute to realize that maybe all those family issues, fights disagreements are trivial compare to all the suffering that is going on around the globe.



Santa was really good to me - Told him i did not need anything but he was overly generous with me and give me an Ipad - Could not believe it - i told him he was out of his mind...Santa is sometimes over the top!! But i admit being a techno freak i was so, so happy.


But for me the greatest gift is spending quality time with Mr. D!


And plus we got snow for Christmas!


As you can see I did not embrace the stores' uniform -All the shops suggested bling and sparkles - i have nothing against bling and sparkles but i prefer my own version of a festive frock, plus it did not cost me much

$5 skirt at atelier Vio-Li - $2  blouse at Saint- Vincent de Paul- $1 belt at Renaissance and $8 shoes -  

Mr. D's grandson, who is 10 made his first cake! He told me - Ariane do not bake a cake i am doing it!
Well, look at his work of art! Pretty good for a first cake, the kid has talent!


Mr. D played Santa, this is tradition, he goes in the basement, puts on his Santa's costume while we distract the youngster's attention, she is 6 and still believes in Santa -

Here he is! Our very own Santa!


Take care of yourselves!

Je vous fais la bise and i will be back soon

Ariane xxxxxx

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Dots-

Bonjour Ladies

Well it is almost Christmas! Are you ready? I am not! I took it pretty easy this year - But i will be ready!
It was the doctors' day today - The GP and the specialist, and of course they didn't have the same diagnostic - One said it was a tendinitis, the orthopedist said it is a severe frozen shoulder, no cortisone shot! it would not help he said - On the other hand, the GP said - I wonder why i didn't want to give you a cortisone shot, it would had help - Go figure! But one thing is certain - I need more physio, this they agreed on and i am keeping my narcotics for the pain - Will see how it goes - 

Some Ladies said i look fab despite all that pain, well...here is the secret - I sleep and rest a lot, this is why  i still look half decent -

After the seeing the orthopedist i went for a latte and red velvet cupcake at my favorite place in NDG - Cafe Shaika

After seeing the GP, by the way, i saved $100! I had again papers to be fill out for the insurance - The orthopedist did it for $40- So i stopped at H&M and got me those fabulous polka dot palazzo pants - They were on sale $15 - Hourra! for the sales rack at H&M!


I had a look around for Izzy's gift but not telling you what she will get - She reads my blog!
Downtown was busy- Last minutes shoppers-  they will never learn!

I purchased the sweater at Salvation Army - $3
The hat was $1 at St-Vincent de Paul


I have been awarded the Liebster Award by lovely Patti


Liebster means "dearest" in German, and this award is given to bloggers with fewer than 200 followers. The stipulations of the award are as follows:

1. Thank the giver and link back to the blogger who gave it to you.
2. Reveal your 5 blogger picks and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.
3. Copy and paste the award on your blog.
4. Hope that the people you have sent the award to will forward it to their favorite bloggers.

So these a few of my favorites and it is so hard to choose

Ladies and perhaps Gents, i wish a very merry Christmas with your loved ones

Thank for reading and appreciating what i do - Love you all and i will see you soon!

Je vous fais la bise de Noel

Ariane xxxx

Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Swap And a Lot To Say!

Hello Ladies,

First and foremost, i am very pleased to say that i reached my 100 followers, well since yesterday 101-
So pleased, happy, excited, honored, touched  that you Ladies and maybe Gentlemen appreciate my blog, my pics, my style, my colors, my creativity and if you want to add, please feel free to say so...

Lets begin with the Christmas Swap. The lovely Pam of Over50feeling40 sent me these lovely gifts .


I enjoy Pam's blog immensely - She is a witty, sweet, creative, stylish Lady and you should check her blog out - Pam is the queen of positive attitude and her words make you want to conquer the universe!


I froze my little behind to take those pics yesterday - 

Great news! - I found this morning that lovely Just Me made me one of her favorite blog - Thank you! You made me feel like a million today!


This weekend Mr. D and I participated to Dr. Julien's guignolee - I could not find an equivalent word in english - lets say that it is an event in order to collect donations for Social Pediatrics - an organization devoted to the well being of children -

Here is the link of Dr Julien's work

Mr D. who was the organizer of the event and I  drove  all day downtown distributing snacks, toes and hands warmers to volunteers collecting money for Dr Julien.  It was a lot of fun and all for a good and important cause.


On Sunday Mr. D and I made french Canadian meat pies and apple pies for Christmas - Dear Mr. D did most of the work - can not do much these days with the tendinitis, yes the bloody thing still hurts - went to the GP last week - i am presently on narcotics to control the pain and made an appointment to see an orthopedist this week, might need a cortisone shot -


I am wearing -

Hat - Zara
Leather Jacket Thrifted
Flower - Pam's Gift
Plaid Shirt - Pam's Gift
Turtleneck Thrifted
Orange Jeans - Zara
Cowboy Boots - Thrifted
Ring - Pam's gift

Enjoy - Peace on Earth- I will be back before Christmas

Je vous fais la bise

Ariane xxxxx

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Two Outfits And Some Of My Thrift Finds

Bonjour à vous toutes!

Well I hate to say it, but it is still crappy weather out here- I think we are having November weather in December, grey, rainy, miserable! I want snow! some people might say she is crazy! But X-Mas without snow hummmm...

Today's post will be about 2 outfits and thrift finds


I took that pic last week i think while it was still nice outside - back to my old self - colors, colors but what is life without colors!

Here are some of my thrift finds

 Vintage polyester  skirt- Atelier Vio-Li - $5

This amazing skirt was more expensive because it is recycle fashion but i got a special price for being a good customer at Atelier Vio-Li

This skirt looks like the one Grace Kelly wore in Hitchcock's movie - Rear Window 


$2 - St-Vincent De Paul

Second outfit - This thrifted summer dress is paired  with a Forever 21 sweater

More thrift items

Bill Blass's Skirt - Renaissance  $4

Marabou feathers Sweater - St-Vincent de Paul - $2

Sweater $4 - Thrifted at Renaissance

60's Sweater - $3 - Renaissance

Have a great day Ladies - Enjoy - 

Je vous fais la bise - Ariane xxxxx 

Monday, December 12, 2011

All Done Up For A Party

Hi Ladies!

I hope your weekend was enjoyable! It was freezing cold in Montreal, very humid -Bit a snow and ice on the ground today but a sunny day!
I am waiting for the first real snow storm - I like to watch and i do not have to shovel, Mr. D does that, he is the expert and I am very happy - Who shovels in your household, are you as lucky as me?


Saturday we went to Mr. D's office Christmas party - Mr. D did my makeup - You see Ladies, Mr. D is professional makeup artist - I did freelance work  on various photo shoots and even won contests  many years ago -


I am not used to so much make up - He did an evening look - When i looked at myself in full lights, i said oh boy! it is a lot, but in evening lights it is perfect - I did  my hair different et voilà! absolutely chic!

Added effects to get a dramatic look - These a full lips baby!



The dress was purchased at H & M on sale. I never pay full price at H&M always go for the sales rack. This was $50 and got it at $20 - That is a good deal, it is better quality and i liked the vintage feel, this dress is me

Do you wait for the Sales or pay full price?

I took the pics in my atelier in the basement - i am getting used to the light but the ceiling is low- i find it looks a bit bizarre, but i will find a way- any suggestions for a low ceiling?


Cat news - Leo is still in the basement but this morning came up the basement stairs - smelled is way around saw Chou - Chou and went down - Chou- Chou is a rascal! when not happy or demands attention he breaks Christmas ornaments in the tree - He broke one while i was writing this post!

Have a great day et je vous fais la bise

Enjoy! Ariane xxxxxxx

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Fur - Textures - Patterns and A New Cat!

Bonjour Lovely Ladies!

This morning Izzy and I hit another charity shop in Montreal which for now is selling by invitation only but  might go public, testing the waters you see... - I am not telling you where...it is a secret...But lets say it is all for very good cause and we found fabulous items -

This fur coat was $5  and the Vintage Stetson hat $2

I love it when the money you spend in thrift shop goes directly to the needy - There are so many organizations that need our help, i think it is our duty to help them out any way we can, in this case for us thrift shops addicts it makes us feel very good!- Izzy and me knew that we would find treasures....

The tweed skirt was $2

After that Izzy and I went for a little treat - For her Cappuccino and a red velvet cupcake and Mom got an Americano and also a red velvet cupcake


Here a few pics of Leo the new cat! He is still anxious and terrified but getting better- He now climbs the basement stairs but the door remains shut for the moment.
The pics were taken with my Ipod - easier for the time being, but there will better pics when he will leave the basement .

Je vous fais la bise xxxxx

Enjoy! - Ariane

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Saint Vincent the Paul's Treasures

 Bonjour Fabulous Ladies

First and foremost, i would like to welcome my new followers - It is nice to see that you appreciate my work -
How was your weekend? Mine was quiet but enjoyable - Saturday Izzy and I went to the St-Vincent de Paul charity shop half price sale. We came back with a lot of stuff. Izzy is a mean shopper, she is fast at finding interesting items, it took less than 5 minutes for her to say - Mom i need your help! Her shopping basket was full and she was carrying more stuff in her arms...

This is one of the dress i found at St-Vincent de Paul Charity Shop for $2
The dress has a fur trim

On Sunday Mr. D and I went back to HocheCafe on Ontario Street - He was doing some work and i was replying to all your nice comments Ladies!


I wore the dress with a Vintage Rodier cardigan that i purchased at  Fringues &  Cie ( YWCA)  for 50 cents!

I have read some thrift shop tips and a Lady mentioned not to buy garment with stains. This cardigan was 50 cents because there was a little stain. Stains does not worry me - you will find it funny,  but i assess the stain - i have a good eye to figure if it will come out, and i am usually right - There are good products out there that will remove stains or you can always find great tips on the Internet about stain removal -


Other news - We have a new cat! Leo - He is hiding in the basement, he is terrified at the moment, Chou Chou my other cat gave him a hard time last night, I cleaned up a few accidents last night.... so for the moment until Leo settles down,  Chou Chou lives upstairs and Leo in the basement
Any tips for me you cat lovers to make the transition easier for Leo?

I have won a photo contest on Streets and People - i came in 6th and won a digital camera - This is the winning pic - I took this pic this summer -

I have joined Instagram - You do not have to join Instagram to see the pics - Just click on the Instagram badge on the upper right end side and you will the pics.  I will post all sorts of pics, some you have seen and some not - I am stylesudest on Instagram if you choose to follow me -


Today i have joined Tammy's and Patti's site - go see the pics of those fabulous Ladies
I hope you will have a great day

Je vous fais la bise Mesdames

Ariane xxxxx

Friday, December 2, 2011

I Have Made A Discovery

Hi Ladies!
I hope that you are all doing well, pretty quiet around here except for the ever chatty cat that sometimes drives me insane especially those nights when i can't sleep, a bit of insomnia  you see, courtesy of Ms menopause, anyhoo...i try to be quiet but this cat will not shut up - Any suggestions?  He is very insecure probably because he was abandoned or he has a mental dysfunction, i do not know...I love him dearly but this feline is difficult to figure out...


For the past 2 days the news have been talking about a 15 year old school girl who committed suicide because she was a victim of intimidation at school - She left a long letter to her mother explaining why she wanted to end her life, she could not take it anymore, she ask for help but apparently it was not taken seriously  - This is very sad and it is big problem in our primary and high schools. Is this a problem in your part of the world? We heard on the news high school students saying  that there is not much that can be done and you just have to survive those 5 years in high school - It is very sad - I remember my difficult high school years, what about you?



I have found this week in my neighborhood a St-Vincent de Paul charity shop - This is the real deal! It is cheap, it is run by charming old ladies who can become your friends and put aside for you those fabulous pieces, plus you can keep an eye of the volunteers opening those big green garbage bags full of  treasures so if you see something great you can grab it fast + it is full of local characters  and the place is loaded with great stuff!
They are having a sale on Saturday everything will be half price. I have been twice so far, and going back with Izzy on Saturday, here are a few pics... 

This is the building



I was wearing for this post -

Hat - Gift from Mr. D
Jacket - Recycled fashion purchased at Cul de Sac
Vintage Suede Skirt- Fringues &Cie YWCA Montreal
Shoes - Thrifted at Renaissance Montreal

Enjoy et je vous fais la bise

Ariane  xxxxxx