Monday, November 28, 2011

A Dress For Winter

 Hello Ladies on this grey Monday in Montreal
The snow is all gone  I guess the Snow Queen will be retiring for a bit but i promise she will come back!

Because le tapis blanc disapeared i had a chance to shoot outside this weekend - This a dress i thrifted this summer and it has been winterized, don't you like to remix your summer clothes in the winter?  I do!


How was your weekend by the way? Mine was quiet but nice - It is hockey season, my son has ongoing invitation every Saturday - he watches the hockey with Mr. D's son - We provide the food and they scream and shout in the living room - Mr. D and I stay in the kitchen, much safer and quiet!

On Sunday we took are PCs and drove to this new cafe in the neighborhood - The place is very popular, It has WIFI that is why it is so popular! and the latte is excellent and the sugary treats are to die for! Have a look at the place....It is packed with hipsters, artists, students...the neighborhood is changing alright!

The pics were taken with my Ipod


On Friday i met Mr. D downtown - i had to drop forms at the insurance company - we had a stroll and stopped at a camera shop, I would like a 35mm- 50mm f1.4 lense for my camera - it takes sharp pictures of a subject and leaves the rest blury- do you think i might it for X-Mas?



After the camera shop we stopped for  a glass of wine at Alexandre downtown - On the way to the car we stopped at Le Pain DorĂ© to get some baguettes, and saw those cute eatable Christmas characters - they were made of Marzipan and chocolate Mr. D bought 2 for the grand kids!


I was wearing -

Jacket - Thrifted at Rambroux et Cie
Dress - Thrifted at Renaissance Montreal
Thights - H&M
Shoes - H&M
The necklace is a gift from Venise Italy

Go see the Fab Ladies at Patti's

See you soon Fabulous Ladies et je vous fais la bise

Ariane xxxx

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Snow Queen

Bonjour Lovely Ladies!

Well it's here! the white stuff, la neige, le tapis blanc, the white disturbance, call it as you like it, but yesterday, it hit Montreal!

But there is something kind of romantic about the first snow and just the first snow!
I am looking through the veranda door this morning while typing this post and i admit the snow on the trees, on the century old garage, on the lawn, on the fish pound is pretty- But in February i  will not find it so romantic and wish for Spring to come.

i have read your comments and it seems that male species is the same all over the world! with some exceptions of course - My Mr. D is somewhat making different choices in term of style, like purchasing a pair of fantastic Steve Madden boots in NY and wanting to grow his hair a bit and adding a little color to his wardrobe - can not wait to see how the hair will look longer - Mr. D is a 58 year old with lots of hair- who is the lucky girl!

I was up early this morning, like most mornings, menopause will do that to you , a couple of hot flashes and you are up! I can not sleep in the mornings anymore - but it is a good thing! this is positive thinking again! And I like to get an early start anyway.

Since i have been on sick leave, I like to rise before daybreak - - Gives me a chance to see Mr. D before he leaves for work - I make a fresh pot of coffee and go about my day...

So today i am going to the doctor's office to have my insurance papers filled out - Do you think i will have more than 15 minutes of his time? After all I paid $100 for that... and later i am meeting F from the YWCA to play English teacher...

I was wearing
Faux Fur Jacket Thrifted many years ago at boutique Cul de Sac
Hat - Thrifted at Renaissance Montreal
Skirt - Thrifted at Renaissance Montreal
Victorian Booties that i found in my old apartment - Thrifted at Renaissance
Gloves - Betsey Johnson

Enjoy et je vous fais la bise xxxxxx


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Color and Pattern - What Is In Your Man's Closet -

Hello Ladies -

It is a glorious -1 this morning, for now on, the shoots will be done inside unless it gets a little bit warmer - yes in my dreams, but you never know!
 I have a great spot to shoot in the house - the front entrance, it is spacious and full of sunshine and i have written down  my settings which makes it easier to shoot but still, i struggle with the framing and composition which is not easy when shooting alone with a tripod and remote - Let me ask you a couple of questions - How many of you use a tripod and remote? and how many lucky ones have a regular photographer? How many pictures do you take before you say ok this is good?  i take up to 80 pictures sometimes and choose 4 or 5, what about you?

Other subject....what is in your man's closet and what does he think of Vintage or second hand garments?  Mr. D is the typical North American heterosexual wearing mostly jeans, t-shirts, but he wears a lot of  shirts for work- He has a good selection of quality shirts that to my delight  were purchased second hand -It was not always the case,  second hand for him came watching me getting all those  fabulous items in thrift shops, bazaar...ect - Consequently, he gave it a shot and came home several times with fab $1 shirts - I am trying as well to inject a little color in his wardrobe but this is a challenge! but he purchased last year a wonderful second hand orange sweater - this is a start!

Tell me Ladies about your man's closet!

I am wearing -

Blouse thrifted gift from Mr. D
Vintage polyester shorts purchased in NY
Thights - H &M
Vintage Shoes purchased at Renaissance

Smile! Take care of yourself and je vous fais la bise xxxxxx







Friday, November 18, 2011

Groovy November

Bonjour Fabulous People!

It is a quiet Friday for me - no doctor's appointment, no physio, no massage therapist, no nothing and this good - Yesterday was busy - I had to drop papers to be filled out by the doctor for my short term disability insurance, and by the way this cost me a  $100 -! I almost choked! We have a public health care system here but it seems that the extras are very lucrative for the doctors, anyhoo, hooo and more hoooo, better not complain too much, I have a family doctor and around here this is what a good part  of the population  is dreaming to have -

What else did i do...I dropped my insurance claims downtown, made a video for Vix in the park, she wanted to ear my voice, wanted to know if i sounded a bit like Colette in Pan Am... but she could not opened my video e-mail,  too bad, but good too, i looked funny, you know when you are filming yourself and you do not know where to look but at same time you want  to look at the screen just to see how you look like, oh well...

Good News! physio is starting to work, less pain! first time in 4 weeks that the pain is endurable, but still need to do more physio...and of course, rest lots of rest!
Went to Montreal's underground city while waiting for Izzy  - For your info - it is  the longest underground city in the world -

This is what the Web says - 

Montreal's underground pedestrian network, which began beneath the Central Station complex, took off during the 1960s when Place Ville-Marie was built.
This initial core would expand considerably with the construction of Place Bonaventure. The metro, which opened in 1966, would extend it much farther still.
Here too, the transportation infrastructures criss-cross and complement each other. The elegant Place Bonaventure metro station, for instance, designed by Montreal architect Victor Prus, links the CN complex with the rest of the city and allows pedestrians to reach Windsor Station without venturing outdoors.

Did some fast fashion shopping with Izzy at Forever 21 - Yes i confess i went there!

Now today's outfit -

Sweater thrifted at Renaissance Montreal
Suede and faux fur Vest thrifted at Fringues &Cie  -YWCA
Parasuco Pants - Parasuco is a Canadian company - thrifted at Fringues & Cie - YWCA
Fish Necklace - Purchased in the underground city
Shoes - H &M

Enjoy! Have a good weekend Ladies

Je vous fais la bise xxxxx






Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Kaleidoscope -

Bonjour Ladies!

I hope dear Ladies that you are doing well and smiling! What about this weather! unreal! i never seen it so warm in Montreal for this time of year. I was downtown today to see my massage therapist and also to see Mrs. A at the YWCA- I did a training last January in Active Listening in order to help immigrant women who attend workshops  at the Y to find work in Montreal.  After the training, the friendly people at the YWCA told us that they would pair us up  with ladies in need of a friendly ear or because of our fluenty in both languages, be conversation tutors  - i am happy to say that i was paired up with a lovely lady wanting to improve her conversation skills in english, she is very enthusiastic and sweet. It is not easy to find work in a foreign country and those Ladies need all the help they can get

After that i stopped at  - Fringues & Cie at YWCA . I found a fab pair of orange velvet pants + a suede and faux fur vest and + i got a 25% discount on my purchases! And of course i stopped at H &M, My God!  i am always drawn to this store!  Got those blue platform shoes, OMG! i love those shoes!  Can't wait to show you those treasures , I think it will be my next post.

Finally, I went to my dear massage therapist who i have known now for 6 years and she recommended that i see the chiropractor in her office. I was not  certain, i do not have found memories of  my last visit to the chiropractor, but she assured me that this one had a smoother approach. Since i trust her completely, i made an appointment to see him next week, will see if it will do me some good.

I have included in this post a pic of my cat, legend is, this is what Mr. D says, that the cat spends his days in Mr. D shower stall, why? because the floor in Mr. D's bathroom is heated,  no wonder he spends his days there!

I got an excellent shot of the dear beast this morning!

Today i was featured on jothijeyasingam.blogspot.com - thank you so much!

I was wearing -

70's blouse thrifted at Salvation Army's  $0.99 sale
Sweater thrifted at Renaissance Montreal
Skirt thrifted at Atelier Vio-Li
Shoes thrifted at Salvation Army's $0.99 sale
Purse - gift from Mr. D

Enjoy Ladies !

Je vous fais la bise xxxxxxx





This is my dear feline enjoying his heated floor!

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Hi Lovely Ladies!

Doing well despite the constant pain, i was taking medication, muscle relaxant and anti-inflammatory pills but i decided to stop, my stomach could not take it anymore, i will rely on physio, rest, exercises and positive attitude  to get well.

Lets move on to another subject....my weekend was fabulous -  Mr. D and I went to see a Quebec French movie called Mr. Lazhar directed by Philippe Farlardeau - Phillipe Farlardeau is the son of well know documentary and film director and activist  Pierre Falardeau-

Monsieur Lazhar is a 2011 Canadian drama film directed by Philippe Falardeau. The film has been selected as the Canadian entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 84th Academy Awards[1] and it won the Best Canadian Feature Film award at the 2011 Toronto International Film Festival.[2][3]

This is the story in a nut shell -

There are some sights a child was never meant to see. When a group of Montreal students finds their beloved teacher hanging from the ceiling of their elementary school classroom, the shock of the incident is, needless to say, traumatizing. Her replacement, Algerian refugee Bachir Lazhar (Monhamed Fellag), now has the doubly difficult task of reaching his distraught students while securing his own asylum from past tragedies in his homeland.

This long awaited movie that travelled all over the world and won numerous prizes was finally showed in Montreal - it brought tears to my eyes, i was deeply touched and moved.

If this movie comes your way please be sure to see it-

Now the post...the wonderful thing about blogging is that you can be anything you want, just let your creativity and imagination go completely wild - i choose this time to wear a masculine look with a vintage twist -

For the pics i used the faded effect to give a more retro look with the Ipod's App Camera +

I was wearing -

Hat - Purchased at Macy's NY
Jacket gift from Mr. D
Shirt - Thrifted at Renaissance
Bow tie - Thrifted at Renaissance
Pants - Thrifted at Salvation Army
Oxford - New  purchased at Spring Montreal

Enjoy - je vous fais la bise xxxxxxx






Thursday, November 10, 2011

Take Me To The Ball

Hi Ladies

Rain, rain today but it is ok after so many sunny days it perfectly acceptable.
I will be checking all your fabulous blogs today, i am sorry, these days i do not always the energy  to  do so.
This girl is home resting and watching 40's movies today on TV - The ladies were so refined in their dressing in those days, ultra feminine, gorgeous hair, the men were virile when you think about it, you can say it is a bit corny but i confess i like watching those movies.

I changed my hair color -  it is bourgogne - or reddish purple - it makes a statement, it is bold, it is ME - I love it! 

Nothing spectacular happening around here, as you know i am on sick leave and the days are pretty quiet.

I spend my day reading, taking pictures when i am inspired by something in my closet or purchased at the thrift store. I talk to friends, take my medication, pet my cat  this one will be missing me when i go back to work!

In this post i am wearing a spectacular orange skirt that i found at Value Village for $3.99 and a faux fur vest that i purchased at Renaissance, i paid a little bit more since it is well known brand and finally the vintage blouse was also purchased at Renaissance.

I was waiting for the rain to stop to shoot the pics - I knew a would have the light needed to do my dramatic effects!

Enjoy Ladies - Love you all xxxx






Monday, November 7, 2011

Funky Dots

Hello Lovely Ladies,

First and foremost, i would like to thank you for all your kind words, tendinitis is not an easy thing, i am off the couch but still have the pain, it will take a while I suppose, back to the physiotherapist this week hope i will not be couch bound all weekend.

My weekend went pretty well, nothing spectacular happened, but just being with Mr. D is complete happiness. We went for supper at new french restaurant in my neighborhood, it was pretty good! We  got the window replacement sorted, cleaned the mess, Mr. D put new curtains in the kitchen window.

We watched Nicholas Nickelby in bed Sunday morning, I love the classics, you can never go wrong with classics made into movies, especially Charles Dickens.

We have an  amazing temperature again today, warm enough to take some pics outside. 

The dress i am wearing is a terrific find at Salvation Army, a 60's polka dots dress, first time i see one like this.    - It was hard to style, dress it up, dress it down, should i wear a belt, what about the shoes...questions, questions....i have a small frame and this dress has a bold pattern- so i decided to keep it simple and dress it down with t funky boots and added a bold gold belt.

Enjoy!  and i will keep smiling xxxxxx
PS - I am on Not Dead Yet Style - Visible Monday





Thursday, November 3, 2011

Give Me Dots I will give you Patterns

Hi Lovely Ladies

Sorry if i have not been commenting your marvelous blogs these days, but i feel little bit under the weather this week. I have finally went for my Xray and they confirm that i have  tendinitis of the shoulder plus i had a visit with the physiotherapist that left me completely useless today, I feel like bus just ran me over today!
The physiotherapist wants to see me  twice a week, gee!  i will forever be lying on my couch! but the guy is booked solid, so my next appointment is next Friday will give ample time to recuperate! But shows again that this medical system of ours is simply crazy! you want to get well but it is hard to see specialists!

Plus today 4 windows in our house are being replaced.  I was pooped this morning, i was death on the couch wrapped in my blanket, snoozing while the window people were in an out, i must been funny to see ! Plus my poor cat is the basement since this morning!

Mr. D should be home soon thank God! Well now enough complaining!

I am posting an cute outfit - took the pics early this week, added a few effects with camera +

The sweater was thrifted at Atelier Vio-Li
Polka Dot Skirt thrifted at Fringues & Cie - YWCA Montreal
Boots purchased on Etsy

Enjoy! and this girl will get better!

Ariane xxxxx 






Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My New York Vintage Finds #3 -

Hi Ladies!

It was  Halloween Night last night !  We spend 2 hours giving candies to the kiddies! Every year Mr. D takes pictures of the kiddies, some sharp Halloween costumes we have seen!

Ladies a little note - on the right you see Izzy's Etsy shop, the first item listed is her creation - The Juliette lace blouse! have a look!
As for me, nobody dresses like me around here, so what i was wearing the outfit on my post, they will think i am wearing some bizarre colorful combination, what do they know about style anyway!

About my day yesterday, well, It  started with a photo shoot and ended up with another photo shoot.

I am posting the second one, you will see the first one later this week.

 Yesterday I had the firm intention of going for an Xray of my shoulder which i did but at the end never happened!

I went to the clinic and ended up waiting 2 hours to learn that one of the Xray machine was not working properly, i had another 1 h 30 of waiting time, i was stuck amongst the mammograms, the bone density tests and  the mile of oldies ( i took that expression for Helga!) complaining, so I gave up! told the receptionist that i would be back  on Wednesday since i am seeing the physiotherapist on that day at the same place. Oh Boy! was there a lot of people there! When your start the round of medical specialists, Xrays and so on, you must armed yourself with patience, how are the medical services in your part of the world! 

Next time when i go  back to the insane clinci  i will download a movie in my Ipod to keep myself serene and happy!

For this post the vintage find are the boots! I purchased them at Buffalo Exchange in Brooklyn.
The coat is a gift from Mr.D's famous  Bazaar held every month at his place of work , the turtleneck was thrifted at Renaissance-  The skirt i wore this summer and will be worn again this winter -  The gloves were purchased on Canal Street in NY

I want to thank Glee for featuring me on her blog yesterday - I was honored Glee!


Ariane xxxxx







Lets end this post with a Kitty!