Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Le Guerrier Chinois







Nice to take photos outside, these were taken in the back of the house - The work of art was done on the garage door- Mr D had it done some time ago -

I wore -

Jean Shirt - Fringues et Cie (YWCA Montreal)
T- JVS on Ontario street Montreal
Short- Skirt - Rennaissance on PIe IX in Montreal
Shoes - Yellow

Necklace - Vintage - Rennaissance Montreal

Monday, April 25, 2011

A birthday celebration

Sometime ago for my birthday Mr D brought me to Mount Stephen Club in Montreal for brunch – Here a few pics from that very special place downtown Montreal –
It belonged to a Mr Stephen who co- founded and first President of the Canadian Pacific Railway.

In 2006, the Mount Stephen Club celebrated its 80th anniversary. Founded by a group of Montreal businessmen, the Club started in 1926 on the estate of George Stephen, co-founder and first President of the Canadian Pacific Railway. The house, built between 1880 and 1883, is located in the heart of downtown Montreal, in an area known as the Golden Square Mile, once the wealthiest residential neighbourhood in Canada. It is one of the last intact mansions of the area and one of most beautiful examples of late Victorian Renaissance architecture in North America. The grandiose, yet muffled ambience, as well as the fine cuisine of the Mount Stephen Club have turned this home into a privileged place for business meetings and private gatherings or quite simply, refined meals in a quiet and private setting.






Saturday, April 23, 2011

Art day !




My day was a glorious day, it started with my drawing course at UQAM ( University of Quebec in Montreal) we had our exhibition today, all the art classes exhibited their work, lots of talent, amazing work. It was a wonderful experience. I will start in May a photography courses, can’t way. We will be taking pictures in different neighbourhood in Montreal –
After the exhibition my love and I went to the movies, met the Iso the designer in front of La Paryse on St-Denis, this were we wanted to have supper, but too long a wait, we ended up à l’Entiché a French restaurant on St-Denis – wonderful supper with my favourite person in the world my man , my love -

What I wore -

Jacket -Vintage from Boutique Marie-Claire
T- Thrifted
Cardigan - Thrifted
Skirt - Thrifted
Thights - H&M
Sandals - UO - Montreal

Enjoy and smile !

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mix pattern for a rainy day

This was the inspiration

Yesterday was a grey, rainy, cold day here in Montreal – but this is April weather for us.
The weather is a major subject of discussion here- I get so tired of all complaining, what can we do? – nothing! Well like I said to someone today - talk to customer service up there -see what she or he can do to solve your weather crisis -
It is a total waste of energy complaining about the weather – should concentrate on what is good around you- We live in a very safe city- we do not have tsunamis or nuclear station blowing in our face – we should be blessed if we have good friends, family- what is important is what is going on between our 2 ears – be happy – be positive – the warm weather is be here soon and then will be complaining that it is too hot can’t win!

I am happy no problem with the weather still layering and loving it.

Think of what makes you happy - the simple things…like me – love my walk in closet, love my shoe collection, love my zillion clothes, my cat, my boyfriend, my kids - the list goes on and on…

Yesterday I wore my keep me warm and comfy but make me happy outfit!

Nothing fancy nice sometimes to be real comfy

What I Wore –

Cardigan – Forever 21 on sale
Dress – Forever 21 on sale
Legging jeans – Ardene
Jacket – Spanner – thrifted at YWCA – Fringues et Cie ( Montreal)
Suede booties – thrifted – Rennaissance
Jewelry – thrifted - Rennaissance

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Red and the Ipod 4 nation story continues.....

This is what I wear at work, I always strive for comfort, colors and fun.
I sit all day in front of a PC-
I am taking drawing classes well actually it ends at the end of April
We will be having an art exhibition April 23
The exhibition will showcase all that has been created in all the art classes.
Drawing was not eaay for me I am much better at abstract art and i am a excellent when it comes to mix colors but ouf drawing! – Apparently we use the right side of the brain when we draw, mine is not train yet, but I will practice.
I am proud of my results – it took a lot of concentration- help from my very sweet teacher, technique – I have learned a lot. I will practice , I will practice!!!

This post is a mix of my outfits, pics taken with my Ipod 4 while in the subway or waiting for the bus or just walking around

Enjoy !

Outfit #1

Taken at Metro station Lucien Lallier

Outfit #1

It seems we are in the south of France this was taken on my way to the bus stop

Outfit #2

This lady was wearing oriental sandals and a big faux fur coat taken on the metro's green line

My work of art:)

Until then i will enjoy the sun!

Silk skirt thrifted Rennaissance
Cardigan – Twix – Simmons (gift from the boyfriend)
Jean jacket – thrifted bazaar
Scarf – gift from Mom
Leather Belt thrifted Rennaissance
Legging – Simmons
Shoes thrifted at Fringues et Cie ( YWCA in Montreal)

Dress H&M on sale
Sweater H&M on sale
Leggings ( some cheap place in Montreal)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Ipod Nation - Subway and bus pics -

I am back finally - lots of changes in my life but for the best - New boyfriend, new home.... I am hooked on the Ipod 4th generation - i know the quality is not the best - but practical this little Ipod 4 , put it in your pocket if you see something interesting well easy as pie. I have a 80 minutes subway- bus ride everyday, morning and night ,so this is a way to make the trip interesting - it is fun to take pictures without them knowing - easy with an Ipod 4 they thing your are playing games or listening to music...but i make certain that i have my earphones in...

I likes her hair, the scarf and green coat - this photo was take in Montreal subway's green line -

The details of the coat was amazing never seen one like that

Beginning of April - a nice warm day she decided to wear her pretty spring dress

When i took the picture at Cote Vertu station - the subway was coming into the station

I was on the 121 bus in Ville Saint- Laurent i loved this girl's hair and all that yellow - lovely contrast - I asked her if i could take a pic