Monday, August 22, 2011

Tennis Anyone...

I took those pics between the cake and the decoration, remember it was Mr. D birthday on Saturday!
By the way it was a success, Mr. D was very happy it had all his family around him, we had lots of fun, we ate too much, we drank too much but what the heck! we had Sunday to recuperate, but all in all we we all  behaved!
We had corn on the cob, cold cuts, cheeses, bread, vino and a triple chocolate cake!

About what i wore-  i bought this little number in Portland ME, at a boutique called Find.
I never seen a 70's tennis dress around here- I love the multicolor waist band and the pocket where i imagine you put your tennis balls.  I got a prop for this shoot, i knew Mr. D had an old tennis racquet hidden in the basement!

News from Izzy my daughter who went styling in Toronto, she was a hit! well can it be any other way!, it is not just the mother talking, the lady has talent and thinks outside the box when it comes to put an outfit together!

Enjoy the pics - Ariane xxxx

What i wore

70's tennis dress - Find - Portland ME
Leggings - Ardene - Montreal
Oxford - My sister's closet in North Conway





JM my son was taking this picture when Mr. D's car was coming in the back alley


Kari. said...

what fun! love the prop. BTW -- I love your hair. I may do something like that for my next cut.

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

What a cute, fun look...I could even go for the blue nails...this is appropriately youthful!!

fashionoverfifty said...

Love the capris with the tennis dress and the oxfords--great mixing. and great pics.

Vix said...

Fancy having just the right prop to go qwith that glorious dress! You and Mr D really are a match made in heaven.
I love that dress, those cute leggings and my favourite coloured polish.
I'm so pleased for dear Izzy.
Loads of love to you. xxx

modniza said...

how cool outfit. sporty lady! xooooo!

sacramento said...

Fantastic. Your nail polish matches your pants.


Looking good mom! Love the tennis dress and blue nails :)