Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Quality Time

On Sunday afternoon Mr. D and I spent some quality time at Maisonneuve park. Maisonneuve park is one of many oasis in Montreal. It is near the Botanical gardens and Olympic stadium. It is only a 10 minute bike ride from my home. So off we went with some goodies and of course the bootle of vino to have a relax afternoon listening to the birds, talking, laughing and just enjoy life with my sweet loving perfect Mr.D!

I was wearing -
Top gift from Mr.D
Skirt thrifted at Renaissance
Leggings and hat - Ardene
Shoes there was none after all it was a picnic!

Enjoy - Ariane xx












Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

What a cute look and fabulous pictues!!

Terri said...

What a fun skirt to wear with leggings. I love the portrait you have included.

Vix said...

A picnic with some vino? Can I come with you next time?
I adore your picnic outfit, those cheeky leggings are ideal for cycling and your hat is such fun. xxx

Anne @ The Frump Factor said...

Oh, my goodness. You can look fabulous while CYCLING? And there's wine involved? You rock, woman!

modniza said...

hi,dear!!! you are amazing woman!! love your blog and follow you! xoooo. Stella

oomph. said...

i love the picture of you lying in the grass! sounds like a really nice day!


Anula said...

Oh You look cool!! Great blog!! You are amazing woman!! I fallow You!! Kisses Anula!

Style Sud-Est said...

Thank you ladies for all your comments you are the best!

Ariane xxxxx

Style Sud-Est said...

Hi Anula, i can not leave a comment on your blog but i am a follower ! thanks for your comments!

sacramento said...

Thank you for following my blog. Following you back and adding you to my blogroll, yeahhhhhhhhhhh

fashionoverfifty said...

I too love your skirt and leggings and kudos to you for bike riding!

romwe said...

You look so adorable, and your bright smiles,so cute!Your casual outfit makes it feel so tender so comfortable,and make the coming day seem so delightful just because for that sweet attire!love you,love your way of being yourself real!!
The background is so amazing in colors...


Debbie Baker Burns said...

You have some beautiful photography. I love the photo of you lying on the grass. Thanks so much for the kind comments on my blog. Debbie http://thriftygirlvintage.com

Kari. said...

love the picture of you laying in the grass! you look like you're having fun. Great look.