Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Izzy and Me

Izzy my daughter the fab blogger , Stephane, Mr. D and family all got together for a BBQ on Sunday. This was the perfect time to celebrate her first professional styling assignment in Toronto next weekend.
Izzy and I took the opportunity to take pictures together- Stephane was the photographer for the shots of Izzy and me.  I took Izzy’s  shots earlier  in the garden .
 Mr.D Izzy, Stephane and myself are planning a trip to New York possibly in October –  Smart Mr.D  is figuring out our options for the trip –
I just love New York,  it is a crazy lively city – so many things to look at – to smell – to hate,  but  I love New York’s energy – I like to visit, but would I live there?  Hummmm… Ok well give me a couple of millions and a penthouse on Fifth maybe I will live there.

Love you Izzy

I was wearing -
Top  thrifted - Fringues et Cie - YWCA Montreal
Skirt - Thrifted at Renaissance Montreal
Sandals Clark thrifted at Renaissance Montreal

Izzy was wearing
Dress bought in New York at Uniqlo
Shoes - Thrifted at Renaissance Montreal









Patti said...

Beautiful family photos! I love NYC too, and we're also planning an October trip. The city electrifies me, in the best way. Your daughter is a beauty!

Vix said...

These pictures of you and Izzy are so beautiful, Ariane! The love between the two of you is so obvious.
I adore that pleated skirt & funky teeshirt you are wearing. You are both gorgeous.
Have a lovely day. Lots of love from your friend in England. x



Terri said...

I love the mother/daughter photos. I wonder does Izzy think you have influenced your choice of career?

oomph. said...

adore your outfit here...i've been wanting one of these pleated skirt for a while now! and thanks for the intro to your daughter's blog! will check it out.


Style Sud-Est said...

Hi terri, Izzy always adored fashion since she was a little girl, i remember she used to wear and imagine all those fab combinations. I always adored fashion, i always love to find the unsual piece and was always dressed differently , yes i guess i played my role...but Izzy is Izzy, she is unique!

romwe said...

You both are in simple blue and both look great.You two have the exactly similar bright smiles,quite charming,quite delightful to appreciate.....

Style Sud-Est said...

I love you so much ladies! thanks for all your comments - this little french woman is happy:)