Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Vacation posting #2

Super warm in Montreal all those weather junkies must be pretty happy - I am certain there is no complaining these days - Yes! the weather here is a constant source of discussion, do not know what to say to someone well talk about the weather and surely you will get a date, non!non! i am joking of course but it is big here - it is like we deserve our hot, sunny, nice weather if the weather does not cooperate we complain - to whom hmmmmmm- this is what i do not know -and something i do not understand ...i do not complain about the weather- i think every day no matter what the weather is - is a beautiful day, and i thank anybody who is up there to let me see and live another glorious day!

Today i went for a test, one of a bunch - you know, the ones who have to have when you are past 50, but i am strong, i take my calcium, i laugh - i enjoy life and exercice so i should be ok ;)
Special Hello to Erica - Have a great vacation! - i work with her at YWCA- i get a lot of clothing there ( Fringues et Cie) - great little boutique

This outfit i liked very much - confortable, , sweet, funny and me yes me!

I what i wore -

Top - Winners - Montreal
Shorts - done by sweet designer daughter
Shoes - Payless - Montreal
Necklace - Renaissance Montreal
Cat - mine:)

Enjoy! Ariane




This kitty found a nice cool place in the garden to nap


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Vix said...

Ahhh, the weather, it's the topic of conversation that keeps the UK going, too.
You are fabulous, I love your style and your hair and you have a cat! I'm following. x