Wednesday, July 13, 2011

IPOD Nation 9

It is time again for IPOD Nation - Pics i have taken in Montreal on the street, in the subway or bus - I think i have good ones this week - Last week of work - My vacation starts on Friday night! 3 weeks of pure bliss, much needed vacations indeed ! But as usual i will be busy doing whatever i like doing which is photography, painting, reading, cycling, yoga and of course first and foremost enjoying my time with Mr D-

Started volunteering last Friday at the YWCA 's second end shop- Fringues et Cie - I was dead at the end of the evening - I am in front of a PC all day - - Volunteering playing the sales assistant is so different for me and at the same time so amusing but so exhausting!

Got to go - Enjoy the pics - Ariane

Taken on the way to Berri Subway Station -

Atwater Subway Station

On the Subway Orange Line - I loved the hat - she looked like Suzie Bubble

At the Grocery Store on the way home

Atwater Subway Station - I was wondering where she was going or where she was coming from dressed that way -

Easy Listening - Atwater Subway Station


Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

I love visiting Montreal with you...thanks for doing this every now and then...love the guy asleep on the couch!

ariane said...

Thank Pam! yes you would have a great time with me- you would see all kinds of neat stuff with me!:) can wait to receive my package for the accessory swap!

Terri said...

Ha, the man snoozing on the sofa! Too good.