Wednesday, June 22, 2011

That Seventies Dress

That Seventies Dress –

This dress jumped at me as soon as i entered the shop – This dress was for me – the fit – the colors – the fabric - I was in love – it is rare to find such a piece at Renaissance but it happens!
It happens when you do not expect it – like love - you never know when it will happen -
But when it happened you can not wait to tell everyone, to show the world!
This is how I feel when I find that special piece of clothing – I found the dress at Renaissance on St-Hubert Street –
Consequently, this fabulous dress needed a special photo shoot – I was fortunate enough to have a photographer that day – St├ęphanie which I thank a million – St├ęphanie is my son’s girlfriend – A very special girl that we all love – well - the mother that I am just like her so much !
These pics were taken with my Pentax reflex and then treated with Camera + in my Ipod – I often use my ipod for quick outfit shots - I have my camera back so it will be a mix of ipod and Pentax reflex – Ipod is easier to carry around and does not need a set up and I have someone who can take the shot for me!
I will be posting soon pics of people I see in the subway and bus and last week I was fortunate enough to get some pics while I was downtown and walking around my neighborhood.
I am a little shy to ask to photograph people so this is why I shoot the back of people – Less questions ask- but I am beginning to ask again – people usually say yes but once and a while you get a definite no.

Enjoy those pics!



Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

Hi Ariane, I am just now getting back into the blogosphere...and I am still a little fatigued!
I am so exicted that your readership picked up and I am happy to help!! This dress looks amazing on you and I love your settings for pictures...makes me want to be there! You are right...sometimes we do fall in love with a garment when we least expect it! You just never know!

Dhamma said...

EGADS! That dress is amazing and its RELALY amazing on you!! I do believe you're right, a match made in heaven!

madison avenue said...

that is really cute! i love all of the bright colors!!