Friday, May 6, 2011

Ipod Nation # 6 + The Pink Outfit

Friday thank god! lovely weekend ahead - they say sunny and warmer - lets pray because the weather sucked this week -

Here are some pics taken in the subway, on the bus and on the way home -

Enjoy and smile

Taken at Atwater Station - i do not know why she was dressed that way - Dance lesson maybe?


I just love the combo - bracelets and bag - Green line


Old Man at Cote- Vertu Station (orange line)


Atwater Station - i thought the coat was very cheerful!


Taken at Lucie Lallier Station - Subway musician guitare case


The pink outfit - Pretty bold i know but i do love colors- yes i know about the remote, lets say it is my trademark ok?


I wore -

Top - Thrifted YWCA - Fringues et Cie - Montreal

Skirt - Thrifted - Rennaissance - Montreal

Leggings - Winners - Alexis Nihon - Montreal

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Clifford Duffy said...

great stuff! gonna reblog ya at dadaduffy.blogspot.com